HK Standard 1998 - Abstracts

HK Standard 1998
007 New T&T licence to make a killingBusiness, international 
100,000 jobs to be created by 12-point planBusiness, international 
$15 b goes into China Telecom's networkBusiness, international 
270 HK Telecom workers sackedBusiness, international 
$300m shake-up at SundayBusiness, international 
3-tier net ro protect investorsBusiness, international 
62 objections to planned reclamationBusiness, international 
9-day cargo suspension to cost $23bnshanghai set for gdp spurtBusiness, international 
Aeon aims for top cat statusBusiness, international 
aeon hopes to raise $600 mnBusiness, international 
AES fired up as returns glow less than brightBusiness, international 
Agencies hit out at new rulingBusiness, international 
Aicraft firms woo mainland carriersBusiness, international 
Aluminium firm sees silver liningBusiness, international 
Angry Telecom staff strike backBusiness, international 
Anti-millennium bug campaignBusiness, international 
arnhold profit drops 40% as property sector slumpsBusiness, international 
Asia Commercial in the redBusiness, international 
asia jobless figures set to soarBusiness, international 
asia standard to launch unitsBusiness, international 
Bad debt drags down Yip's Hang Cheung netBusiness, international 
Bank gets ready for HK listingBusiness, international 
Banks get more lending freedomBusiness, international 
Banks healthy: rating agencyBusiness, international 
BEHL in Beijing water dealBusiness, international 
Benefun to Taiwan unit, sets HK disposalBusiness, international 
bid to beat the millennium bugBusiness, international 
Big fines planned for flat cheatsBusiness, international 
BOC chief denies talks on job losses, mergerBusiness, international 
Boeing downs mainland's jetliner sectorBusiness, international 
Cable tries to adjust the focusBusiness, international 
Call to boost IT useBusiness, international 
call to rsume land salesBusiness, international 
Call to scrap 70% loan ceilingBusiness, international 
Car industry mergers 'vital'Business, international 
Car makers reach pricing dealBusiness, international 
Casrgo fiasco to hit Cathay Pacific profitBusiness, international 
Catering firm suffers as demand falls awayBusiness, international 
CATHAY LOOKS TO BUY PAL STAKEBusiness, international 
cathay to continue cost cutsBusiness, international 
cayman firm gets big slice of scbBusiness, international 
Centralised body on food safety and hygiene under studyBusiness, international 
Chevalier sees mixed resultsBusiness, international 
China bank comes to defence of yuanBusiness, international 
china better off taking the cautious tackBusiness, international 
China Everbright aiming for bigger buysBusiness, international 
China Star to make $19.5m placementBusiness, international 
china, us look tooil importsBusiness, international 
choke-hold goes on dirty dieselBusiness, international 
Chu Kong eyes new projectsBusiness, international 
chun tia beats rivals in regionBusiness, international 
Citic Pacific sees no need to raise cashBusiness, international 
citic shenzhen eyes new outletsBusiness, international 
"clean city" tilt spurs tobacco ad banBusiness, international 
Clean-up could cost $250mBusiness, international 
CMG Asia to grow depsite HK downturnBusiness, international 
Compaq to lay off 10% of employeesBusiness, international 
Compass hopes to prove high-tech has home inHKBusiness, international 
compromise over securities lawBusiness, international 
Consumer interest growing for well-known foreign goodsBusiness, international 
contorls slapped on key productsBusiness, international 
CSRC looks at ways to bypass HK for capitalBusiness, international 
C&W gains 31 global clients from TelecomBusiness, international 
Dah Sing looks into three-way bank union to weather stormBusiness, international 
daqing oilfields keep pumping despite floodsBusiness, international 
data storage medium of the future in the worksBusiness, international 
debt-free recor back on trackBusiness, international 
Delivery firms in faster lane to growthBusiness, international 
depostiors urged to avoid ringgit lossesBusiness, international 
Developer sets its sights on north BeijingBusiness, international 
Developers praise "bold" initiativeBusiness, international 
developers rush to sell projectsBusiness, international 
Development of Bohai Sea oilfield to be speeded upBusiness, international 
diesel tax cut needed says unionBusiness, international 
Diversification fuels 23% profit increase atKin YatBusiness, international 
Dong Jian plans $50m HK issueBusiness, international 
don't chop advertising budgets, warns o&mBusiness, international 
Drastic measures to put railways back on thefasy trackBusiness, international 
Easy as ABC for China StarBusiness, international 
Everbright sure of profit growthBusiness, international 
Expressway focuses on new projectsBusiness, international 
Fair play call for telecom marketBusiness, international 
fast-food chain maps strategy for growthBusiness, international 
Fidelity fund value slashed 45%Business, international 
Finance firms look to form loan bodyBusiness, international 
Firms lined up for $7.8b investmentBusiness, international 
firms oppose telecoms plansBusiness, international 
Five year study rings health alarm bellsBusiness, international 
