Archaeology 1999 - Abstracts

Archaeology 1999
A cache of vintage ships.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSlayman, Andrew L.
Adventures in Africa: a virtual tour of the Great Rift Valley.(AfricaQuest)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreRobbins, Lawrence
Africa's storied past: once a "people without history," Africans explore a vibrant precolonial landscape.(includes related article on archaeology in Mali)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreMcIntosh, Roderick J., Togola, Tereba
A mill that shaped a nation: industrial archeology at Behlehem Steel.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSchwarz, Ralph
Armageddon, Megiddo, and the end of the world.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSilberman, Neil Asher
A romantic notion.(archaeological site conservation)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreWilkie, Nancy C.
Art of the shamans: a celebration of West Mexican sculpture.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreFagan, Brian
A walk through time: the Nubia Museum at Aswan chronicles one of Africa's most influential cultures.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSchuster, Angela M.H.
Behind the mask of Agamemnon: is Schliemann's famous find a modern-day forgery?(Behind the Mask of Agamemnon)(archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreHarrington, Spencer P.M.
Brochureworld.(travel brochures)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreClarke, Howard
Careers of distinction.(Archaeological Institute of America awards)(Brief Article)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreWilkie, Nancy C.
Castle of the 'Faerie Queene': probing the ruins of Edmund Spenser's Irish home.(Kilcolman Castle)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreKlingelhofer, Eric
Chaco death squads: two new books address prehistoric warfare in the Southwest; one suggests a reign of terror by a warrior cult from Mexico.(Review)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreLekson, Stephen H.
Challenge of the deep: an MIT conference assesses the new technology.(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreWiseman, James
Dating the Pyramids: how tiny organic bits of the ancient gypsum mortar offer evidence of age as well as clues to the fabric of Egyptian life.Anthropology/archeology/folklore 
Digging at Armageddon.(archaeological site at Megiddo)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSilberman, Neil Asher, Finkelstein, Israel, Ussishkin, David, Halpern, Baruch
Diving on a sunken city: ancient Alexandria yields a wealth of pharaonic and Ptolemaic sculpture.(includes related articles)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreEmpereur, Jean-Yves
Doing time: how Confederate POWs weathered captivity.(prisoners of war)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreBush, David R.
Earliest Egyptian glyphs: writing evolved simultaneously in Mesopotamia and Egypt.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreMitchell, Larkin
Egypt in America: a quartet of shows celebrates the art of the pharaohs.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSchuster, Angela M.H.
Encounters with Ali Pasha: the life and times of an Ottoman despot.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreWiseman, James
Engineers of Easter Island: archaeologists field test a theory of how Easter Island's moai were moved.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreVan Tilburg, Jo Anne, Ralston, Ted
Exploring South America: rich and diverse, this region of the world has become a unique laboratory for studying human cultural evolution.(50th Anniversary Series)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreDillehay, Tom D.
Faux Maya.(Xcaret, Mexico)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSchuster, Angela M.H.
High-tech "digging": fifty years of technological innovations has revolutionized the practice of archaeology.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreScarre, Chris
Horace's healing spring: scholars unveil a cold-water spa possibly patronized by the Roman poet and Augustus himself.(Chianciano, Italy)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSoren, David, Romer, Frank
Images of dynasty: China's golden age of archaeology.(includes related articles)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreDien, Albert E., Chang, K.C.
Images of the spirit world: rock art of the San people.(ancient inhabitants of southern Africa)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreLewis-Williams, J.D.
Insistent questions: a simple test could resolve the matter.(Behind the Mask of Agamemnon)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreTraill, David A.
Is archaeology ready for prime time? Digging and discovery as mass entertainment.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSilberman, Neil Asher
Is the mask a hoax?(Behind the Mask of Agamemnon)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreCalder, William M., III
Latter-day odyssey: diary of a voyage through classical myth and history.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSlayman, Andrew L.
Legacy of medieval Serbia: masterpieces of art and architecture in the wake of war.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreWiseman, James
Legacy of racism: South African archaeology emerges from half a century of apartheid.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreHall, Martin
Letter from Sri Lanka.(Sigiriya, a major archaeological site)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreWilkie, Nancy C.
