Information Economics and Policy 2004 - Abstracts

Information Economics and Policy 2004
Access charges and quality choice in competing network.Library and information scienceCambini, Carlo, Valletti, Tommaso M.
A skeptical look at Mansfield's famous 1994 survey.Library and information scienceHeald, Paul J.
Choice of technology in outsourcing: an endogenous information structure.Library and information scienceShin, Dongsoo, Yun, Sungho
Compatibility choice by multi-market firms.Library and information scienceWegberg, Marc van
Competition in telecommunications: an introduction.Library and information scienceWright, Julian, Peitz, Martin, Valletti, Tommaso M.
Compulsory licensing of technology and the essential facilities doctrine.Library and information scienceSmall, John, Aoki, Reiko
Dynamic regulation and entry in telecommunications markets: a policy framework.Library and information sciencePeitz, Martin, de Bijl, Paul W.J
Economic determinants of global mobile telephony growth.Library and information scienceMadden, Gary, Coble-Neal, Grant
Information pooling and collusion: an empirical analysis.Library and information scienceAzzam, Azzedine M., Salvador, Santiago
Innovation, competition, standards and intellectual property: policy perspectives from economics and law.Library and information scienceMaher, Imelda, Drahos, Peter
Intellectual property and price discrimination: a challenge for Australian competition law.(Australian Trade Practices Act )Library and information scienceHanks, Frances
Intellectual property and price discrimination: do as you please in the name of innovation?Library and information scienceSundakov, Alex, McKinlay, Anna
Localized product innovation: the role of proximity in the Lancastrian product space.Library and information scienceAntonelli, Cristiano
Network competition with heterogeneous customers and calling patterns.Library and information scienceDessein, Wouter
Networking for foreign direct investment: the telecommunications industry and its effect on investment.Library and information scienceLiu, Jia, Reynolds, Taylor, Kenny, Charles, Qiang, Christine Zhen-Wei
Network interconnection with asymmetric networks and heterogeneous calling patterns.Library and information scienceArmstrong, Mark
Network interconnection with competitive transit.Library and information scienceSpiegel, Yossi, Gilo, David
Network interconnection with participation constraints.Library and information scienceWright, Julian, Poletti, Stephen
Patenting genetic materials' unresolved issues and promoting competition in biotechnology.Library and information scienceLawson, Charles
Peer - to - peer file sharing communities.Library and information scienceCunningham, Brendan M., Alexander, Peter J., Adilov, Nodir
Reconciling the off-net cost pricing principle with efficient network utilization.Library and information scienceDeGraba, Patrick
Roaming free? Roaming network selection and inter-operator tariffs.(Europe)Library and information scienceSalsas, Roger, Koboldt, Christian
Service - based vs. facility- based competition in local access networks.Library and information scienceBourreau, Marc, Dogan, Pinar
Standards and intellectual property rights: an economic and legal perspective.Library and information scienceHall, Peter, Lea, Gary
The effect of Section 271 on competitive entry into local telecommunications markets: an initial evaluation.(United States)Library and information scienceBrown, Keith S., Zimmerman, Paul R.
The product market opportunity loss of mandated disclosure.Library and information scienceKirby, Alison J.
The welfare effect of quality degradation in the presence of network externalities.(damaged goods in the market)Library and information scienceHahn, Jong-Hee
When means become ends: considering the impact of patent strategy on innovation.Library and information scienceMacdonald, Stuart
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