Current 2006 - Abstracts

Current 2006
A conversation about judicial independence.(discussion between Ruth McGregor, Sandra Day O'Connor, and Shirley Abrahamson)(Discussion)EducationO'Connor, Sandra Day, Abrahamson, Shirley, McGregor, Ruth
Age and creativity: The influence of personality type.EducationGalenson, David W.
Assessing the terrorist threat: How great a risk?EducationAllison, Graham
Assisted suicide: Its current legal status.EducationMarker, Rita L.
Bad options: Dealing with Iran.(pre-emptive war to control nuclear bomb development)EducationLang, W. Patrick, Johnson, Larry C.
Black leadership in the twenty-first century.EducationCunnigen, Donald
Bourgeois virtues?EducationMcCloskey, Deirdre
Character education: What schools can do.EducationSmith, Karen, Benninga, Jacques S., Berkowitz, Marvin W., Kuehn, Phyllis
China world impact: Guessing its direction.EducationMertens, Richard
Commerce and the human body: Selling bodily perfection.EducationCohen, Eric
Dignified retirement: Lessons from abroad.(retirement reform)EducationSchieber, Sylvester J.
From global warming to weight watching: The Nobel Round Table.(Discussion)EducationMilken, Michael
How to think about terrorism.EducationBetts, Richard K.
Israel and Hezbollah: An analysis of the conflict.EducationSicherman, Harvey
Low birth rates and immigration: The need for migration.EducationGlendon, Mary Ann
Making civil justice sane.EducationHoward, Philip K.
Risk taking in education: New leadership.EducationWilliams, Joe
Shop class as soulcraft.EducationCrawford, Matthew B.
Taking back our homes.(enforcing moral values into American children)EducationHagelin, Rebecca
Tax reform: Trying to sway public opinion.EducationSlemrod, Joel, Blauvelt, Katherine
Teachers make the difference: Responsibility and commitment.EducationLogerfo, Laura
Terror and American civil liberties: Two sides of the issue.EducationSlaughter, Anne-Marie, Rabkin, Jeremy
The big one.EducationGibson, Lydialyle
The Catholic college in America: Balancing intellectual and spiritual values.EducationTrainor, Stephen L.
The end of legal bribery: How the Abramoff case could change Washington.(Jack Abramoff)(political corruption case)EducationBirnbaum, Jeffrey
The high school experience: Proposals for improvement.(maths literacy)EducationFinn, Chester E., Jr.
The Hotel Africa.(African immigrants)EducationZachary, G. Pascal
The No Child Left Behind Act and accountability: The neglected pupil.EducationBooher-Jennings, Jennifer
The predictable scandal.EducationFreedman, Samuel G.
The robotic economy: Brave new world or a return to slavery?EducationBrown, Arnold
Upgrading public education: Learning from private schools.EducationManafo, Michael J.
"Wall of separation": An abused metaphor.EducationDreisbach, Daniel L.
Why the liberal arts still matter.(Essay)EducationLind, Michael
World religions: Conflicts in the future.EducationMcFaul, Thomas R.
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