Administrative Law Review 1993 - Abstracts

Administrative Law Review 1993
Administrative law cases during 1992.LawSchwartz, Bernard
Congressional procedure and statutory interpretation.LawEvans, Larry, Devins, Neal, Wright, Jarrell D.
Disclosing "lobbying" activities: a critical examination of the Federal Regulation of Lobbying Act and the Byrd Amendment.LawBrand, Stanley M., Ryan, Stephen M., Nahra, Margit H.
Keeping faith: government ethics & government ethics regulation.LawFarina, Cynthia
Project: the decriminalization of administrative law penalties; civil remedies, alternatives, policy and constitutional implications.LawMcGowan, John, Kerrigan, Laura J., Berrettini, Caroline W., Callahan, Melissa L., Entas, James F., Ide, Matthew J., Johnson, Theresa W., Moss, Tammy L., O'Brien, Kelley E., Oliveira, Kevin T., Rothstein, Julius, Stas, Eric A.
Project: the role of preemption in administrative law.LawFunk, Michael J., Sinozich, Paula A., Bose, Sanjoy K., Cummings, Joy I., Hallock, Elizabeth A., Hu, Kathryn R., Huber, Jeffrey A., Killien, Nancy L., Liaskos, Peter S., Lofgren, Mark L., Maxwell, John D., Rogers, Ann R., Wright, Jarrell D.
Reasons for decisions - a way forward? (requiring U.K.'s administrative judges to justify their decisions)LawWard, Ian
Richard H. Keatinge (1918-1992) (former Chair of ABA Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice Section) (Obituary)LawWozencraft, Frank M.
The "new" old law of judicial access: toward a mirror-image nondelegation theory. (discusses recent U.S. Supreme Court restrictions on standing doctrine)LawMansfield, Marla E.
The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention's formula grant program: insights from interdisciplinary research outside the well-trodden paths of administrative law.LawAltschuler, David M., Bell, Michael E., Luneburg, William V.
Throwing stones at the mudbank: the impact of scholarship on administrative law.LawCaas, Ronald A., Beermann, Jack M.
Two concepts of mediation in the FmHA's farmer-lender mediation program. (Department of Agriculture's Farmers Home Administration)LawRiskin, Leonard L.
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