Crime & Justice (Chicago, Ill) - Abstracts

Crime & Justice (Chicago, Ill)
Adult correctional treatment.(Prisons)LawStewart, Lynn, Gaes, Gerald G., Flanagan, Timothy J., Motiuk, Laurence L.
American prisons at the beginning of the twenty-first century.(Prisons)LawPetersilia, Joan, Tonry, Michael
Assessing macro-level predictors and theories of crime: A meta-analysis.LawCullen, Francis T., Pratt, Travis C.
Collateral consequences of imprisonment for children, communities, and prisoners.(Prisons)LawHagan, John, Dinovitzer, Ronit
Cosa Nostra: the final chapter?LawJacobs, James B., Gouldin, Lauryn B.
Crime and justice in England and Wales, 1981-1999.LawFarrington, David P., Folliffe, Darrick
Crime and public transport.LawSmith, Martha J., Clarke, Ronald V.
Crime and punishment in Australia, 1980-2000.LawCarcach, Carlos
Crime and punishment in Canada, 1981-1999.LawWelsh, Brandon C., Irving, Mark H.
Crime and punishment in Scotland, 1981-1999.LawSmith, David F.
Crime and punishment in Switzerland, 1985-1999.LawKillias, Martin, Lamon, Phillipe, Aebi, Marcelo F.
Crime and punishment in the Netherlands, 1981-1999.LawBijleveld, Catrien C.F.H., Smit, Paul R.
Crime and punishment in the United States, 1985-1999.LawLangan, Patrick A.
Crime and work.LawFreeman, Richard B., Fagan, Jeffrey
Cross-national comparisons of crime rates in four countries, 1981-1999.LawFolliffe, Darrick, Ferrington, David P.
Cross-national measures of punitiveness.LawTonry, Michael, Blumstein, Alfred, Ness, Asheley Van
Cross-national patterns in crime rates.LawCook, Philip F., Khmilevska, Nataliya
Curriculum, culture, and the community: the challenge of school violence.(Statistical Data Included)LawAnderson, David C.
Environmental crime.LawShover, Neal, Routhe, Aaron S.
Ethnic differences in intergenerational crime patterns.LawSmith, David J.
Firearms regulation: A historical overview.LawBellesiles, Michael A.
Gang violence in the postindustrial era.(Statistical Data Included)LawHagedorn, John M.
Gun self-defense and deterrence.LawLudwig, Jens
Guns, youth violence, and social identity in inner cities.LawFagan, Jeffrey, Wilkinson, Deanna L.
International trafficking in stolen vehicles.LawClarke, Ronald V., Brown, Rick
Interpersonal violence and social order in prisons.(Prisons)LawBottoms, Anthony E.
Juvenile and criminal justice systems' responses to youth violence.LawFeld, Barry C.
Juvenile offenders in the adult criminal justice system.LawBishop, Donna M.
Labor racketeering: The Mafia and the unions.LawJacobs, James B., Peters, Ellen
Long-term historical trends in violent crime.LawEisner, Manuel
Measuring the economic benefits of developmental prevention programs.LawNagin, Daniel S.
Medical care in prisons.(Prisons)LawMcDonald, Douglas C.
Monetary costs and benefits of crime prevention programs.LawWelsh, Brandon C., Farrington, David P.
Murder in America: a historian's perspective.LawLane, Roger
Parole and prisoner reentry in the United States.(Prisons)LawPetersilia, Joan
Population growth in U.S. prisons, 1980-1996.(Prisons)LawBlumstein, Alfred, Beck, Allen J.
Predictors, causes, and correlates of male youth violence.(Statistical Data Included)LawFarrington, David P.
Prevention of youth violence.LawHawkins, J. David, Howell, James C.
Prison management trends, 1975-2025.(Prisons)LawRiveland, Chase
Prison suicide and prisoner coping.(Prisons)LawLiebling, Alison
Private prisons.LawHarding, Richard
Procedural justice, legitimacy, and the effective rule of law.LawTyler, Tom R.
Public opinion about punishment and corrections.LawCullen, Francis T., Fisher, Bonnie S., Applegate, Brandon K.
Public opinion and youth justice.LawRoberts, Julian V.
Punishment and crime across space and time.LawFarrington, David P., Tonry, Michael
Restoration in youth justice.LawWalgrave, Lode
Restorative and community justice in the United States.LawKurki, Leena
Restorative justice: assessing optimistic and pessimistic accounts.LawBraithwaite, John
Sentence severity and crime: Accepting the null hypothesis.LawDoob, Anthony N., Webster, Cheryl Marie
Sentencing guidelines in Minnesota, 1978-2003.LawFrase, Richard S.
Sentencing reform in the other Washington.LawBoerner, David, Lieb, Roxanne
The construct of psychopathy.(criminial behaviour)LawHarris, Grant T., Skilling, Tracey A., Rice, Marnie E.
The criminal career paradigm.LawFarrington, David P., Piquero, Alex R., Blumstein, Alfred
The purposes, practices, and problems of supermax prisons.LawKurki, Leena, Morris, Norval
The self-report methodology in crime research.LawJunger-Tas, Josine, Marshall, Ineke Haen
The social ecology of youth violence.LawAnderson, Elijah
The unprecedented epidemic in youth violence.(Statistical Data Included)LawCook, Philip J., Laub, John H.
Toward a jurisprudence of youth violence.(Statistical Data Included)LawZimring, Franklin E.
Understanding desistance from crime.(stopping crime)LawLaub, John H., Sampson, Robert J.
Understanding prison policy and population trends.``.(Prisons)LawSimon, Jonathan, Caplow, Theodore
Understanding the effects of wrongful imprisonment.(psychological aspects)LawGrounds, Adrian T.
Varieties of youth justice.(justice system changes from place to place)LawTonry, Michael, Doob, Anthony N.
What have we learned from five decades of neutralization research?LawCopes, Heith, Maruna, Shadd
What recent studies do (and don't) tell us about imprisonment and crime.LawSpelman, William
Women's imprisonment.LawKruttschnitt, Candace, Gartner, Rosemary
Youth justice in Canada.LawDoob, Anthony N., Sprott, Jane B.
Youth justice in Denmark.LawKyvsgaard, Britta
Youth justice in Germany.LawAlbrecht, Hans-Jorg
Youth justice in Great Britain.LawBottoms, Anthony, Dignan, James
Youth justice in New Zealand.LawMorris, Allison
Youth justice in Sweden.LawJanson, Carl-Gunnar
Youth justice in the Netherlands.LawJunger-Tas, Josine
Youth violence in America.LawTonry, Michael, Moore, Mark H.
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