Economic Development Review 1995 - Abstracts

Economic Development Review 1995
Academics and economic developers: the challenge of cross-cultural understanding.EconomicsMiller, Mark M., Davenport, Charles T.
A comprehensive strategy for rural downtowns.EconomicsLawhead, Terry
Adapting to the entrance of discount retail chains: the case of North Platte, Nebraska area.EconomicsKnotwell, James
Addressing tenant site selection to maintain shopping center success.EconomicsGoebel, Paul R., Forgey, Fred A., Nixon, Benny
Advanced multimedia economic development systems. (High-Tech Economic Development Office)EconomicsBring, Mitchell
AEDC 2005: shaping a strategy for the 21st century. (American Economic Development Council)EconomicsWeddle, Rick L., Ramey, David
AEDCNet: your on-ramp to the economic development information superhighway. (High-Tech Economic Development Office)EconomicsAhr, James
A homegrown loan program.(Notes & Comments)EconomicsLarson, Lee
Analyzing a retail trade area.EconomicsPyplacz, Bonnie M.
Analyzing retail potential in rural communities: the Georgia Tech handbook.EconomicsO'Neil, Ann E., Delmerico, Jennifer
A public policy analysis of gaming industry development: a Mississippi case study.(Theme: Gaming)EconomicsDriskell, L. Chad, Ivey, David A.
A regional incubator program: the case of the Northeast Mississippi business incubation system.EconomicsGulotta, Charles, MacDaniel, Giles
Assisting in the transformation of the Russian economy.EconomicsMathers, Earl
A tribute to a king. (economic developer Robert B. Cassell)EconomicsKoepke, Robert L.
Attracting factory outlet stores can spell success for a community.EconomicsMeyers, Carleton R.
Broadcast fax to communicate with multiple constituencies. (High-Tech Economic Development Office)EconomicsScott, Robert K.
Casino gambling in Atlantic City: lessons for economic developers.(Theme: Gaming)EconomicsPerniciaro, Richard C.
Casino gaming in Mississippi: location, location, location.(Theme: Gaming)EconomicsMeyer-Arendt, Klaus J.
Casino gaming on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.(Theme: Gaming)EconomicsOlivier, Michael J.
Catalyst for community capacity-building: a role for public sector practitioners.EconomicsMulligan, Richard K.
Computers - so many choices, so little time. (High-Tech Economic Development Office)EconomicsMorrison, Murdoch A.
Creating an industrial property database (with GIS capabilities) for an economic development organization. (geographic information system for Ocala Marion County, Florida) (High-Tech Economic Development Office)EconomicsSmersh, Greg T.
Creating an interactive fact book: the case of Johnson County, Kansas. (High-Tech Economic Development Office)EconomicsEngelmann, John L.
Defining the profession. (economic development)EconomicsWansley, J. David, Oilschlager, Kenneth H.
Desktop publishing: the great equalizer. (economic developers) (High-Tech Economic Development Office)EconomicsThompson, Frank
Developing instant response with fax-on-demand. (PSI Energy, an economic development organization in Indiana) (High-Tech Economic Development Office)EconomicsHeaton, Michael N.
Developing the retail base: the case of Glendale, Arizona.EconomicsDevine, James A.
Downtown business development: the example of Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin.EconomicsWagner, Matthew L.
Economic developers need to ACT! (contact management software) (Software Review) (Evaluation)EconomicsJorgensen, Jeffrey L.
Economic development and the introduction of casinos: myths and realities.(Theme: Gaming)EconomicsEadington, William R.
Economic development education: future developments and directions.EconomicsIannone, Donald T.
Economic development in the new information economy. (High-Tech Economic Development Office)EconomicsWhittaker, Dean F.
Economic development services and the Internet.(Technology)EconomicsPages, Erik R.
Effective prospect presentations: your competitive edge. (economic development)EconomicsMcCain, Michael B.
Energizing boards, commissions, task forces, and volunteer groups.EconomicsGreeley, Paul J.
Establishment of a geographic information system in a county economic development office. (Catawba County, North Carolina) (High-Tech Economic Development Office)EconomicsMillar, Scott L.
Evaluating the next position: successful career advancement in economic development.EconomicsMartin, Timothy L.
Exploring the Internet for economic development opportunities.EconomicsDuBrow, Michael L.
FIY*NY economic development software system. (High-Tech Economic Development Office)EconomicsGreen, Kenneth A.
Gaming industry development: a comparison of three states.(Theme: Gaming)EconomicsLarsen, Michael D.
Impact of thoroughfare improvements on neighborhood shopping centers.EconomicsRabianski, Joseph S., Vernor, James D., Carns, Neil G.
Impact of Wal-Mart stores on Iowa communities: 1983-93.EconomicsStone, Kenneth E.
Information: the resource of enterprise. (High-Tech Economic Development Office)EconomicsKadlecek, James M.
Interactive compact disc as a medium for economic development: a case history at Illinois Power. (Illinois Power Co.) (High-Tech Economic Development Office)EconomicsRowe, Howard
In the shadow of Foxwoods: some effects of casino development in Southeastern Connecticut.(Theme: Gaming)EconomicsPeppard, Donald M.
Iowa's proactive strategy for commercial development.EconomicsBeals, Cali, Ehrig, Sandy, Pelz, Marlys
It's marketing, stupid!EconomicsPage, Rodney, Topping, Patrick
It's not just about jobs. (economic development)EconomicsCooper, Robert A.