FlaTS WORTH hk$17M TO BE GIVEN AWAY IN SALESPUSHBusiness, international 
floods and reforms drive grain prices upBusiness, international 
French firm rolls out smart cardsBusiness, international 
Fund for jobless proposedBusiness, international 
fund is expected to create 2,800 jobsBusiness, international 
funds trimming stock portfoliioBusiness, international 
Futures market gets tought with investorsBusiness, international 
GDF plans to invest in high-tech, consumer goods projects to raise returnsBusiness, international 
German animators win Beijing TV contractBusiness, international 
" get tough " on settlementsBusiness, international 
Giants to continue flat salesBusiness, international 
glorious sun on the riseBusiness, international 
Goldlion mulls closuresBusiness, international 
governmetn slam s&pBusiness, international 
HACTL may sue authority for breach of contractBusiness, international 
Hang Seng puts credit card growth on holdBusiness, international 
Harbour loses out ot buildersBusiness, international 
Hebei infrastructure funds to soarBusiness, international 
hkfe faces tough actionBusiness, international 
HKMA strengthens the pegBusiness, international 
HK, SINGAPORE BANKS LINK UPBusiness, international 
HKTA to spend $8m converting Tamar siteBusiness, international 
HK Telecom admits "error"Business, international 
HK tourists spend more in markets hit by crisisBusiness, international 
Home ownership plan runs into troubleBusiness, international 
hong kong plunges into recession as economy shrinks 5%Business, international 
Hongkong Telecom may use rivela' cable to carry iTVBusiness, international 
Hopson to cash in on reformsBusiness, international 
hydropower gets $56 bn boostBusiness, international 
HYF pier project sinks after talks break down over premiumBusiness, international 
ICAC swoop catches top Customs manBusiness, international 
IMS plans $200m overseas expansionBusiness, international 
insurer adopt rules on ethics, client protectionBusiness, international 
internet to be integral part of fundBusiness, international 
ka wah to secure $540 mn loan for housing projectBusiness, international 
KCRC hopeful of raising $25b for West RailBusiness, international 
kin don defies market in debutBusiness, international 
kowloon rezoning for more housingBusiness, international 
kumagai seeks venturesBusiness, international 
lack of advertising closes asia magazineBusiness, international 
lai sun slashed prices of tycoon place flatsBusiness, international 
Landmark Japan visit to focus on economicsBusiness, international 
land sale freeze pushBusiness, international 
Lantau cable car ride to cover 5km routeBusiness, international 
Last Maywood units for saleBusiness, international 
LDC forced to shelve plans for 16 projectsBusiness, international 
Legislators question efficacy of changes to securities lawsBusiness, international 
let market decide number of telecom operators: democratBusiness, international 
lincoln gians foothold in booming life insurance industryBusiness, international 
Li plans office tower in TokyoBusiness, international 
loan ceiling "should go "Business, international 
lock-up dates stay at china telecomBusiness, international 
look to individual needs, says insurerBusiness, international 
Lufthansa buys into local catering firmBusiness, international 
Luxury properties prepared for launchBusiness, international 
Macau airport cuts fees in skies battleBusiness, international 
Macau expects 50 extra cargo flightsBusiness, international 
Mainland brands need to go globalBusiness, international 
mainland retailing ripe for the pickingBusiness, international 
Manhattan tightens card approval policyBusiness, international 
manulife fund goes online ofr expansionBusiness, international 
Manulife sets sights on womenBusiness, international 
Man Yue sets up mainland venturesBusiness, international 
Marketing study focuses on tomorrow's young consumersBusiness, international 
Massive 252% profit growth as easy as ABCBusiness, international 
Measures taken to strengthen securities and futures marketBusiness, international 
mianland corn exprts to remain same as last yearBusiness, international 
millennium bug eradicated by next summe: officalrBusiness, international 
mobile phone number portabilty gets nodBusiness, international 
Moderately fast growth of 7% deemed desirableBusiness, international 
Moody's takes negative view of banksBusiness, international 
More punishment for speculatorsBusiness, international 
More than $200b eyed for transport ptojectsBusiness, international 
MOrtgage Corp signs $20b debt programBusiness, international 
Most HK computers bug-freeBusiness, international 
Move to ease liquidity woesBusiness, international 
move to open up telecom services welcomedBusiness, international 
Multifield launches issueBusiness, international 
Mutual funds get new rules on IPO buysBusiness, international 
NAB in hunt for alliancesBusiness, international 
Netvigator to fund Net ideaBusiness, international 
New challenge to HK TelecomBusiness, international 
New hotel hopes for strong demandBusiness, international 
New Island profit divesBusiness, international 
New measures to boost liquidityBusiness, international 
new price cut for city telecom iddBusiness, international 
