Journal of Health Economics 1995 - Abstracts

Journal of Health Economics 1995
A model of demand for effective care. (health care)Health care industryKeeler, Emmett B.
A note on entry by small hospitals.Health care industrySImpson, John
A problem with consumer surplus measures of the cost of practice variations.Health care industryDranove, David
Choosing between public and private health care: a case study of malaria treatment in Brazil.Health care industryBartolome, Charles A.M. de, Vosti, Stephen A.
Consumer information surplus and adverse selection in competitive health insurance markets: an empirical study.Health care industryVen, Wynand P.M.M. van de, Vliet, Rene C.J.A. van
Economic conditions and alcohol problems.Health care industryRuhm, Christopher J.
Economics, health and health economics: HYEs versus QALYs; a response. (response to A. S. Gafni, et. al., Journal of Health Economics, vol. 12, p. 325, 1993)Health care industryBuckingham, Ken
Estimating treatment cost functions for progressive diseases: a multiproduct approach with an application to breast cancer.Health care industryButler, R. G., Furnival, Colin M., Hart, Ruth F. G.
HMOs, market competition, and premium cost. (health maintenance organizations)(Editorial)Health care industryLuft, Harold S.
Is moderate alcohol use related to wages? Evidence from four worksites.Health care industryZarkin, Gary A., French, Michael T.
Labour supply and saving decisions with uncertainty over sickness.Health care industryO'Donnell, Owen
Medical costs in worker's compensation insurance.Health care industryKrueger, Alan B., Baker, Laurence C.
Monopsony power and relative wages in the labor market for nurses.Health care industryHirsch, Barry T., Schumacher, Edward J.
Nurses' labor supply: participation, hours of work, and discontinuities in the supply function.Health care industryPhillips, V.L.
Optimal medical treatment under asymmetric information.Health care industryChoongSup Lee
Optimal times of transfer between therapies: a mathematical framework.Health care industryWhynes, David K.
Physician ownership of ancillary services: indirect demand inducement or quality assurance?Health care industryMitchell, Jean M., Sass, Tim R.
Price regulation in the pharmaceutical industry: prescription or placebo?Health care industryAbbott, Thomas A., III
Priority setting in health care: an axiomatic bargaining approach.Health care industryClark, Derek
QALYs and HYEs: under what conditions are they equivalent? (quality-adjusted life-years; healthy-years equivalents)Health care industryBleichrodt, Han
QALYs versus HYEs: a reply to Gafni, Birch and Mehrez. (quality-adjusted life-years; healthy-years equivalents)(response to A. Gafni, S. Birch and A. Mehrez, Journal of Health Economics, vol. 12, p. 325)Health care industryWagstaff, Adam, Culyer, A.J.
Quality-adjusted life-years versus healthy-years equivalents - a comment.Health care industryJohannesson, Magnus
Supplier inducement in a public health care system.Health care industryCarlsen, Fredrik, Grytten, Jostein, Sorensen, Rune
The creation of economic efficiencies in hospital mergers.Health care industryLynk, William J.
The demand for alcohol: the differential response to price.Health care industryManning, Willard G., Moulton, Lawrence H., Blumberg, Linda
The effect of market structure on HMO premiums. (health maintenance organizations)Health care industryFeldman, Roger, Christianson, Jon B., Wholey, Douglas
The effects of benefit design and managed care on health care costs.(Dept. of Defense's CHAMPUS Reform Initiative)Health care industrySloss, Elizabeth M., Goldman, Dana P., Hosek, Susan D., Dixon, Lloyd S.
The friction cost for measuring indirect costs of disease.Health care industryKoopmanschap, Marc A., Rutten, Frans F.H., Ineveld, B. Martin van, Roijen, Leona van
The myth of the HYE. (healthy-years equivalent)Health care industryLoomes, Graham
The uncertain demand for medical care: a comment on Emmett Keeler. (response to article by Emmett Keeler in this issue, p. 231)Health care industryMcClellan, Mark
The welfare loss of disease and the theory of taxation.Health care industryPhilipson, Thomas
Uncertain demand, the structure of hospital costs, and the cost of empty hospital beds.Health care industryAnderson, Gerard F., Gaynor, Martin
Wealth from optimal health.Health care industryJohansson, Per-Olov, Lofgren, Karl-Gustaf
Welfare loss from variations: further considerations.Health care industryPhelps, Charles E.
Worker demand for health insurance in the non-group market.Health care industryMarquis, M. Susan, Long, Stephen H.
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