Journal of Collective Negotiations in the Public Sector - Abstracts

Journal of Collective Negotiations in the Public Sector
ADR flexibility in employment disputes. (alternative dispute resolution)LawWittenberg, Carol A., Mackenzie, Susan T., Shaw, Margaret L.
A historical look at the effect of collective bargaining on faculty salaries in California community colleges.LawWiley, Carolyn
An empirical examination of grievance resolution and filing rates in the public and private sectors.LawDavy, Jeanette A., Stewart, Greg L.
A pay equity saga: the public service alliance of Canada vs. the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat.LawSulzner, George T.
Application of conjoint measurement procedures to collective bargaining research in school personnel administration.LawShukla, P.K., Bruno, James
Arbitration of sexual harassment disputes: case characteristics and case outcomes in public versus private sector cases.LawLavan, Helen
Arbitrator considerations in modifying discharge decisions in the public sector.LawKarim, Ahmad R.
Binding arbitration issues and a historical observation of the 1978 contract negotiations in the United States Postal Service: a retrospective view.LawMunchus, George, III
Challenges to employment ADR: processes, rather than principles, are at issue.LawWaks, Jay W., Roberti, John
Closing the door on closed-shop agreements: labor law, trade unionism, and the right to freedom of assembly and freedom of association under the European Convention on Human Rights.(United Kingdom)LawBlack-Branch, Jonathan L.
Collective bargaining and compensation at public junior colleges.LawAshraf, Javed
Collective bargaining and educational reform: establishing a labor-management partnership.LawWishnick, Yale S., Wishnick, T. Kathleen
Collective bargaining in the absence of protective legislation: the case of Louisiana.LawDilts, David A., Sherr, Mitchell A., Boyda, Stephen W.
Collective bargaining in the public schools: issues, tactics, and new strategies.LawLundenburg, Fred C.
Collective negotiations: an historical perspective.LawSharp, William L.
Communication and strategies in the mediation of disputes.LawKohler, Peter, Payne, Kay, Cangemi, Joseph P., Fuqua, Harold, Jr.
Compulsory interest arbitration and the New Jersey Employer-Employee Relations Act.LawDiTolla, Daniel
Correlates of employee satisfaction with pay and benefits: public/private and union/non-union comparisons.LawKovach, Kenneth A.
Creeping legalism in public sector grievance arbitration: an empirical approach.LawRubin, Richard S., Holliday, Jason W., Brown, Casey L., Rolle, R. Anthony
Demographic differences and faculty attitude toward collective bargaining.LawKarim, Ahmad R., Ali, Syed M.
Determinants of public sector certification election outcomes: evidence from Ohio.LawHindman, Hugh D.
Employee power in conversions to cash balance plans: union, public, and electronic voice.LawCohen, Cynthia F., Cohen, Murray E.
Graduate student employee collective bargaining and the educational relationship between faculty and graduate students.LawHewitt, Gordon J.
Grievance arbitration in K-12 education cases: do selected case characteristics make a difference?LawZirkel, Perry A., Miller, Chad C.
Industrial relations in the Swedish public sector: time for a different paradigm?LawSmith, Susan Kay
In support of mandatory arbitration of statutory employment disputes.LawSpelfogel, Evan J.
Lawyers and collective bargaining in the Canadian public sector.LawThornicroft, Kenneth William
Negotiation: the opposing sides of verbal and nonverbal communication.LawLincoln, Melinda G.
Normative standards of discipline: the equity of 3020-A. (section 3020-A of the New York Education Law)LawWeisbord, Ellyn S.
Organizational justice as determinants of member satisfaction: a teachers' association experience.LawBohlander, George W., Blancero, Donna
Perception of performance appraisal by employees and supervisors: self-serving bias and procedural justice.LawSteensma, Herman, Otto, Lisette
Public sector asphxiation: a time for action in collective bargaining.LawBlack-Branch, Jonathan L., Lamont, Wendy K.
Public sector grievance arbitration: structure and administration.LawBohandler, George W.
Purchasing power and economic packages in the public sector negotiations.LawDilts, David A., Rassuli, Kathleen M., Rassuli, Ali
Recent developments in federal court application of the EEOC guidelines to English-only rules.LawPetersen, Donald J., Boller, Harvey R.
Relationships between school labor relations practitioners' personal and social beliefs and their propensity toward using an interest-based negotiations model in the public schools.LawWishnick, Yale S., Wishnick, T. Kathleen
Review of traditional and collaborative models for negotiation.LawKelleher, James
State labor-management relations legislation: adaptive modelling.LawDilts, David A., Walsh, William J., Hagmann, Constanza
Teacher bargaining in Minnesota: retrospect on the 1980s and prospects of fewer bargaining units.LawLey, Robert D., Wines, William A.
The ability to pay: accounting and collective bargaining in the public sector.LawDilts, David A., Pfeffenberger, Dyne, Laudeman, Max, Haber, Lawrence J.
The arbitration of tardiness cases.(employee discipline cases)LawPetersen, Donald J.
The building administrator: the forgotten person in the contract process. (schools)LawColon, Robert
The determinants of police-specific contract clauses.LawWilliams, Richard C.
The future direction of public over private: the power and strength of collective negotiating.LawBlack-Branch, Jonathan L., Lamont, Wendy K.
The Indianapolis experience.(A Heuristic Model of Collaboration Within Labor-Management Relations, part 2)LawRubin, Barry M., Rubin, Richard S.
The Memphis Sanitation Workers Strike of 1968.LawHeshizer, Brian
The National Joint Council of the Public Service of Canada: a vehicle for bargaining and dispute resolution.LawSulzner, George T.
The new collective bargaining law in New Mexico.LawFine, Cory R.
The Public Service Staff Relations Board: regulating federal employee relations in Canada.LawSulzner, George T.
The relationship between outcomes in collective bargaining and teachers' decisional participation state.LawDunlap, Kathryn Sharp
The reshaping of nonrenewal and termination practices regarding teacher contracts: a Texas focus.LawFox, Milden J., Jr., Amon, Iris W.
The second decade of interest arbitration in Pennsylvania.LawLoewenberg, J. Joseph, Kleintop, William A.
The third-party hearing examiner appeals process under the Texas Municipal Civil Service Act: perceptions of the institutional parties.LawFranklin, Geralyn McClure
The unserviceability of published accounting data for enterprise bargaining in the public sector: an Australian perspective.LawCraig, Russell, Clarke, Frank
Uncle Sam does not want you to organize: the 1977 Senate Armed Services Committee hearings on outlawing military unionization.LawDevinatz, Victor G.
Union leadership and the conferral of symbolic rewards: Michael Quill and the Transport Workers Union.LawMarmo, Michael
Union wage effects in the public sector: an examination of the impact across alternative governmental structures.LawAshraf, Javed
White-collar union-management relations: a study of university professors.LawDayal, Sahab
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