Aggressive Behavior - Abstracts

Aggressive Behavior
Aggression-consistent, -inconsistent, and -irrelevant priming effects on selective exposure to media violence.Sociology and social workLangley, Travis, O'Neal Edgar C., Craig, K. M., Yost, Elizabeth A.
Aggression: functions and control in social systems.Sociology and social workScott, John Paul
Aggressive and affiliative behavior in green monkeys with differing housing complexity.Sociology and social workClarke, Margaret R., Mayeaux, Darryl J.
A guide to literature on aggressive behavior.Sociology and social work 
A guide to the literature on aggressive behavior.Sociology and social work 
A guide to the literature on aggressive behavior. (Bibliography)Sociology and social work 
A guide to the literature on aggressive behavior.(Bibliography)Sociology and social work 
A guide to the literature on aggressive behavior.(Bibliography)Sociology and social work 
A guide to the literature on aggressive behavior.(Directory)Sociology and social work 
Alcohol and aggression: a replication study controlling for potential confounding variables.Sociology and social workGustafson, Roland
Analysis of the targets and tactics of conspecific attack and predatory attack in northern grasshopper mice onychomys leucogaster.Sociology and social workPellis, Sergio M., Pellis, Vivien C.
At the movies with Buss and Durkee: a natural experiment on film violence.Sociology and social workBlack, Stephen L., Bevan, Susan
Category accessibility: an alternative explanation for the effects of "patterning" on aggressive behavior.Sociology and social workVarela Mallou, Jesus, Lorda Sanchez, Maria Jose, Brana Tobio, Maria Teresa, Mellenbergh, Gideon Jan
Differential testosterone secretory capacity of the testes of aggressive and nonaggressive house mice during ontogeny.Sociology and social workde Ruiter, Anne J.H., Koolhaas, Jaap M., Keijser, Jan N., van Oortmersen, Geert A., Bohus, Bela
Disentangling the contribution of the attacker from that of defender in the differences in the intraspecific fighting in two species of voles.Sociology and social workPellis, Sergio M., Pellis, Vivien C., Dewsbury, Donald A., Pierce, John D., Jr.
Do girls manipulate and boys fight? Developmental trends in regard to direct and indirect aggression.Sociology and social workBjorkqvist, Kaj, Lagerspetz, Kirsti M.J., Kaukiainen, Ari
Effects of temperature and prior residence on territorial aggression in the convict cichlid Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum. (aggressive behavior in fish)Sociology and social workBurns, J., Ratnasabapathi, D., Souchek, R.
Ethical recommendations for workers on aggression and predation in animals.Sociology and social workElwood, Robert W., Parmigiani, Stefano
Experimental evidence for aggressive antipredator behavior in black skimmers (rynchops niger).Sociology and social workGochfeld, Michael, Burger, Joanna
From Conflict to Cooperation: Multidisciplinary Studies on Aggression in Animals and Humans. (Tenth Biennial World Meeting, International Society for Research and Aggression, Centro Didattico del Laterino. Sienna, Italy September6-11, 1992.)Sociology and social work 
Genetic and environmental explanations of juvenile violence in advantaged and disadvantaged environments.Sociology and social workWalsh, Anthony
Home correlates of aggression in preschool.Sociology and social workHinde, Robert A., Tamplin, Alison, Barrett, Jane
Hormonal, anthropometrical, and behavioral correlates of physical aggression in !Kung San men of Namibia.Sociology and social workChristiansen, Kerrin, Winkler, Eike-Meinrad
Human physical aggression as a function of alcohol and threat of harm.Sociology and social workGantner, Anita B., Taylor, Stuart P.
Impact of assertive and accusatory communication of distress and anger: a verbal component analysis.Sociology and social workKubany, Edward S., Richard, David C., Bauer, Gordon C., Muraoka, Miles Y.
Intergenerational transmission of violent behavior in adolescent males. (influence of undergoing paternal violence)Sociology and social workTruscott, Derek
Juvenilized play fighting in subordinate male rats.Sociology and social workPellis, Sergio M., Pellis, Vivien C.
Long-term consequences of childhood physical and psychological maltreatment.Sociology and social workGross, Amy B., Keller, Harold R.
