Information Economics and Policy 2000 - Abstracts

Information Economics and Policy 2000
Alternative approaches to estimating the cost of the universal service obligation (USO) in posts.(postal sector research)Library and information scienceRodriguez, Frank, Storer, David
A methodology for measuring the costs of universal service obligations.(information economics)Library and information sciencePanzar, John
An information perspective on dynamic efficiency in environmental policy.Library and information scienceRead, Peter
Competition, universal service and telecommunications policy in developing countries.Library and information scienceGasmi, F, Laffont, J, Sharkey, W
Convergence in telecommunications infrastructure development in OECD countries.(Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)Library and information scienceKoski, Heli A., Majumdar, Sumit K.
Forecasting the success of telecommunication services in the presence of network effects.Library and information scienceSchoder, Detlef
Incentives for strategic vertical alliances in online information product markets.Library and information scienceOh, Christopher, Jungsuk, Chang, Suk-Gwon
Introduction: Symposium on universal service obligation and competition.(economic aspects of basic service provision)Library and information scienceValletti, Tommaso
Local loop unbundling and antitrust policy.Library and information scienceKim, Jeong-Yoo, Kim, Sang Taek, Kim, Dong-Ju
Mobile network competition, customer ignorance and fixed-to-mobile call prices.Library and information scienceGans, Joshua S., King, Stephen P.
Multidimensional performance in telecommunications, regulation and competition: analysing the European major players.Library and information scienceFraquelli, Giovanni, Vannoni, Davide
Network competition and consumer churn.Library and information scienceGans, Joshua S.
New technologies, information reusability and diversification: a simple model of a banking firm.Library and information scienceNovo-Peteiro, Jose A.
Price caps and the error in X-factor calculations.Library and information scienceUri, Noel D.
R&D spillovers, information technology and telecommunications, and productivity in ASIA and the OECD.Library and information scienceMadden, Gary, Savage, Scott J.
Technology, efficiency and sustainability of competition in the Indian telecommunications sector.Library and information scienceDas, Nibedita
The growth of enterprise intangible investment in Australia.Library and information scienceFox, Elizabeth Vassall
The Internet and other networks: Utilization rates and their implications.Library and information scienceOdylzko, Andrew
The 'state' of universal service.(economic research)Library and information scienceRosston, G, Wimmer, B
Universal service obligations and competition.Library and information scienceChone, P, Flochel, L, Perrot, A
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