Current 2004 - Abstracts

Current 2004
Affording prescription drugs: the value of medical research.EducationLichtenberg, Frank R.
A historian's task in time.EducationWeintraub, Karl Joachim
America and Europe: a temporary division.EducationHanson, Victor Davis
America as empire: a new type.EducationBoot, Max
American internationalism: Is democracy the best solution?EducationLiotta, P. H., Miskel, James F.
America's intelligence community: A bureaucratic mess.EducationMcCarthy, Andrew C.
Appraising South Africa: Growing steadily.EducationBlundell, John
Average Bill.EducationCantor, Paul A.
Democracy and its global roots.EducationSen, Amartya
Democratic globalism: A critique.EducationFukuyama, Francis
Deploying an Army: Enough soldiers.EducationO'Hanlon, Michael
Does national identity matter?EducationDougherty, Jude P.
Empowering kids: Memorizing poetry .EducationBeran, Michael Knox
Ethics and life's ending; An exchange.EducationOrr, Robert D., Meilaender, Gilbert
Europe's problem - and ours.EducationWeigel, George
Grade inflation: sending the wrong message.EducationFiglio, David N., Lucas, Maurice E.
International law and democracy: are they compatible?EducationRubenfeld, Jed
Judicial Independence: The control of the purse by courts .EducationWebb, Gregg G., Whittington, Keith E.
Living better: get wed.EducationBraverman, Amy M.
Malaria and economic development: the need for a vaccine.EducationWolf, Holger, McCarthy, F. Desmond, Wu Yi
New technologies and our feelings: Romance on the Internet.EducationRosen, Christine
No child left behind: The illusion of school choice .EducationSnell, Lisa
Offshore trade: Making sense of the arguments.(Outsourcing trends in US economy)EducationLindsey, Brink
Opening up education: Changing teacher-pupil relations.EducationLundt, John C.
Organizing knowledge: New uses for the web.EducationRossman, Parker
Our changing culture: Abandoning the sixties.EducationHymowitz, Kay S.
Our public schools: Too big to do well.EducationBerry, Christopher
Phasing out cash: Saving trillions.(Electronic currency)EducationWarwick, David R.
Psychology and happiness: personality change.EducationLawson, Willow
Public service v. individualism: is there a conflict?EducationDowd, Alan W.
Radical Islam in America.(influence of islamic fundamentalism)EducationSchwartz, Stephen
Realism: it's high minded...and it works.EducationSimes, Dimitri K.
Religion and economic growth: Are they at odds?EducationBarro, Robert J., McCleary, Rachel M.
School accountability: An alternative to testing.EducationJones, Ken
Selective colleges: Do they offer a higher quality education?EducationKuh, George D., Pascarella, Ernest T.
Shopping and prosperity: the consumer economy.EducationSamuelson, Robert J.
Teacher compensation: Linking it to accountability.EducationHess, Frederick M.
Telecities v. Megacities: toward decentralization.EducationPelton, Joseph N.
The democratization of beauty.EducationRosen, Christine
The global population decline: Costs and benefits.EducationLongman, Phillip
The homework wars.EducationSkinner, David
The new geopolitics of oil.EducationBarnes, Joe, Jaffe, Amy, Morse, Edward L.
The new India: America's new enthusiasm.EducationAdhikari, Gautam
The Taliban theocracy: changing Iraq.EducationEtzioni, Amitai
The war on terrorism.(Tapestry of Terror: A Portrait of Middle East Terrorism, 1994-1999)(No End to War: Terrorism in the Twenty-First Century)EducationSinger, P.W.
The West divided: America versus Europe.EducationMoisi, Dominique
Too many laws: the ever-expanding criminal code.EducationAnderson, William L., Jackson, Candice E.
Toward a reconstitution of academic governance.EducationBalch, Stephen H.
Unilateralism and partnership: American foreign policy.EducationPowell, Colin
Vouchers for parents: New forms of education funding.EducationAlexander, Lamar
Why not artificial wombs?EducationRosen, Christine
Writing, part Deux.EducationOlasky, Marvin
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