Maternal views on aggression: Japan and Israel.Sociology and social workOsterweil, Zahava, Nagano-Nakamura, Keiko
Neonatal testosterone augmentation increases juvenile play fighting but does not influence the adult dominance relationships of male rats.Sociology and social workPellis, Sergio M., Pellis, Vivien C., Kolb, Bryan
Offensive and defensive bite-target topographies in attacks by lactating rats.Sociology and social workSgoifo, Andrea, Stilli, Donatella, Musso, Ezio, Mainardi, Danilo, Parmigiani, Stefano
On the heredity of testosterone and readiness to attack. (Studies on Wild Horse Mice, part 4)Sociology and social workVan Oortmerssen, Geert A., Benus, Rensina F., Sluyter, Frans
Parental influence on children's self-estimated aggressiveness.Sociology and social workBjorkqvist, Kaj, Osterman, Karin
Physiological arousal and reactions to outgroup members during competitions that implicate an important social identity.Sociology and social workBranscombe, Nyla R., Wann, Daniel L.
Predictors of aggressive behavior.Sociology and social workHammock, Georgina S., Richardson, Deborah R.
Pregrouping aggression and defense scores influences alcohol consumption for dominant and subordinate rats in visible burrow systems.Sociology and social workBlanchard, D. Caroline, Blanchard, Robert J., Flores, Timothy, Magee, Linda, Weiss, Scott
Recruiting subjects of clinical aggression research.Sociology and social workBryant, Stephen G., Felthous, Alan R., Barratt, Ernest S.
Regional studies of brain biogenic amines in castrated muricidal and non-muricidal Wistar rats.Sociology and social workRastegar, A., Simier, S., Ciesielski, L., Mandel, P.
Relationship between shock-induced aggression and other laboratory tests of agonistic behavior in rats.Sociology and social workKnutson, John F., Viken, Richard J.
Responses of dominant and subordinate male rats to the odors of male and female conspecifics.Sociology and social workBrown, Richard E.
Role of 5HT(sub 1A) receptors in a variety of kinds of aggressive behavior in wild rats and counterparts selected for low defensiveness towards man.Sociology and social workNikulina, Ella M., Avgustinovich, Damira F., Popova, Nina K.
Selection for reduced aggressiveness towards man and dopaminergic activity in Norway rats.Sociology and social workNikulina, Ella M., Avgustinovich, Damira F., Popova, Nina K.
Serum testosterone, cortisol, glucose, and ethanol in males arrested for spouse abuse.Sociology and social workLindman, Ralf, Von der Pahlen, Bettina, Ost, Bjorn, Eriksson, C.J. Peter
Sex and social representations of aggression: a communal-agentic analysis.Sociology and social workCampbell, Anne, Muncer, Steven, Gorman, Bernard
Sex, race, and experiences of aggression.Sociology and social workHarris, Mary B.
Social inferences concerning male and female homeowners who use a gun to shoot an intruder.Sociology and social workBranscombe, Nyla R., Crosby, Paul, Weir, JulieA.
Social representation of aggression as an explanation of gender differences: a preliminary study.Sociology and social workCampbell, Anne, Muncer, Steven, Coyle, Edward
Supine defense in the intraspecific fighting of male house mice Mus domesticus.Sociology and social workPellis, Sergio M., Pellis, Vivien C., Manning, Jo C., Dewsbury, Donald A.
Symposium: the role of alcohol in sexual assault.(13th World Meeting of International Society for Research on Aggression)Sociology and social work 
The aggression test as a taxanomic tool: evaluation in sympatric and allopatric populations of Wood-Ant species.Sociology and social workMori, Alessandra, Le Moli, Francesco
The role of body weight in resident-intruder aggression.Sociology and social workHilakivi-Clarke, Leena A., Lister, Richard G.
The role of fantasies and dreams in the TV viewing-aggression relationship.Sociology and social workViemero, Vappu, Paajanen, Sonja
Understanding childhood and subsequent crime.Sociology and social workMcCord, Joan
Why do aggressive movies make people aggressive? An attempt to explain short-term effects of the depiction of violence on the observer.Sociology and social workBetsch, Tilmann, Dickenberger, Dorothee
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