Ballet Review 2000 - Abstracts

Ballet Review 2000
A conversation with Alexandra Danilova.(Interview)Arts, visual and performingAlovert, Nina
A conversation with Allyn Ann McLerie.(ballet dancer)(Interview)Arts, visual and performingMason, Francis
A conversation with Christine Redpath.(Interview)Arts, visual and performingMason, Francis
A conversation with Clement Crisp.(Interview)Arts, visual and performingMason, Francis
A conversation with Uliana Lopatkina.(Interview)Arts, visual and performingLobenthal, Joel, Tchernichova, Elena
A Coversation with Aage Thordal-Christiansen.(artistic director of the Danish Royal Ballet)(Interview)Arts, visual and performingEdwards, Jeffrey
Alchemy.(George Balanchine's choreography)Arts, visual and performingDaniels, Don
Balanchine's apotheosis.(choreographer George Balanchine)Arts, visual and performingFullington, Doug
Beaton at the ballet: costume designs from an exhibition at the Susan Sheehan Gallery.(Cecil Beaton)Arts, visual and performing 
Buying time.(theater renovations)Arts, visual and performingDaniels, Don
'Duke!' - a collaboration of choreographers.Arts, visual and performingFagan, Garth, La Fosse, Robert, Stroman, Susan
Kirk Peterson.(ballet dancer and choreographer)Arts, visual and performingLeivick, Laura
London.Arts, visual and performingNewman, Mona Alice Jean
Looking at Forsythe.(choreographer William Forsythe)Arts, visual and performingWitchel, Leigh
Martha Hill: the early years.Arts, visual and performingSoares, Janet Mansfield
Michio Ito.(early 20th century Japanese dancer and choreographer)Arts, visual and performingHammer, Les
New Orleans.Arts, visual and performing 
New York.Arts, visual and performingSolomons, Gus
Out there: Wendy Whelan.(ballerina)Arts, visual and performingJacobson, Daniel
Petersburg and New York.(Kirov Ballet, Russian society)Arts, visual and performingLobenthal, Joel
Pointe counterpoint.Arts, visual and performingNugent, Ann
Remembering Martha Hill (1900-1995).Arts, visual and performingLewis, Daniel
Re-visioning Vaslav.(Vaslav Fomitch Nijinsky, Russian dancer)Arts, visual and performingGesmer, Daniel
Temps Perdu.(memoirs)Arts, visual and performingMartin, Alex
'The Hartford Catastrophe'.Arts, visual and performingGaddis, Eugene R.
The Kirov in London.(Kirov Ballet)Arts, visual and performingLobenthal, Joel
The modern classics.Arts, visual and performingSutton, James
The Royal Ballet.(London, England)Arts, visual and performingTooley, John
The sexual iconography of the Ballets Russes.Arts, visual and performingGarafola, Lynn
'The Sleeping Beauty' reconstructed.Arts, visual and performingFullington, Doug
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