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Accretion tectonics in northern Erithrea revealed by remotely sensed imagery.Earth sciencesDrury, S.A., Berhe, S.M.
A deep-marine ichnofaunal assemblage from Llandovery strata of the Welsh Basin, west Wales, UK.Earth sciencesOrr, Patrick J.
Age of metamorphism in the Lesser Himalaya and the Main Central Thrust zone, Garhwal India: results of illite crystallinity, 40Ar-39Ar fusion and K-Ar studies.Earth sciencesJohnson, M.R.W., Oliver, G.J.H., Fallick, A.E.
Age of the Grampian event: a discussion of "New evidence that the Lower Cambrian Leny Limestone at Callander, Perthshire, belongs to the Dalradian Supergroup, and a reassessment of the 'exotic' status of the Highland Border Complex." (response to P.W.G. Tanner, Geological Magazine, vol. 134, p. 565, 1997)(includes reply)Earth sciencesHarris, A.L., Soper, N.J., Fettes, D.J., Tanner, P.W.G.
A modern analogue for the Lower Ordovician Obolus conglomerate of Estonia.Earth sciencesHiller, Norton
An Acadian mountain front in the English Lake District: the Westmorland Monocline.Earth sciencesKneller, B.C., Bell, A.M.
An initial continental margin plutonism - Cretaceous Older Ryoke granitoids, southwest Japan.Earth sciencesKutsukake, Toshio
Apatite fission track data from southeast Ireland: implications for post-Variscan burial history.Earth sciencesKeeley, M.L., Lewis, C.L.E., Sevastopulo, G.D., Clayton, G., Blackmore, R.
A preliminary petrographic study of the Chilean nitrates.Earth sciencesSearl, Alison, Rankin, Sharon
A reinterpretation of scottish 'hummocky moraine' and its significance for the deglaciation of the scottish highlands during the younger dryas or loch lomond stadial.Earth sciencesBennett, Matthew R., Boulton, Geoffrey S.
A revision of Ordovician series and stages from the historical type area.Earth sciencesFortey, R.A., Harper, D.A.T., Ingham, J.K., Owen, A.W., Rushtons, A.W.A.
Biostratigraphy of the Vendian-Cambrian beds and the lower Cambrian boundary in Siberia.Earth sciencesKhomentovsky, V.V., Karlova, G.A.
Compressional and extensional tectonics in low-medium pressure granulites from the Larsemann Hills, East Antarctica.Earth sciencesCarson, C.J., Dirks, P.G.H.M., Hand, M., Sims, J.P., Wilson, C.J.L.
Conodonts from the lower Ordovician at Hunneberg, south-central Sweden.Earth sciencesLofgren, A.
Crystallization of solid solutions from aqueous solutions in a porous medium: zoning in (Ba, Sr) SO4.Earth sciencesPrieto, Manuel, Putnis, Andrew, Fernandez-diaz, Lurdes
Discovering Geology: The Lake District. (Software Review)(Evaluation)Earth sciencesWoodcock, Nigel
Discussion. (comment on W.B. Harland et. al., Geological Magazine, vol. 129, p. 679)Earth sciencesManby, G.M., Lyberis, N.
Discussion. (glacial or non-glacial origin for the Bigganjargga tillite, Finnmark, northern Norway)(response to P.A. Jensen, vol. 133, p. 137, 1996)(includes reply)Earth sciencesEdward, M.B., Jensen, P.A., Wulff-Pedersen, E.
Discussion on a revision of Ordovician Series and Stage divisions from the historical type area.Earth sciencesBassett, M.G., Owens, R.M.
Discussion on Cambrian stratigraphy of St Tudwal's Peninsula, Gwynedd, northwest Wales. (includes reply)(response to T.P. Young, Geological Magazine, vol. 131, p. 335)Earth sciencesPratt, W.T., Dear, W.T., Yong, T.P.
Discussion on chemostratigraphy of predominantly siliclastic neoproterozoic successions: a case study of the Pocatello Formation and Lower Brigham Group, Idaho, USA. (response to L.H. Smith, Geological Magazine, p.301, v. 131, 1994) (includes reply)Earth sciencesShields, G., Smith, L.H., Kaufman, A.S., Link, P.K., Knoll, A.H.
