Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 2004 - Abstracts

Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 2004
Achieving environmental goals in a world of trade and hidden action: The role of trade policies and eco-labeling.Environmental services industryEngel, Stefanie
An intergenerational common pool resource experiment.Environmental services industryIrlenbusch, Bernd, Fischer, Maria-Elisabeth, Sadrieh, Abdolkarim
A note on permits, standards, and technological innovation.Environmental services industryBruneau, Joel F.
Are emissions permits regressive?Environmental services industryParry, Ian W.H.
Avoiding invasives: trade related policies for controlling unintentional exotic spices introductions.Environmental services industryCostello, Christopher, McAusland, Carol
Can carbon tax eat OPEC'S rents?Environmental services industryTahvonen, Olli, Liski, Matti
Choice and temporal welfare impacts: incorporating history into discrete choice models.Environmental services industrySwait, Joffre, Adamowicz, Wiktor, Bueren, Martin van
Comparative politics and environmental taxation.Environmental services industryFredriksson, Per G., Millimet, Daniel L.
Corruption and energy efficency in OECD countries: theory and evidence.Environmental services industryFredriksson, Per G., Vollebergh, Herman R.J., Dijkgraaf, Elbert
Cost-effective environmental policy: Implications of induced technological change.Environmental services industryRosendahl, Knut Einar
Did the Clean Air Act cause the remarkable decline in sulfur dioxide concentrations?Environmental services industryGreenstone, Michael
Does accounting for preference heterogeneity improve the forecasting of a random utility model? A case study.Environmental services industryProvencher, Bill, Bishop, Richard C.
Does inequality lead to greater efficiency in the use of local commons? The role of strategic investments in capacity .Environmental services industryAggarwal, Rhimjhim M., Narayan, Tulika A.
Does risk aversion increase the value of morality risk?Environmental services industryHammitt, James K., Eeckhoudt, Louis R.
Does the value of statistical life vary with age and health status? Evidence form the U.S. and Canada.Environmental services industryKrupnick, Alan, Alberini, Anna, Cropper, Maureen, Simon, Nathalie B.
ENTICE: endogenous technological change in the DICE model of global warming.Environmental services industryPopp, David
Environmental labeling and consumer's choice-an empirical analysis of the effect of the Nordic Swan.Environmental services industryRussell, Clifford S., Bjorner, Thomas Bue, Hansen, Lars Garn
Environmental quality competition and eco-labeling.Environmental services industryKoskela, Erkki, Ollikainen, Markku, Amacher, Gregory S.
Estimates from a consumer demand system: implications for the incidence of enviromental taxes.Environmental services industryWest, Sarah E., Williams , Roberton C., III
Externality effects of small-scale hazardous waste sites: evidence from urban commercial property markets.Environmental services industryTaylor, Laura O., Ihlanfeldt, Keith R.
Federal timber restrictions, interregional spillovers, and the impact on US softwood markets.Environmental services industryWear, David N., Murray, Brian C.
General equilibrium benefits for environmental improvements: projected ozone reductions under EPA's prospective analysis for the Los Angeles air basin.Environmental services industrySmith, Kerry V., Sieg, Holger, Banzhaf, Spencer H., Walsh, Randall P.
Growth, environment and innovation-a model with production vintages and environmentally oriented research.Environmental services industryHart, Rob
Incentives for environmental self-regulation and implications for environmental performance.Environmental services industryDeltas, George, Anton, Wilma Rose Q., Khanna, Madhu
Information and effort in contingent valuation surveys: application to global climate change using national internet samples.Environmental services industryWeimer, David L., Berrens, Robert P., Bohara, Alok K., Jenkins-Smith, Hank C., Silva, Carol L.
Inspections, warnings and compliabce: the case of petroleum storage regulation.Environmental services industryEckert, Heather
Instrument choice in a fishery .Environmental services industryBoyce, John R.
International trade, species diversity, and habitat conservation.Environmental services industryWithagen, Cees, Smulders, Sjak, Soest, Daan van
Introduction to the symposium on trade, renewable resources and biodiversity.Environmental services industryBarbier, Edward B., Bulte, Erwin H.
Meaningful environmental indices: a social choice approach.Environmental services industryWelsch, Heinz, Elbert, Udo
Measuring the health effects of air pollution: to what extent can we really say that people are dying from bad air?Environmental services industryKoop, Gary, Tole, Lise
Modeling joint production of wildlife and timber.Environmental services industryPolasky, Stephen, Schumaker, Nathan H., Nalle, Darek J., Montgomery, Claire A., Arthur, Jeffrey L.
One-sided sustainability tests with amenities, and changes in technology, trade and population.Environmental services industryPezzey, John C.V.
On trade, land-use, and biodiversity.Environmental services industryPolasky, Stephen, Costello, Christopher, McAusland, Carol
On visible choice sets and scope sensitivity .Environmental services industryPoe, Gregory L., Bateman, Ian J., Cole, Matthew, Cooper, Philip, Georgiou, Stavros, Hadley, David
'Optimal' pollution abatement- whose benefits matter, and how much?Environmental services industryGray, Wayne B., Shadbegian, Ronald J.
Parental altruism and the value of avoiding acute illness: Are kids worth more than parents.Environmental services industryDickie, Mark, Messman, Victoria L.
Price volatility and risk exposure: on market-based environmental policy instruments.Environmental services industryBaldursson, Fridrik M., Nils-Henrik M. von der Fehr
Private vs. public regulation: political economy of the international environment.Environmental services industryMaxwell, John W., Heyes, Anthony J.
Regulatory factors shaping environmental performance at publicly-owned treatment plants.Environmental services industryEarnhart, Dietrich
Renewable resources in an endogenously growing economy: Balanced growth and transitional dynamics.Environmental services industryEliasson, Ludvik, Trunovsky, Stephen J.
Robust strategies for managing ragelands with multiple stable attractors.Environmental services industryWalker, Brian H., Janssen, Macro A., Anderies, John M.
Species preservation and biodiversity value: a real options approach.Environmental services industryLasserre, Pierre, Kassar, Ilhem
Substitability, exprience, and the value disparity: evidence from the marketplace.Environmental services industryList, John A.
Technological change and depletion in offshore oil and gas.Environmental services industryOpaluch, James J., Jin, Di, Managi, Shunsuke, Grigalunas, Thomas A.
Testing ambient pollution instruments with heterogeneous agents.Environmental services industrySpraggon, John
The capital gains from trade are not enough: Evidence from the environmental accounts of Venezuela and Mexico.Environmental services industryM.del Mar Rubio
The complex interactions of markets for endangered spices products.Environmental services industryFischer, Carolyn
The transition from dirty to clean industries: Optimal fiscal policy and the environmental Kuznets curve.Environmental services industryCassou, Steven P., Hamilton, Stephen F.
Transitional politics: emerging incentive-based instruments in environmental regulation.Environmental services industryAidt, Toke Skovsgaard, Dutta, Jayasri
Uncertain climate thresholds and optimal economic growth.Environmental services industryBradford, David F., Keller, Klaus, Bolker, Benjamin M.
Vertical structure and strategic environmetal trade policy.Environmental services industryHamilton Stephen F., Requate, Till
Voluntary conservation of endangered species: when does no regulatory assurance mean no conservation?Environmental services industryWu, JunJie, Langpap, Christian
What's the use? welfare estimates from revealed preference models when weak complementarity does not hold.Environmental services industryKling, Catherine L., Phaneuf, Daniel J., Herriges, Joseph
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