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American Sociological Review
Appropriate tests of racial wage discrimination require controls for cognitive skill: comment on Cancio, Evans, and Maume. (response to A. Silvia Cancio et al. in this issue, p. 541)Sociology and social workFarkas, George, Vicknair, Keven
Cognitive skills and racial wage inequality: reply to Farkas and Vicknair. (response to George Farkas and Keven Vicknair in this issue, p. 557)Sociology and social workMaume, David J., Jr., Cancio, A. Silvia, Evans, T. David
Comment on Zhou & Hou: a negative life event with positive consequences?(response to Xueguang Zhou and Liren Hou, in this issue, p. 12)Sociology and social workChen, Kevin, Cheng, Xiaonong
Conceptualizing and measuring school social networks: comment on Morgan and Sorensen.(response to article in this issue by Stephen L. Morgan and Aage B. Sorensen, p. 661)Sociology and social workHallinan, Maureen T., Kubitschek, Warren N.
Cooperation under uncertainty: what is new, what is true, and what is important. (comment on Peter Kollock, American Sociological Review, p. 768, vol. 58)Sociology and social workBendor, Jonathan, Kramer, Roderick, Swistak, Piotr
Cooperative strategies in low-noise environments.Sociology and social workReeves, Edward B., Pitts, Timothy C.
Cultivating an institutional ecology of organizations: comment on Hannan, Carroll, Dundon, and Torres. (comment on Michael T. Hannan, et. al. in this journal, p. 509)Sociology and social workBaum, Joel A.C., Powell, Walter W.
Economic hardship declines with age: reply to Hardy & Hazelrigg.(Melissa A. Hardy and Lawrence E. Hazelrigg in this issue, p. 570)(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workMirowsky, John, Ross, Catherine E.
Entropy and popular culture: product diversity in the popular music recording industry. (comment on Richard A. Peterson and David G. Berger, American Sociological Review, vol. 40, p. 158, 1975)Sociology and social workAlexander, Peter J.
Environmentalism as a global institution: reply to Buttel.(Frederick H. Buttel in this issue, p. 117)(Looking Forward, Looking Back: Continuity and Change at the Turn of the Millennium)(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workFrank, David John, Hironaka, Ann, Schofer, Evan
Fueling the politics of age: on economic hardship across the life course. Comment on Mirowsky & Ross.(article by John Mirowsky and Catherine E. Ross in this issue, p. 548)Sociology and social workHardy, Melissa A., Hazelrigg, Lawrence E.
Gender stratification and paradigm change.(response to article by Jeff Manza and Debbie Van Schyndel in this issue, p. 468)Sociology and social workFerree, Myra Marx, Hall, Elaine J.
Income inequality and democratization: reply to Bollen and Jackman. (response to the article by Kenneth A. Bollen and Robert Jackman in this issue, p. 983)Sociology and social workMuller, Edward N.
Income inequality and democratization revisited: comment on Muller. (comment on Edward N. Muller's article in this issue, p. 966)Sociology and social workBollen, Kenneth A., Jackman, Robert W.
Is engineering hostile to women? An analysis of data from the 1993 National Survey of College Graduates.(response to article by John C. Alessio and Julie Andrzejewski in this issue, p. 311)(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workMorgan, Laurie A.
Is "race" essential?Sociology and social workLoveman, Mara
Measuring industry concentration, diversity, and innovation in popular music. (response to article by Peter J. Alexander in this issue, p. 171)Sociology and social workPeterson, Richard A., Berger, David G.
More or less educational homogamy? A test of different versions of modernization theory using cross-temporal evidence for 60 countries.Sociology and social workSmits, Jeroen, Ultee, Wout, Lammers, Jan
Networks of power or the finance conception of control? Comment on Palmer, Barber, Zhou and Soysal. (comment on article by Donald Palmer et. al. in this journal, p. 469)Sociology and social workFligstein, Neil
Opening the debate on closure and schooling outcomes: comment on Morgan and Sorensen.(response to article in this issue by Stephen L. Morgan and Aage B. Sorensen, p. 661)(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workCarbonaro, William J.