Discussion on Sm-Nd isotopic age of Precambrian-Cambrian boundary in China. (comment on article by Yang Jiedong, Sun Weiguo, Wang Zongzhe and Wang Yinxi, Geological Magazine, vol. 133, pp. 53-61, 1996)(includes reply)Earth sciencesMoorbath, S., Turnbull, M.J.M., Jahn, Bor-ming
Discussions of cathodoluminescence of recent biogenic carbonates: an environmental and ontogenetic fingerprint.Earth sciencesFriedman, G.M., Barbin,V., Ramseyer, K., Debenay, J.P., Schein, E., Roux, M., Decrouez, D.
Discussions on evidence for unconformity at the base of the Eycott Volcanic Group.Earth sciencesSoper, N.J., Cooper, A.H., Hughes, R.A.
Distribution and tectonic setting of Ordovician K-bentonites in the United Kingdom.Earth sciencesHuff, W.D., Merriman, R.J., Morgan, D.J., Roberts, B.
Do seismic reflections necessarily have chronostratigraphic significance?Earth sciencesTipper, John C.
Emplacement and thermal metamorphism associated with the post-orogenic strath ossian pluton, grampian highlands, Scotland.Earth sciencesKey, R.M., Phillips, E.R., Chacksfield, B.C.
Evidence for temperate soil development during the Early Devensian in Gower, South Wales.Earth sciencesCase, D.J.
First report of Pan-African Sm-Nd and Rb-Sr mineral isochron ages from regional charnockites of southern India.Earth sciencesUnnikrishnan-Warrier, C., Santosh, M., Yoshida, M.
Flow direction and groundmass shear zones in dykes, Shimane Peninsula, Japan.Earth sciencesSmith, J.V., Miyake, Y., Yamauchi, S.
Fluid supersaturation and crystallization in porous media.Earth sciencesPrieto, Manuel, Putnis, Andrew, Fernandez-Diaz, Lurdes
Geochemical character of Neoproterozoic volcanic rocks in southwest Wales.Earth sciencesCope, J.C.W., Bevins, R.E., Pharaoh, T.C., Brewer, T.S.
Geochemistry and eruptive environment of metavolcanic rocks from the Mona Complex of Anglesey, North Wales, U.K.Earth sciencesThorpe, R.S.
Geochemistry and tectonic significance of augen gneisses from the southern Menderes Massif (West Turkey).Earth sciencesWinchester, J.A., Bozkurt, E., Park, R.G.
Geochemistry of bimodal amphibolitic-felsic gneiss complexes from eastern Massif Central, France.Earth sciencesBriand, Bernard, Bouchardon, Jean-Luc, Ouali, Houssa, Piboule, Michel, Capiez, Paul
Geochemistry of the start complex greenschists: rhenohercynian MORB?Earth sciencesHoldsworth, R.E., Floyd, P.A., Steele, S.A.
Inter-related plutonism and deformation in South Victoria Land, Antarctica.Earth sciencesCox, Simon C.
Isotope studies of granitoids from the Bangenhuk Formation, Ny Friesland Caledonides, Svalbard.Earth sciencesJohansson, A., Gree, D.G., Bjorklund, L., Witt-Nilsson, P.
Maastrichtian ammonites from the Corsicana Formation in northeast Texas.Earth sciencesKennedy, W.J., Cobban, W.A.
Major northwest-directed Caledonian thrusting and folding in Precambrian rocks, northwest Mayo, Ireland.Earth sciencesJohnston, J.D.
Major southeast-directed Caledonian thrusting and folding in the Dalradian rocks of mid-Ulster: implications for Caledonian tectonics and mid-crustal shear zones.Earth sciencesHutton, D.H.W., Alsop, G.I.
Mineralogy and geochemistry of Mesozoic black shales and interbedded carbonates, southern Sicily: evaluation of diagenetic processes.Earth sciencesAzzaro, E., Bellanca, A., Neri, R.
Mylonitic mafic granulite in fault megabreccia at Clarke Head, Nova Scotia: a sample of Avalonian lower crust?Earth sciencesMurphy, J. Brendan, Gibbons, Wes
New observations on a Pridoli plant assemblage from north Xinjiang, northwest China, with comments on its evolutionary and paleogeographical significance.Earth sciencesCai Chong-Yang, Dou Ya-Wei, Edwards, D.
