Asian Survey 1992 - Abstracts

Asian Survey 1992
Burma in an international perspective. (Myanmar)Regional focus/area studiesSilverstein, Josef
Changing civil-military relations in Sri Lanka.Regional focus/area studiesBurger, Angela S.
China and the disintegration of the Soviet Union.Regional focus/area studiesSegal, Gerald
China's policy toward the Korean Peninsula.Regional focus/area studiesJia Hao, Zhuang Qubing
Chinese perceptions in the post-Cold War era: three images of the United States.Regional focus/area studiesJianwei Wang, Zhimin Lin
Emigration and stability in Hong Kong.Regional focus/area studiesWong Siu-lun
Export processing zones in Asia: a comparative study.Regional focus/area studiesJing-dong Yuan, Eden, Lorraine
Gorbachev and post-Gorbachev policy toward the Korean peninsula: the impact of changing Russian perceptions. (Mikhail Gorbachev)Regional focus/area studiesMeyer, Peggy Falkenheim
High-tech industrialization in China: an analysis of the current status.Regional focus/area studiesQin Shijun
India adrift: the search for moorings in a new world order.Regional focus/area studiesThornton, Thomas P.
Indian defense spending.Regional focus/area studiesGordon, Sandy
India-Nepal relations: continuity and change.Regional focus/area studiesBaral, Lok Raj
Industrial restructuring in the NIEs: prospects and challenges. (newly industrializing economies)Regional focus/area studiesBauer, John
Influence through arms transfers: lessons from the US-Pakistani relationship.Regional focus/area studiesPaul, T.V.
Issues in contemporary South and Central Asian politics: Islam, ethnicity, and the State.Regional focus/area studiesMalik, Iftikhar H.
Japan's LDP considers electoral reform: a neglected political debt. (Liberal Democratic Party)Regional focus/area studiesWolfe, Eugene L., III
Legislators in an Indian state: a study in social characteristics.Regional focus/area studiesSharma, P.D., Kumar, Ramesh
Restructuring in Greater Central Asia: changing political configurations.Regional focus/area studiesCanfield, Robert L.
Social policy and the elderly in South Korea: Confucianism, modernization and development.Regional focus/area studiesPalley, Howard A.
Social security in Singapore: redrawing the public-private boundary.Regional focus/area studiesRamesh, M.
Southeast Asia in the post-cold war era: regionalism and security.Regional focus/area studiesBuszynski, Leszek
Sri Lanka's provincial council system: a solution to the ethnic problem?Regional focus/area studiesShastri, Amita
Sri Lanka's Tamil-Sinhalese ethnic conflict: alternative solutions.Regional focus/area studiesSinger, Marshall R.
The limits on leadership in China.Regional focus/area studiesBachman, David
The political economy of Punjab: creating space for Sikh militancy.Regional focus/area studiesTelford, Hamish
The PRC and Taiwan: Fujian's faltering united front. (People's Republic of China; Fujian, China)Regional focus/area studiesCheng-Tian Kuo
The Punjab elections 1992: breakthrough or breakdown?Regional focus/area studiesSingh, Gurharpal
The Thai parliamentary elections of 1992: return to democracy in an atypicalyear.Regional focus/area studiesKing, Daniel E.
The "Wengzhou model" of development and China's modernization.Regional focus/area studiesLiu, Alan P.
Upazila development planning in Bangladesh: problems of resource mobilization. (devolution policy)Regional focus/area studiesHasan, Samiul
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