LaGrange, Georgia's "field of dreams": economic development and telecommunications in a rural area. (High-Tech Economic Development Office)EconomicsRead, William H., Youtie, Jan L.
Linking Leduc Niscu, Alberta to the information highway. (High-Tech Economic Development Office)EconomicsBarnard, John M.
Making a community retail ready: the town of Markham, Ontario experience.EconomicsStewart, Elisabeth F. Silva
Market analysis of reservation-based gaming: a North Dakota case study.(Theme: Gaming)EconomicsGoodman, Lowell R.
Merging entertainment and retailing.EconomicsPhillips, Patrick L.
New Mexico rural economic assistance link.EconomicsRichardson, James R., Coppedge, Robert O., Czerniak, Robert
Nizhny Novgorod, Russia: a beacon of light in a dark tunnel.EconomicsBuss, Terry F.
Northern California Regional Computer Network. (High-Tech Economic Development Office)EconomicsIvey, Dennis, Haley, Brian, Taylor, Bev
Obtaining technological resources for the economic development office. (High-Tech Economic Development Office)EconomicsLawin, Gene B., Chaplain, Donald G.
Oregon lottery working for Oregon: lottery funds for economic development.(Theme: Gaming)EconomicsAuyer, Za Dean
Passing the CED examination. (Certified Economic Developer)EconomicsKrauss, Edward M.
Preparing tailored fact books and prospect proposals. (High-Tech Economic Development Office)EconomicsWeddle, Rick L.
Producing knowledge in economic development through the management of information. (High-Tech Economic Development Office)EconomicsRiley, Robert M.
"Professionalization" of economic development: the higher education linkage.EconomicsSwager, Ronald J.
Proposal production: full color and fast! (High-Tech Economic Development Office)EconomicsBarr, Slater
Pursuing the factory outlet development.EconomicsBoling, F. Wayne
Recruiting retail investment.EconomicsHarald, Clifton
Refilling small town retail space.EconomicsEckenstahler, Charles
Reservation gaming: key issues for economic developers.(Theme: Gaming)EconomicsMcClure, Joseph E.
Responding to the challenge of professional development: the programs of AEDC. (American Economic Development Council)EconomicsHandley, Gene
Retail potential analysis for local economic developers.EconomicsBrammer, Rick, Tomasik, Jack
Retaining downtown business via business succession.EconomicsEckenstahler, Charles
Retiree recruitment: the pilot project of the City of Hot Springs, Arkansas.EconomicsCarpenter, Flave J., Jr.
Reusing an air force base: the case of Rantoul, Illinois.EconomicsBoudreaux, Ray M.
Revolutionary changes in retailing.EconomicsGruen, Nina J.
Skills needed by the economic developer.EconomicsThomas, Jerold R.
Smooth sailing with your board of directors.EconomicsKolzow, David R.
Structural trends impacting retail businesses.EconomicsRabianski, Joseph S., Vernor, James D., Carn, Neil G.
Technology and the small economic development office. (High-Tech Economic Development Office)EconomicsPyplacz, Bonnie M., Fine, Bob
The campus and economic development in Tupelo, Mississippi: modeling a journey from early vision to enhancement.EconomicsWiebe, Frank A., Sloan, Hugh J., III, Tosh, Dennis S.
The dark side of economic development.EconomicsDevine, James A.
The Economic Development Institute.EconomicsThompson, Nancy
The Entrepreneurs Learning Service: an information resource. (High-Tech Economic Development Office)EconomicsCotton, William H.
The forgotten role of retail in economic development.EconomicsLackey, Susan A., Eckenstahler, Charles R.
The gaming industry: the role of competitive analysis and market positioning.(Theme: Gaming)EconomicsHenthorne, Tony L., Williams, Alvin J.
The impact of Indian gaming on a tribal economy and economic development strategy: the White Mountain Apache experience.(Theme: Gaming)EconomicsO'Hara, Charles P.
The Internet - exploring its uses for economic development. (High-Tech Economic Development Office)EconomicsWilliams, Steve
The laptop as an economic development tool: the Aurora, Colorado experience. (High-Tech Economic Development Office)EconomicsBlansett, Susan P., Bender, Julie
The professional development challenge of the next decade.EconomicsFoden, Harry G.
The state's role in economic development education: some existing models.EconomicsIpson, Gordon Y., Forman, Maury, Rohrer, John D.
Tips for developing a successful training program. (economic development)EconomicsIpson, Gordon Y., Forman, Maury
Using an "interactive multimedia" presentation in economic development marketing. (High-Tech Economic Development Office)EconomicsBrown, Jerry A.
Using a technology-based information management system to better serve business. (High-Tech Economic Development Office)EconomicsColes, Catherine H.
Using technology in the office of the High Point Economic Development Corporation. (High-Tech Economic Development Office)EconomicsDancy, Cynthia Herring
Using technology to disseminate a best practices data base. (High-Tech Economic Development Office)EconomicsTillotson, Cynthia M., McBeth, Mark K.
Using the DeLorme MapExpert. (software) (Software Review) (Evaluation)EconomicsBuser, Steve
Using the SBA guaranteed loan program. (Small Business Administration)(Notes & Comments)EconomicsSharp, Donald E.
Using volunteers in economic development.EconomicsTaylor, Carole S.
When does retail count as economic development?EconomicsPittman, Robert H., Culp, Rhonda P.
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