Government Executive - Abstracts

Government Executive
Air Force Office Automation & Productivity: The Direct Relation Is Intended.GovernmentKent, R.J.
Applications Programming Done at Army without Programmers.Government 
Army Finds Big Savings in Small Fiche Publishing.GovernmentMolluso, P.
Baselining and Cost Caps: Putting the Lid on Weapon Systems Costs.GovernmentPreston, R.Jr.
Civil Service Pay & Benefits...The Outlook.GovernmentMorrison, J.W.Jr
Commerce: Lean in Overhead, Expanding in Efficiency and Definitely under Control.Government 
Commerce Puts Minority Businesses into the Computer Information Loop.Government 
Communicating Upwards in Government: Just How Good Do You Think You Are?GovernmentSilverman, B.R.S.
Defense Logistics Agency: The Pentagon "Sears- Roebuck" that Nobody Notices Much.Government 
Denton on Terrorism and the Senate's "Horrible Ignorance".GovernmentBorklund, C.W.
Denver's Warren Village: Now Neighbors Are Helping Neighbors Get Off Welfare.Government 
Federal IG's and Their Portable Computers: "A Quantum Improvement in the Way We Work".GovernmentBorklund, C.W.
FICA Sick Pay - Untapped Local Gold Mine.GovernmentO'Boyle, F.M.
Finding Good Governmental Appointees: 22 Ways to Improve the Hunt.Government 
First "Management Excellence" Citation Awarded to Edwin Meese III.Government 
GSA in Transition: A Different Agency Again.Government 
GSA's Computer Store: The Concept Works.Government 
History Is a Better Guide than Good Intentions.Government 
International Cooperation in Space: How to Enhance the Results, Share the Risk.Government 
'National Industrial Policy' - Forget It, say Five Economists.Government 
Navy's BOSS: Doing a Number on Space Parts Overcharges.Government 
"Pay & Promotion for Performance' Is Clear First Choice in OPM Survey.Government 
State's Bureau for Private Enterprise: Getting the Charity Out of Foreign Aid.Government 
The FAA: Competently Closing in on the Next Two Decades in Aviation.GovernmentJudge, J.
The Reason Why Defense Spare Parts Costs Got Out of Hand.GovernmentMullins, J.P.
The Veterans Administration: Accepting the PC Technology Challenge.Government 
Treasury's Check Claim Process Jumps in Efficiency Through Automation.GovernmentStout, L.
What's Ahead for NASA: Not Just Exploration but Also Help for People.Government 
Will the Cure Cost More than the Cold?GovernmentBorklund, C.W.
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