Open-system magma chamber process in the Freetown Complex of Sierra Leone: evidence from Zone 3.Earth sciencesChalokwu, Christopher I., Seney, Pamela J.
Palaeomagnetism of Late Ordovician igneous intrusions from the northern Welsh Borderlands: implications to motion Eastern Avalonia and regional rotations.Earth sciencesPiper, J.D.A.
Phosphatized soft tissues in bivalves from the Portland Roach of Dorset (Upper Jurassic).Earth sciencesWhyte, Martin A., Wilby, Philip R.
Podiform chromitite-bearing ultrabasic rocks from the Braganca massif, northern Portugal: fragments of island arc mantle?Earth sciencesBridges, J.C., Prichard, H.M., Meireles, C.A.
Pterosaur fossils from the Cretaceous of Chile: evidence for a pterosaur colony on an inland desert plain.Earth sciencesBell, C.M., Padian, K.
Rb-Sr age determinations of rocks from the okenyenya igneous complex, northwestern Namibia.Earth sciencesLe Roex, Anton P., Watkins, Ronald T., Milner, Simon C.
Regnosaurus northamptoni, a stegosaurian dinosaur from the Lower Cretaceous of southern England.Earth sciencesBarrett, Paul M., Upchurch, Paul
Relative sea-level changes and the development of a Cambrian transgression.Earth sciencesMcKie, T.
Sedimentology of the Permian Radok Conglomerate in the Beaver Lake of MacRobertson land, East Antarctica.Earth sciencesFielding, C.R., Webb, J.A.
Steep-sided carbonate mud mounds in the Middle Devonian of the eastern Anti-Atlas, Morocco.Earth sciencesWendt, J.
Structural evidence supporting a remnant origin of patchy charnockites in the Chilka Lake area, India.Earth sciencesBhattacharya, S., Sen, S.K., Acharyya, A.
The Antrim-Galway Line: a resolution of the Highland Border fault enigma of the Caledonides of Britain and Ireland.Earth sciencesSoper, N.J., England, R.W., Snyder, D.B., Ryan, P.D., Hutton, D.H.W.
The distribution, geometry and kinematic significance of Caledonian buckle folds in the western moine nappe, northwestern Scotland.Earth sciencesHoldsworth, R.E., Alsop, G.I.
The durations of Silurian graptolite zones.Earth sciencesHughes, Richard A.
The Highland Border controversy: a discussion of "New evidence that the Lower Cambrian Leny Limestone at Callander, Perthshire, belongs to the Dalradian Supergroup, and a reassessment of the 'exotic' status of the Highland Border Complex." (reply to P.W.G. Tanner, Geological Magazine, vol. 132, pp. 473-483, 1995)(includes response)Earth sciencesBluck, B.J., Ingham, J.K.
The Holocene lithostratigraphy of Fenland, eastern England: a review and suggestions for redefinition.Earth sciencesWheeler, A.J., Waller, M.P.
The Lower Cambrian Wrekin Quartzite and the age of its unconformity on the Ercall Granophyre.Earth sciencesWright, A.E., Fairchild, I.J., Moseley, F., Downie, C.
The Neoproterozoic to early Cambrian in southwest Mongolia: an introduction.Earth sciencesBrasier, M.D., Dorjnamjaa, D., Lindsay, J.F.
The nodular granite of Castanheira, north central Portugal: origin of the nodules and evidence for diapiric mobilization of granite.Earth sciencesReavy,R.J., Hutton, D.W.H., Finch, A.A.
The stratigraphy and setting of the Precambrian rocks of the Llangynog Inlier, Dyfed, South Wales.Earth sciencesCope, J.C.W., Bevins, R.E.
The stratigraphy, correlation, provenance and palaeogeography of the Skiddaw Group (Ordovician) in the English Lake District.Earth sciencesCooper, A.H., Hughes, R.A., Rushton, A.W.A., Molyneux, S.G., Moore, R.M., Webb, B.C.
The timing of ordovician magmatism in the English Lake district and cross fell inliers.Earth sciencesHughes, Richard A., Kokelaar, Peter
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