Biological Reviews 1999 - Abstracts

Biological Reviews 1999
A behavioural analysis of phase change in the desert locust.Biological sciencesSimpson, Stephen J., McCaffery, Alan R., Hagele, Bernd F.
Aphid saliva.Biological sciencesMiles, Peter w.
Building large trees by combining phylogenetic information: A complete phylogeny of the extant Carnivora.(Mammalaia)Biological sciencesPurvis, Andy, Gittleman, John L., Bininda-Edmonds, Olaf R.P.
Evolving concepts in plant glycolysis: Two centuries of progress.Biological sciencesGivan, Curtis V.
Exploring links between physiology and ecology at macro-sales: The role of respiratory metabolism in insects.Biological sciencesGaston, Kevin J., Chown, Steven L.
Metabolic depression in animals: Physiological perspectives and biochemical generalizations.Biological sciencesGuppy, Michael, Withers, Philip
Ovoviviparity and viviparity in the Diptera.Biological sciencesMeier, Rudolf, Kotrba, Marion, Ferrar, Paul
The dynamics of predation on Gammarus spp.(Crustacea: Amphipoda)Biological sciencesElwood, Robert W., Dick, Jaimie T. A., Macneil, Calum
The ethological analysis of imitation.Biological sciencesMiklosi, Adam
The grand game of metazoan phylogeny: Rules and strategies.Biological sciencesSchram, Frederick R., Jenner, Ronald A.
The naturally occurring furanones: Formation and function from pheromone to food.Biological sciencesColin Slaughter, J.
The photobehaviour of Daphnia spp. as a model to explain diel vertical migration zooplankton.Biological sciencesRingelberg, J.
Tunicate tails, stolons, and the origin of the vertebrate trunk.Biological sciencesLacalli, Thurston C.
Ultraviolent radiation screening compounds.Biological sciencesCockell, Charles S., Knowland, John
What and how do maggots smell?Biological sciencesCobb, Matthew
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