Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 2001 - Abstracts

Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 2001
A bioeconomic model of marine reserve creation.Environmental services industryWilen, James E., Sanchirico, James N.
Agricultural intensification versus extensification: a case study of deforestation in the northern-hill region of Vietnam.Environmental services industryTachibana, Towa, Nguyen, Trung M., Otsuka, Keijiro
Along the way back from the brink.(managing control of wildlife, USA)Environmental services industryRondeau, Daniel
A microeconometric test of the theory of exhaustible resources.Environmental services industryChermak, Janie M., Patrick, Robert H.
Common pool equities: an arbitrage based non-cooperative solution to the common pool resource problem.Environmental services industryEllis, Christopher J.
Common pool resource appropriation under costly cooperation.Environmental services industryMcCarthy, Nancy
Deforestation and development in a small open economy.Environmental services industryHartwick, John M., Long, Ngo Van, Huilan Tian
Do hypothetical and actual marginal willingness to pay differ in choice experiments?(environmental economics)Environmental services industryCarlsson, Fredrik, Martinsson, Peter
Economics of antibiotic resistance: a theory of optimal use.Environmental services industryLaxminarayan, Ramanan
Economies of scope in endangered-species protection: evidence from interest-group behavior.Environmental services industryAndo, Amy Whritenour
El Nino, expectations, and fishing effort in Monterey Bay, California.Environmental services industryDalton, Michael G.
Endogenous growth and the possibility of eliminating pollution.Environmental services industryBalcao Reis, Ana
Entry deterrence and signaling in a nonrenewable resource model.Environmental services industryPolasky, Stephen, Bin, Okmyung
Environmental and distributional impacts of conservation targeting strategies.Environmental services industryZilberman, David, Babcock, Bruce A., JunJie Wu
Forest taxation and rotation age under private amenity valuation: New results.Environmental services industryKoskela, Erkki, Ollikainen, Markku
Is there an environmental Kuznets curve for Sulfur?Environmental services industryStern, David I., Common, Michael S.
Justifying sustainability.Environmental services industryAsheim, Geir B., Buchholz, Wolfgang, Tungodden, Bertil
Malthus and climate change: betting on a stable population.(environmental economics)Environmental services industryKolstad, Charles D., Kelly, David L.
Markets for water rights under environmental constraints.Environmental services industryWeber, Marian L.
Nonrenewable resources with switching costs.Environmental services industryMason, Charles F.
Nuclear waste transport and residential property values: estimating the effects of perceived risks.Environmental services industryGawande, Kishore
Optimal institutional arrangements for transboundary pollutants in a second-best world: Evidence from a differential game with asymmetric players.Environmental services industryList, John A., Mason, Charles F.
Pollution and capital markets in developing countries.Environmental services industryDasgupta, Susmita, Laplante, Benoit
Pollution permit markets with intertemporal trading and asymmetric information.Environmental services industryYates, Andrew J., Cronshaw, Mark B.
Population, tenure, and natural resource management: the case of customary land area in Malawi.Environmental services industryPlace, Frank, Otsuka, Kejiro
Product design and efficient management of recycling and waste treatment.Environmental services industryEichner, Thomas, Pethig, Rudiger
Sellers' hedging incentives at EPA's emission trading auction.(Environmental Protection Agency)Environmental services industryDijkstra, Bouwe R., Haan, Marco
Setting the stakes in environmental contests.Environmental services industryListon-Heyes, Catherine
Strength of preference indicators and an ordered-response model for ordinarily dichotomous, discrete choice data.Environmental services industrySwallow, Stephen K., Opaluch, James J., Weaver, Thomas F.
The credibility of a threat to nationalize.Environmental services industryDavis, Graham A.
Thin versus thick CO2 market.(carbon dioxide)Environmental services industryLiski, Matti
Trade and transboundary pollution: spatial separation reconsidered.Environmental services industryUnteroberdoerster, Olaf
Upstream pollution, downstream waste disposal, and the design of comprehensive environmental policies.Environmental services industryPalmer, Karen, Walls, Margaret
Valuing managerial flexibility: an application of real-option theory to mining investments.Environmental services industrySlade, Margaret E.
Valuing non-marketed goods: the case of elk permit lotteries.Environmental services industryBuschena, David E., Anderson, Terry L., Leonard, Jerry L.
When the weak win: The role of investment in environmental lobbying.Environmental services industryDamania, R.
Why Japanese firms choose to certify: a study of managerial responses to environmental issues.Environmental services industryVertinsky, Ilan, Nakamura, Masao, Takahashi, Takuya
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