new state bureau drafts plans to boost petrochemcial industriesBusiness, international 
New T&T sees housing phone crisis in 2001Business, international 
New World on offensive as cell phone price war endsBusiness, international 
New World Services spin-off on iceBusiness, international 
Next generation of conferencing debutsBusiness, international 
ngai lik steps up expansion drive in usBusiness, international 
Non-performing loans seen to rise 30%Business, international 
OEM business doubles Albatronics gain to $22.7mBusiness, international 
Onfem subsidiary pays $23m for low-cost, high-tech XinbaoBusiness, international 
opening up service sector th ekey to superpower statusBusiness, international 
paging staff keep calling for moneyBusiness, international 
Paliburg offers Park Royale discountsBusiness, international 
Pig offal ban after 17 fall illBusiness, international 
piracy drive plug into japan tvBusiness, international 
Plan to relax compensation termsBusiness, international 
Plan to revise HPLS quota to 10,000Business, international 
Plan to use German train still on trackBusiness, international 
power firm undaunted by turmoilBusiness, international 
Pre-approved mortgage from CharteredBusiness, international 
priates linked to increase in joblessBusiness, international 
price of flats cut by 25%Business, international 
property price worries affect kai tak plansBusiness, international 
Rain fails to dampen Vitasoy net profitBusiness, international 
report sees office rents dropping further, property risks returns to fallBusiness, international 
Returnees to HK jobs drop 23%Business, international 
River port buys $140 m crane from SumitomoBusiness, international 
Route 7 link study launchedBusiness, international 
Sa Sa turns to locals as tourism drops offBusiness, international 
sdb $4.7 bn bond offer departure from pastBusiness, international 
Security alert after illegal phone-card callsBusiness, international 
sfc can take hkma to court over sharesBusiness, international 
sfc draws up rulebook for Internet securities tradingBusiness, international 
shagnhai to raise public house rents by 50%Business, international 
Shandong awards $78m ATM data dealBusiness, international 
shandong gets green light for dezhou plantBusiness, international 
Sharp jump in Hibor as concern over liquidity mountsBusiness, international 
Shaw consortium claims victory over movie complex siteBusiness, international 
Shaw group to put $600m in film siteBusiness, international 
SHKP freezes Castello flat pricesBusiness, international 
shkp loses bid to build offices on siteBusiness, international 
shkp lowers new flat pricesBusiness, international 
shkp worns big provisions will eat into bottom lineBusiness, international 
Shoppers pay $1bn up frontBusiness, international 
shoppers stay at home as retail sales plunge16%Business, international 
Short-sales ban on blue chips liftedBusiness, international 
short-selling to be curbedBusiness, international 
shui on set to build on its successBusiness, international 
SIIC pledges no cutbacks, to plow $1.5 b into SARBusiness, international 
silver lining in region stormBusiness, international 
Sino Land generates $12b from first-half sales of flatsBusiness, international 
small firms offered barter systemBusiness, international 
SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL IN BAD TIMESBusiness, international 
Smart-card solution for ChinaBusiness, international 
smart card to ensure safe net shoppingBusiness, international 
smokers pay more for habitBusiness, international 
Smuggling crackdown launchedBusiness, international 
software available to boost product developmentBusiness, international 
study to determind future pattern of textileindustryBusiness, international 
supply of hos flats may be cutBusiness, international 
Sweeping moves on TV, telecomsBusiness, international 
Swire plans $500m Cityplaza faceliftBusiness, international 
Tasty discount at TCBYBusiness, international 
telecom investor tips sector integration amid slowdownBusiness, international 
Telecom pegs back pay risesBusiness, international 
telecom rate cuts have sting in tialBusiness, international 
Telecom to sack 1,000 staff: unionBusiness, international 
Thomas Cook, SHKP team up at airportBusiness, international 
tia cheung expects $800 mn from projectBusiness, international 
tia sang profit plungesBusiness, international 
top hotel adds rom t roomsBusiness, international 
Tough new listing rulesBusiness, international 
tourist magnet will be ready in 2016Business, international 
Toy, timepiece maker sees profit drop 63%Business, international 
TV licensing revamp spells more freedomBusiness, international 
unlicensed optical disc producers get warningBusiness, international 
Use of Kai Tak under reviewBusiness, international 
Use of reserves to steady grain pricesBusiness, international 
US market helps boost Tungtex result by 29%Business, international 
US-style bureau for food safetyBusiness, international 
Wah Tak Fung dives into redBusiness, international 
wanchai overhaul plannedBusiness, international 
warning of licence loss due to "bug"Business, international 
wharf interim down 38.9% to $1.36 bnBusiness, international 
world bank to provide $624 mn in loansBusiness, international 
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