Armada International 2000 - Abstracts

Armada International 2000
AARGM takes to Quick Bolt.Military and naval science 
A ballistic-eye view from DRS.Military and naval science 
A challenge: simplifying but improving the helicopter.Military and naval science 
Armoured vehicles for a new century.Military and naval scienceBiass, Eric H., Burley, John
A short note from Radstone.Military and naval science 
Atlas LT from Azimuth Tech.Military and naval scienceBiass, Eric H.
Attackers, the meaner the better...Military and naval science 
A turning point for fighters.Military and naval scienceBraybrook, Roy
Avionics and armament.Military and naval science 
BAE Systems and the RAF.Military and naval science 
BGT's FPR uses GPS.Military and naval science 
Brimstone #2 takes off.Military and naval science 
Caesar, emperor of the Malaysian battlefield.Military and naval scienceBiass, Eric H.
Cas C-295 gets FAR-25 cert.Military and naval science 
Clearing a path - mine clearing technology.Military and naval scienceGander, Terry J.
Clemco makes the paint peel.Military and naval science 
Command, control - but stay mobile!Military and naval scienceRichardson, Doug
DAP does the Wince.Military and naval science 
Dornier delivers rescue to Berlin.Military and naval science 
Drash battery command post.Military and naval science 
DRS gets the picture.Military and naval science 
DRS, where do you come from?Military and naval scienceBiass, Eric H.
Dubai's Air Show is an AIR show.Military and naval scienceBiass, Eric H.
Equip and feed that man!Military and naval scienceFowler, Will
Eusatory 2000 technology on show.Military and naval scienceBiass, E.H., Keggler, J., Richardson, D.
Exponential mobile bridging technology.Military and naval scienceGander, Terry J.
Fibres with mettle from ARC.Military and naval scienceBiass, Eric H.
Fuzes: perfection to be destroyed.Military and naval scienceGander, Terry J., Biass, Eric H.
Getting the power down to the ground.Military and naval science 
GPS/INS from Kearfott.Military and naval science 
Heavies.Military and naval science 
Homing alone - the autonomous projectile.Military and naval scienceGander, Terry J.
Hump the gear with Blackhawk.Military and naval science 
ICI wireless versatility.Military and naval science 
Karcher serves the drinks.Military and naval science 
Lights.Military and naval science 
Litton and the Irish Navy.Military and naval science 
Lost? Follow the Yeoman.Military and naval science 
Marshall's C-130 grows up.Military and naval science 
Mauser Baltin MGL 27 firings.Military and naval science 
Mediums.Military and naval science 
Met-beating ground attack weapons.Military and naval scienceBraybrook, Roy
Naval guns and missiles.Military and naval sciencePreston, Antony
Naval gun simulators - a sound investment.Military and naval scienceWalters, Brian
Navigating by light.Military and naval scienceRichardson, Doug
New Fogs from KVH.Military and naval science 
New solutions to the JSF STOVL problem.Military and naval scienceBraybrook, Roy
No hiding from the SSR 2000!Military and naval science 
Non-nuclear submarine propulsion.Military and naval sciencePreston, Antony
One can see it's flicker free.Military and naval science 
Pocket full of AFCK.Military and naval science 
Precision impact - the ultimate solution?Military and naval scienceBiass, Eric H., Witt, Mike
Quad Density storage solutions.Military and naval science 
QuickCheck - a heavy handful.Military and naval science 
R and S M3SR plug & play.Military and naval scienceBiass, Eric H.
RF jamming - the key to tomorrow's victories?Military and naval scienceWalters, Brian
Rheinmetall's mettle for the 2000s.Military and naval scienceBiass, Eric H.
'Rough' is its middle name.Military and naval science 
Running flat out.Military and naval science 
Russian improvement for export.Military and naval science 
S 2000 military, hot from Mercedes-Benz.Military and naval scienceBiass, Eric H.
Sampson gets a new house.Military and naval science 
Sanders uses the Ant.Military and naval science 
See it all with Voodoo5.Military and naval science 
See without being seen.Military and naval science 
SFW P3I variant.Military and naval science 
Small arms simulation - safety & cost savings.Military and naval scienceWalters, Brian
Spinning a web of radar deception.Military and naval scienceRichardson, Doug
Squaring the circle, honing the edge.Military and naval scienceGrant, Peter
Synthetic mission planning and ground attack.Military and naval scienceWalters, Brian
Teac tackles hi gig storage.Military and naval science 
The battlefield taxi.Military and naval scienceBurley, John
The booming world of fast attack craft, corvettes and frigates.Military and naval sciencePreston, Anthony
The crafts of confusion.Military and naval scienceGander, Terry J.
The hunters and the hunted.Military and naval scienceRichardson, Doug
The jacks of many trades.Military and naval science 
The quest for accuracy in naval ammunition.Military and naval sciencePreston, Anthony
The shrinking world of satcoms.Military and naval scienceRichardson, Doug
The special gear book.Military and naval science 
The Tiger sharpens her claws.Military and naval science 
The toughest fidelity challenge.Military and naval scienceWalters, Brian
The unsung heroes.Military and naval scienceGander, Terry J., Biass, Eric H.
The Wer'wolf doen't mine.Military and naval scienceBiass, Eric H.
Things may look quiet, but Shorads...Military and naval scienceBraybrook, Roy
Training support for armoured personnel carriers.Military and naval scienceWalters, Brian
Ultraphonic eyes from Tractech.Military and naval science 
Westland gears up.Military and naval science 
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