Lewis and Clarkiana: devotees of the "Great Captains" hold their annual jamboree.(Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreMerritt, Jim
Listening to the mill: growing up in the shadow of "The Steel".(steel mill in Bethlehem, Pennsylania)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreMcIntosh, Roderick J.
Mapping Alexandria's royal quarters.(Egypt)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSchuster, Angela M.H.
Mood music.(influence of singer Loreena McKennitt on archaeologist)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSoren, David
Much ado about a circle: Could Miami's heralded Indian site be a 1950s septic tank drain?Anthropology/archeology/folkloreMilanich, Jerald T.
Murder, they wrote: Pharaoh did it, in the pyramid, with the crook and flail.(archaeology in mystery novels)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreLubelski, Amy
My ghost town.(Grafton, Utah)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreAttiyeh, Jenny
Myth of the hunter-gatherer: the lives of ancient foragers were not always "nasty, brutish, and short".Anthropology/archeology/folkloreAmes, Kenneth M.
Napoleon in Egypt: the general's search for glory led to the birth of Egyptology.(includes related article on the Rosetta Stone)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreBrier, Bob
Napoleon's lost fleet: divers discover what really happened at the Battle of the Nile.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSchuster, Angela M.H.
North America's vast legacy: the past 50 years have witnessed dramatic progress in our understanding of the continent's past.(includes related article on origins of New Archaeology)(50th Anniversary Series)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreMeltzer, David J., Binford, Lewis R.
Not a forgery; how about a pastiche?(Behind the Mask of Agamemnon)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreLapatin, Kenneth D.S.
Oasis of the dead: Roman-era tombs southwest of Cairo yield scores of gilded mummies.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreHawass, Zahi
Otzi's new home: the 5,000-year-old Iceman goes on exhibit in Bolzano, Italy.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreBahn, Paul G.
People illustrated: in antiquity tattoos could beautify, shock, or humiliate.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreMayor, Adrienne
Postal propaganda: promoting the present with the past.(archaeological themes on postage stamps)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreFoss, Clive
Probing a landscape of death.(mass graves in Bosnia)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSmiley, Brenda
Reclaiming the Bounty: Australian divers locate the remains of the famous ship in shallow waters off Pitcairn Island.(includes related article on the Bounty mutiny in films)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSolomon, Jon, Erskine, Nigel
Redating the Madrid Codex: Maya manuscript may postdate the Spanish conquest.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSchuster, Angela M.H.
Rethinking human evolution.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreTattersall, Ian
Sampling Monks Mound: probes reveal complex interior.(Cahokia, Illinois)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreRose, Mark
Saving Knossos: the struggle to preserve a landmark of Europe's first great civilization.(includes related article on site's discoverer, Arthur Evans)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreHarrington, Spencer P.M.
Science vs. salvors.(underwater archaeology)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreWilkie, Nancy C.
Simulated Caesar: computer games are entertaining, but what do we really learn about the past?(Civilization II, Age of Empires, Caesars III)(Software Review)(Evaluation)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreNicastro, Nicholas
Summer on the River Styx.(visit to Baths of the River Styx, Italy)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSoren, David, Soren, Noelle
Suppression of the Cathars: a fairy-tale landscape in southern France belies a brutal crusade.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreWiseman, James
The case for authenticity.(Behind the Mask of Agamemnon)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreDemakopoulou, Katie
The muse within us: poetic visions of the past.(archaeology and poetry)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreWiseman, James
The Parthenon Marbles custody case: did British restorers mutilate the famous sculptures?(Elgin Marbles)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreBrysac, Shareen Blair
The "princess" of Ipatovo: Russian tomb may clarify Scythian-Sarmatian transition.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreBelinskij, Andrej, Harke, Heinrich
The quest for Adam: the nature of human origins has been one of the most disputed issues of the past half-century.(includes related article)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreHublin, Jean-Jacques
The search for the earliest Americans.(50th Anniversary Series)(Review)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreDillehay, Tom D., Meltzer, David J.
The world's most endangered sites.(preservation of ancient monuments)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreWiseman, James
Treasures of I Fucoli: a Tuscan hill town unveils its newly restored terra-cotta masterpieces.(Etruscan temple sculptures)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreRastrelli, Anna
Window on Pompeii: Roman art and technology explored in a Los Angeles show.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSchuster, Angela M.H.
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