Journal of Health Economics 2000 - Abstracts

Journal of Health Economics 2000
Access to coverage for high-risks in a competitive individual health insurance market: via premium rate restrictions or risk-adjusted premium subsidies?Health care industryvan den Ven, Wynand P.M.M., van Vliet, Rene C.J.A., Schut, Frederik T., van Barneveld, Erik M.
Adaptation and scale of reference bias in self-assessments of quality of life.(health economics)Health care industryGroot, Wim
Addiction as a market failure: using rational addiction results to justify tobacco regulation.Health care industryLaux, Fritz L.
Addressing uncertainty in medical cost-effectiveness analysis: implications of expected utility maximization for methods to perform sensitivity analysis and the use of cost-effectiveness analysis to set priorities for medical research.Health care industryMeltzer, David
Adverse selection and categorical discrimination in the health insurance market: the effects of genetic tests.Health care industryStrohmenger, R., Wambach, A.
A model of physician behaviour with demand inducement.Health care industryJaegher, Kris De, Jegers, Marc
An efficient employer strategy for dealing with adverse selection in multiple-plan offerings: an MSA example.Health care industryPauly, Mark V., Herring, Bradley J.
A note on eliciting distributive preferences for health.Health care industryOlsen, Jan Abel
A positive analysis of financial incentives for cadaveric organ donation.Health care industryByrne, Margaret M., Thompson, Peter
'Competition' among employers offering health insurance.(Statistical Data Included)Health care industryDranove, David, Spier, Kathryn E., Baker, Laurence
Consumer satisfaction and supplier induced demand.Health care industryCarlsen, Fredrik, Grytten, Jostein
Contracts for health care and asymmetric information.Health care industryDe Fraja, Gianni
Correction note on 'The demand for health with uncertainty and insurance'.Health care industryTabata, Ken, Ohkusa, Yasushi
Costs and outcomes associated with alternative discharge strategies following joint replacement surgery: analysis of an observational study using a propensity score.Health care industryCoyte, Peter C., Young, Wendy, Croxford, Ruth
Cross-national price differences for pharmaceuticals: how large, and why?Health care industryDanzon, Patricia M., Chao, Li-Wei
Did the Medicaid expansions for children displace private insurance? An analysis using the SIPP.(Survey of Income and Program Participation)(Statistical Data Included)Health care industryBlumberg, Linda J., Dubay, Lisa, Norton, Stephen A.
Disability and the labour market: an analysis of British males.Health care industryKidd, Michael P., Sloane, Peter J., Ferko, Ivan
Efficiency and administrative costs in primary care.Health care industryGiuffrida, Antonio, Gravelle, Hugh, Sutton, Matthew
Equity in the delivery of health care in Europe and the US.Health care industryGerdtham, Ulf-G., van Doorslaer, Eddy, Wagstaff, Adam, van der Burg, Hattem, Christiansen, Terkel, De Graeve, Diana, Duchesne, Inge, Gerfin, Michael, Geurts, Jose, Gross, Lorna, Hakkinen, Unto, John, Jurgen, Klavus, Jan, Leu, Robert E., Nolan, brian, O'Donnell, Owen, Propper,Carol, Puffer, Frank, Schellhorn, Martin, Sundberg, Gun, Winkelhake, Olaf
Health care evaluation, utiliarianism and distortionary taxes.Health care industryCalcott, Paul
Health care expenditure in the last months of life.Health care industryFelder, Stafan, Meier, Markus, Schmitt, Horst
Health care is an individual necessity and a national luxury: applying multilevel decision models to the analysis of health care expenditures.Health care industryGetzen, Thomas E.
Health insurance and retirement behavior: evidence from the health and retirement survey.Health care industryRogowski, Jeanette, Karoly, Lynn
HMO penetration and the geographic mobility of practicing physicians.Health care industryPolsky, Daniel, Kletke, Phillip R., Wozniak, Gregory D., Escarce, Jose J.
Hospital mergers and acquisitions: Does market consolidation harm patients?Health care industryHo, Vivian, Hamilton, Barton H.
