Archaeology 2003 - Abstracts

Archaeology 2003
Archimedes' disgusting document.(parchment)Anthropology/archeology/folklore 
A river rising.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreAustin, Jeffrey
A singularly human pursuit: linguist Andrew Robinson reflects on the puzzle of undeciphered ancient scripts.(Interview)Anthropology/archeology/folklore 
Assault on tradition: a UNESCO nomination compels a second look at the surprising history of gritty, industrial Liverpool.(United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreKeys, David, Friedman, Renee
Atlantis of the Baltic.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreBrysac, Shareen Blair
A yearning for Yemen: second thoughts on working in the Middle East.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreKeys, David
Back to the old palace.Anthropology/archeology/folklorePowell, Julie
Britannia rides.Anthropology/archeology/folklore 
Chinese chimes and chariots.(discoveries from the Warring States Period 475-221 BC)Anthropology/archeology/folklore 
City of the hawk.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreFriedman, Renee
Classical kids.Anthropology/archeology/folklore 
Cloak and trowel.(archaeologists)Anthropology/archeology/folklorePrice, David
Coping with chaos.(Tiwanaku, Bolivia)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreVranich, Alexei
Cyber sets and sanctuaries.(Roman theaters)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreUrbanus, Jason
Europe's first mummies: surprising evidence that ancient Britons also preserved their dead.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreKeys, David
Extreme sport: once the game of Maya kings and Aztec warriors, ulama lives on in the dusty playing fields of western Mexico.Anthropology/archeology/folklorePopson, Colleen
Faking biblical history.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSilberman, Neil Asher, Goren, Yuval
Far-out television: what to think when Atlantis is just one click of the remote away.(Seductions of Pseudoarchaeology)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreFagan, Garrett G.
Finding artifacts is not archaeology.(Interview)Anthropology/archeology/folklore 
First lady of Amazonia: Betty Meggers is a strong-willed octogenarian with immovable beliefs about ancient jungle cultures.Anthropology/archeology/folklorePopson, Colleen P.
Guge: Tibet's long-lost kingdom.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreXiong Lei
In the shadow of the wall.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreRose, Mark, Lindesay, William
Iraq alert: an extraordinary heritage is now at risk.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreWaldbaum, Jane C.
Legacy of jade and gold.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreGidwitz, Tom
Let slip the cogs of war.(Television Program Review)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreThacker, Paul
Man of 1000 face; the forensic genius of Mikhail Gerasimov.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreConant, Eve
Mixed messages.(history of Giza excavations, Egypt)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreHafford, W.B.
Mystery mummy: a royal body may be that of Rameses I, but can we ever be sure?(Cover Story)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreRose, Mark
Picture perfect: how an ingenious former fashion photographer managed to capture on film the mind and spirit of the ancient Maya.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreRose, Mark, Gidwitz, Tom
Pompeii's block of time; uncovering four centuries of Roman life in a single city neighborhood-.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreJones, Rick
Pre-Christian rituals at Nazareth.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreKeys, David
Prehistory of warfare: humans have been at each others' throats since the dawn of the species.(Cover Story)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreLeBlanc, Steven A.
Pseudoscience in cyberspace: in the Hall of Ma'at, fed-up archaeology buffs fight back.(Seductions of Pseudoarchaeology)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreRomey, Kristin M.
Remembering the Mimbres.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreBerry, Kimberly A
Reviving a radiant canvas.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSullivan, Mark
Ruins on the rapids: a white-knuckle, down-river ride to save Peru's past .Anthropology/archeology/folkloreRose, Mark, Jennings, Justin
Sacred soil: visiting the forts of the New Zealand Wars.Anthropology/archeology/folklorePowell, Eric A.
Saving a fabled sanctuary: conservators struggle to restore Justinian's Great Church in Istanbul.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreRose, Mark, Aydingun, Sengul
Searching for the first New Zealanders: can rats rewrite Pacific history?Anthropology/archeology/folklorePowell, Eric A.
Secrets of the seeds: a genius' love affair with plant remains.Anthropology/archeology/folklore 
Solstice at the stones: for Britain's modern-day pagans, sites like Stonehenge are sacred ground.Anthropology/archeology/folklorePowell, Eric A.
Spirited Explorer: Katherine Routledge's encounter with the mysteries of Easter Island.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreTilburg, Jo Anne Van
Spoils of war.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreBrodie, Neil
Suburban villa life.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreJAL
The guns of Mehrgarh: tribal feuds imperil the future of one of South Asia's most ancient sites.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreAnsari, Massoud
The pepper wreck: archaeologists reconstruct the story of a ship that nearly made it home.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreCastro, Filipe
The specter of war: protecting Iraq's museum collections and archaeological sites in the event of an invasion.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreFarchakh, Joanne
The WAC in Washington: Brian Fagan's sneak preview of the forthcoming World Archaeological Congress.(Conversations)(Interview)Anthropology/archeology/folklore 
The well-dressed dead: class still has its privileges in the catacombs of Palermo.(Sicily)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreBrier, Bob
Timeless style .Anthropology/archeology/folklore 
Timor's safe havens: how caves helped shape the history of the world's newest nation.(Timor Island)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreCoates, Karen
Virtual earthworks.(Archaeology)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreHicks, Ronald
Voices from the ashes.(Column)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreLobell, Jarrett A.
Warriors of clay: exclusive photographs of China's most recently discovered terr-cotta army, found at a vast tomb site south of Beijing.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreLobell, Jarrett A.
What can we learn from a Maya vase?Anthropology/archeology/folkloreBishop, Ronald, Reents-Budet, Dorie
When spells worked magic.(ancient Roman culture)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreFaraone, Christopher A.
Where civilization began.(Interview)Anthropology/archeology/folklore 
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