Journal of American Studies 1997 - Abstracts

Journal of American Studies 1997
'An avenue to some degree of profit and reputation': The Sketch Book as Washington Irving's entree and undoing.Regional focus/area studiesHiller, Alice
"An Octoroon in the Kindling": American vernacular and blackface minstrelsy in 1930s Hollywood.Regional focus/area studiesStanfield, Peter
Cuds and snipes: labor at Chicago's Auditorium Building, 1887-1889.Regional focus/area studiesTwombly, Robert
Decorating the dining-room: still-life chromolithographs and domestic ideology in nineteenth-century America.Regional focus/area studiesRotskoff, Lori E.
Folk poetry and the American avant-garde: Placing Lorine Niedecker.Regional focus/area studiesMiddleton, Peter
"Forty acres and a mule": Horace Mann Bond and the lynching of Jerome Wilson.Regional focus/area studiesFairclough, Adam
Going international: Presidential activity in the post-modern presidency.Regional focus/area studiesSmith, Michael J.
"Let us all be kissing-friends?": Zora Neale Hurston and race politics in Dixie.Regional focus/area studiesTrefzer, Annette
Maximizing the noodles: class, memory and capital in Sergio Leone's 'Once Upon a Time in America'.Regional focus/area studiesGodden, Richard
Misreading Morrison, mishearing jazz: A response to Toni Morrison's jazz critics.Regional focus/area studiesMunton, Alan
Of being ethical: reflections on George Oppen.Regional focus/area studiesNicholls, Peter
Shifting perspectives on American exceptionalism: Recent literature on American labor relations and labor politics.Regional focus/area studiesGerber, Larry G.
Silver slippers and a golden cap: L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and historical memory in American politics.Regional focus/area studiesRitter, Gretchen
The country in the city: Central Park in Jonas Mekas's 'Walden' and William Greaves's 'Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One'.Regional focus/area studiesMacDonald, Scott
The Distant Magnet after twenty-five years: An essay in self-criticism.Regional focus/area studiesTaylor, P.A.M.
What in the world interests women: Hollywood, postwar America, and 'Johnny Belinda'.Regional focus/area studiesLeff, Leonard J.
Writing during wartime: gender and literacy in the American Civil War.Regional focus/area studiesNelson, Michael C.
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