Armada International 1998 - Abstracts

Armada International 1998
Air combat missiles - the gloves are off!Military and naval scienceBraybrook, Roy
Alone but unafraid -- the growing observation drone.Military and naval scienceBraybrook, Ray
Armoured vehicles in the Middle East: a bleak picture.Military and naval scienceSaw, David
Celsius Bofors Demo '98.Military and naval scienceBiass, Eric H.
Datron Spectre V.Military and naval science 
Eagle Eye sets new milestones.Military and naval science 
Enhancing DF capability.Military and naval science 
Eurobridge hands over FFB.Military and naval science 
EW shields for rotary-winged warriors.Military and naval scienceRichardson, Doug
Farnborough '98, much about Europe getting together.Military and naval scienceBiass, Eric H.; Braybrook, Roy; Richardson, Doug
Flexible antenna programme.Military and naval science 
Flycatcher Mk 2.Military and naval science 
GPS in the shadow of navwar.Military and naval scienceRichardson, Doug
Looks can kill.Military and naval scienceBraybrook, Roy
Mortars for the 21st century.Military and naval scienceRipley, Tim
MPA 2000 mission equipment.Military and naval science 
New Singapore class launch.Military and naval science 
P99 self-loading pistol.Military and naval science 
Phazotron broadens its product range.Military and naval scienceRichardson, Doug
Propeller revival.Military and naval scienceBraybrook, Roy
Steel alone is no longer enough on tanks.Military and naval scienceRichardson, Doug
Stopping the stealthy attacker.Military and naval scienceRichardson, Doug
Striker II sees all.Military and naval science 
Synthetic aperture radar: pictures from radio waves.Military and naval scienceFitzsimons, Bernard
Textron fires SFW and Hornet internationally.Military and naval scienceBiass, Eric
The lighter lifters.Military and naval scienceRaybrook, Roy
The tank killers.Military and naval scienceBiass, Eric H.; Braybrook, Roy; Burley, John
Training on the virtual battlefield.Military and naval scienceRichardson, Doug
Trucks for the millenium - a rolling survey.Military and naval scienceBiass, Eric H.
VT's Norwegian frigate proposal.Military and naval science 
Warrior 2000 offered to Swiss Army.Military and naval scienceRichardson, Doug
Xybion intensified digital camera.Military and naval science 
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