Overreporting church attendance in America: evidence that demands the same verdict. (response to Theodore Caplow et al. in this issue, p. 112)(A Symposium on Church Attendance in the United States)Sociology and social workHadaway, C. Kirk, Marler, Penny Long, Chaves, Mark
Power in exchange networks: critique of a new theory.Sociology and social workMarkovsky, Barry, Lovaglia, Michael J., Willer, David, Simpson, Brent
Religious choice and competition. (response to article by Daniel V.A. Olson, in this issue, p. 759)Sociology and social workFinke, Roger, Stark, Rodney
Religious pluralism in contemporary U.S counties. (response to Roger Finke and Rodney Starke, vol.. 53, p. 41, 1988)Sociology and social workOlson, Daniel V.A.
Statistical errors, faulty conclusions, misguided policy: reply to Weitzman. (response to article by Lenore J. Weitzman in this issue, p. 537)Sociology and social workPeterson, Richard R.
Still the missing feminist revolution? Inequalities of race, class, and gender in introductory sociology textbooks.(response to Myra Marx Ferree and Elaine J. Hall, American Sociological Review, vol. 61, p. 929, 1996)(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workManza, Jeff, Van Schyndel, Debbie
Suicide and religion: did Durkheim commit the ecological fallacy, or did van Poppel and Day combine apples and oranges?(includes reply)(comment on Frans van Poppel and Lincoln H. Day, American Sociological Review, p. 500, vol. 61, 1996)(Emile Durkheim)Sociology and social workSimpson, Miles, Poppel, Frans van, Day, Lincoln H.
Temporal and regional variation in the strength of educational homogamy.Sociology and social workRaymo, James M., Xie, Yu
The case of the phantom Episcopalians. (response to C. Kirk Hadaway et al., American Sociological Review, vol. 58, p. 741, 1993)(A Symposium on Church Attendance in the United States)Sociology and social workCaplow, Theodore
The economic consequences of divorce are still unequal: comment on Peterson. (response to article by Richard R. Peterson in this issue, p. 528)Sociology and social workWeitzman, Lenore J.
The essential social fact of race.Sociology and social workBonilla-Silva, Eduardo
The finance conception of control - "the theory that ate New York?" Reply to Fligstein. (response to Neil Fligstein in this journal, p. 500)Sociology and social workBarber, Brad M., Zhou, Xueguang, Palmer, Donald
The logic and practice of generosity.Sociology and social workKollock, Peter
The logic of the new theory and misrepresentations of logic.Sociology and social workYamaguchi, Kazuo
The loglinear modeling of interstate migration: some additional considerations.(comment on Jerald R. Herting et al., American Sociological Review, p. 267, vol. 62, 1997)Sociology and social workXie, Yu, Lin, Ge
Theory building and cheap talk about legitimation: reply to Baum and Powell. (response to Joel A.C. Baum and Walter W. Powell in this journal, p. 529)Sociology and social workCarroll, Glenn R., Hannan, Michael T.
Theory, measurement, and specification issues in models of network effects on learning: reply to Carbonaro and to Hallinan and Kubitschek.(response to articles in this issue by William J. Carbonaro and by Maureen T. Hallinan and Warren N. Kubitschek, pp. 682, 687)(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workMorgan, Stephen L., Sorensen, Aage B.
The simple virtues of descriptive modeling.(response to article by Ge Lin and Yu Xie in this issue, p. 900)Sociology and social workVan Rompaey, Stephen E., Grusky, David B., Herting, Jerald R.
Unveiling the hidden glass ceiling: an analysis of the cohort effect claim.(response to Laurie A. Morgan, American Sociological Review, vol. 63, p. 479, 1998)Sociology and social workAlessio, John C., Andrzejewski, Julie
What church officials' reports don't show: another look at church attendance data. (response to C. Kirk Hadaway et al., American Sociological Review, vol. 58, p. 741, 1993)(A Symposium on Church Attendance in the United States)Sociology and social workHout, Michael, Greeley, Andrew M.
When surveys lie and people tell the truth: how surveys oversample church attenders.(A Symposium on Church Attendance in the United States)Sociology and social workWoodberry, Robert D.
World society, the nation-state, and environmental protection: comment on Frank, Hironaka, and Schofer.(article by David John Frank, Ann Hironaka and Evan Schofer in this issue, p. 96)(Looking Forward, Looking Back: Continuity and Change at the Turn of the Millennium)Sociology and social workButtel, Frederick H.
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