Hospital ownership and cost and quality of care: is there a dime's worth of difference?Health care industrySloan, Frank A., Picone, Gabriel A., Taylor, Donald H., Jr., Shin-Yi Chou
Illicit drug use, unemployment, and occupational attainment.Health care industryMacDonald, Ziggy, Pudney, Stephen
Income-related inequality in life-years and quality-adjusted life-years.Health care industryGerdtham, Ulf-G., Johannesson, Magnus
Incorporating option values into the economic evaluation of health care technologies.Health care industryPalmer, Stephen, Smith, Peter C.
Incorporating psycho-social considerations into health valuation: an experimental study.Health care industryCookson, Richard
Insurance and imperfect financial markets in Grossman's demand for health model - a reply to Tabata and Ohkusa.Health care industryLiljas, Bengt
International comparisons of pharmaceutical prices: what do we know, and what does it mean?Health care industryBerndt, Ernst R.
Is there a meaningful definition of the value of a statistical life?Health care industryJohansson, Per-Olov
Measuring adverse selection in managed health care.Health care industryGlazer, Jacob, Frank, Richard G., McGuire, Thomas G
Medicaid and crowding out of private insurance: a re-examination using firm level data.(Statistical Data Included)Health care industryShore-Sheppard, Lara, Buchmueller, Thomas C., Jensen, Gail A.
Medical profiling: improving standards and risk adjustments using hierarchical models.Health care industryBurgess, James F., Jr., Christiansen, Cindy L., Michalak, Sarah E., Morris, Carl N.
Mental health: market power and governance.Health care industryForder, Julien
Moral hazard in physician prescription behavior.Health care industryLundin, Douglas
On stationarity and cointegration of international health expenditure and GDP.Health care industryGerdtham, Ulf-G., Lothgren, Mickael
On the economic foundations of CEA. Ladies and gentlemen, take your positions!Health care industryBrouwer, Werner B.F., Koopmanschap, Marc A.
Optimal health insurance: The case of observable, severe illness.Health care industryChernew, Michael E., Encinosa, William E., Hirth, Richard a.
Parental leave and child health.Health care industryRuhm, Christopher J.
Properties of actuarially fair and pay-as-you-go health insurance schemes for the elderly. An OLG model approach.Health care industryJohansson, Per-Olov
Public insurance substituting for private insurance: new evidence regarding public hospitals, uncompensated care funds, and Medicaid.(Statistical Data Included)Health care industryRask, Kevin N., Rask, Kimberly J.
Quality incentives in a regulated market with imperfect information and switching costs: capitation in general practice.Health care industryGravelle, Hugh, Masiero, Giuliano
Recent trends in employer-sponsored health insurance coverage: are bad jobs getting worse?(Statistical Data Included)Health care industryFarber, Henry S., Levy, Helen
Revisiting Rogowski and Newhouse on the indirect costs of teaching: a note on functional form and retransformation in Medicare's payment of formulas.Health care industryNorton, Edward C., Dalton, Kathleen
Risk segmentation: goal or problem?Health care industryFeldman, Roger, Dowd, Bryan
Risk sharing and the supply of mental health services.Health care industryRosenthal, Meredith B.
Standard errors for the retransformation problem with heteroscedasticity.Health care industryNorton, Edward C., Ai, Chunrong
The demand for private health care in the UK.Health care industryPropper, Carol
The economics of regulatory mandates on the HMO market.(health maintenance organizations)Health care industryEncinosa, William
The effect of tobacco advertising bans on tobacco consumption.Health care industrySaffer, Henry, Chaloupka, Frank
The effects of beer taxes on physical child abuse.Health care industryMarkowitz, Sara, Grossman, Michael
The family as producer of health - an extended grossman model.Health care industryJacobson, Lena
The future of health economics.Health care industryFuchs, Victor R.
The joint demand for cigarettes and marijuana: evidence from the National Household Surveys on Drug Abuse.Health care industryFarrelly, Matthew C., Bray, Jeremy W., Zarkin, Gary A., Wendling, Brett W.
The role of profit status under imperfect information: evidence from the treatment patterns of elderly Medicare beneficiaries hospitalized for psychiatric diagnoses.Health care industryEttner, Susan L., Hermann, Richard C.
The value of remaining lifetime is close to estimated values of life.Health care industryKeeler, Emmett B.
The willingness to pay for wait reduction: the disutility of queues for cataract surgery in Canada, Denmark, and Spain.Health care industryBishai, David M., Lang, Hui Chu
Uncertain lifetime, life protection, and the value of life saving.(mortality)Health care industryEhrlich, Isaac
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