Journal of Health Economics 2001 - Abstracts

Journal of Health Economics 2001
A comment on Neudeck and Podczek's "adverse selection and regulation in health insurance markets."Health care industryEncinosa, William
Adapting to heart conditions: a test of the hedonic treadmill.Health care industryWu, Stephen
A dynamic programming approach to the efficient design of clinical trials.(UK)(Statistical Data Included)Health care industryClaxton, K., Thompson, K.M.
Alcohol, marijuana, and American youth: the unintended consequences of government regulation.(research information)Health care industry 
An examination of flexible spending accounts.(research information)Health care industry 
Avoiding health insurance crowd-out: evidence from the medicare as secondary payer legislation.(Brief Article)Health care industryGlied, Sherry, Stabile, Mark
Balancing incentives in the compensation contracts of nonprofit hospital CEOs.(Ontario, Canada)Health care industryPreyra, Colin, Pink, George
Does cigarette price influence adolescent experimentation?(Brief Article)Health care industryWhite, Martha M., Pierce, John P., Emery, Sherry
Does the economic of moral hazard need to be revisited? A comment on the paper by John Nyman.(response to John Nyman, Journal of Health Economics, vol 18, p.141)(Brief Article)Health care industryBlomqvist, Ake
Dollars and performance: treating alcohol misuse in Maine.Health care industryMachado, Matilde P.
Do Medicaid physician fees for prenatal services affect birth outcomes?Health care industryGray, Bradley
Eliciting GPs' preferences for pecuniary and non-pecuniary job characteristics.(general practitioners)(Statistical Data Included)Health care industryScott, Tony
Equity in health: the importance of different health streams.(UK)Health care industryOlsen, Jan Abel, Dolan, Paul
Estimating log models: to transform or not to transform?(health economics)Health care industryManning, Willard G., Mullahy, John
Health and endogenous growth.(Brief Article)Health care industryMuysken, Joan, van Zon, Adriaan
Health insurance and female labor supply in Taiwan.(Brief Article)Health care industryChou, Y.J., Staiger, Douglas
Health insurance: tradeofs revisited.(response to John Nyman, Journal of Health Economics, Vol 18, p.141)(Brief Article)Health care industryManning, William G., Marquis, M. Susan
Hospital competition in HMO networks.(Southern California, 1990-1993)(Statistical Data Included)Health care industryVistnes, Gregory, Town, Robert
Hypothetical versus real willingness to pay in the health care sector: results from a field experiment.Health care industryJohannesson, Magnus, Blumenschein, Karen, Yokoyama, Krista K., Freeman, Patricia R.
Improving nurse retention in the National Health Service in England: the impact of job satisfaction on intentions to quit.(Statistical Data Included)Health care industryShields, Michael A., Ward, Melanie
Inducing or restraining demand: the market for night visits in primary care.(UK)(Statistical Data Included)Health care industryGiuffrida, Antonio, Gravelle, Hugh
Long-term care and nursing home coverage: are adult children substitutes for insurance policies?Health care industryMellor, Jennifer M.
Managed care and technology adoption in health care: evidence from magnetic resonance imaging.(Statistical Data Included)Health care industryBaker, Laurence C.
Market restructuring and pricing in the hospital industry.(Brief Article)Health care industryKrishnan, Ranjani
Medicaid reimbursement and the quality of nursing home care.Health care industryGrabowski, David C.
Medical malpractice liability and its effect on prenatal care utilization and infant health.Health care industryDubay, Lisa, Kaestner, Robert, Waidmann, Timothy
Modeling the effects of health on economic growth.(Statistical Data Included)Health care industryBhargava, Alok, Jamison, Dean T., Lau, Lawrence J., Murray, Christopher J.L.
Mothers and others: who invests in children's health?(Statistical Data Included)Health care industryPaxson, Christina, Case, Anne
New evidence on the relationship between substance use and adolescent sexual behavior.(Statistical Data Included)Health care industryArgys, Laura M., Rees, Daniel I., Averett, Susan L.
Omitted variable bias and hospital costs.(Brief Article)Health care industryCremieux, Pierre-Yves, Oullette, Pierre
Regulatory restrictions on selective contracting: an empirical analysis of "any-willing-provider" regulations.(research information)Health care industry 
Risk sharing as a supplement to imperfect capitation: a tradeoff between selection and efficiency.(Brief Article)Health care industryvan Vliet, Rene C.J.A., van Barneveld, Erik M., Lamers, Leida M., van de Ven, Wynand P.M.M.
Scale and scope in drug development: unpacking the advantages of size in pharmaceutical research.(pharmaceutical development research)Health care industry 
Screening the preventable illness.(research information)Health care industry 
Slippery when wet: the effects of local alcohol access laws on highway safety.(research information)Health care industry 
Statistical discrimination in health care.(Brief Article)Health care industry 
Statistical inference of progressivity dominance: an application to health care financing distributions.(Statistical Data Included)Health care industryKlavus, Jan
The demand for consumer health information.(research information)Health care industry 
The effect of abortion restrictions on the timing of abortions.(research information)Health care industry 
The family as the health producer - when spouses are Nash-bargainers.(Statistical Data Included)Health care industryJacobson, Lena, Bolin, Kristian, Lindgren, Bjorn
The impact of health status on the duration of unemployment spells and the implications for studies of the impact of unemployment on health status.(Canada)(Statistical Data Included)Health care industryStewart, Jennifer M.
The impact of maternal alcohol and illicit drug use on children's behavior problems: evidence from the children of the national longitudinal survey of youth.(Statistical Data Included)Health care industryMarkowitz, Sara, Chatterji, Pinka
The incentive effects of the Medicare indirect medical education policy.(research information)Health care industry 
The income transfer effect, the access value of insurance and the Rand health insurance experiment.(response to Ake Blomqvist in this issue p.283)(Brief Article)Health care industryNyman, John A.
The meaning of death: some simulations of a model of healthy and unhealthy consumption.Health care industryForster, Martin
The welfare impact of HMO mergers.(Health Maintenance Organizations)Health care industry 
Type of contract and supplier-induced demand for primary physicians in Norway.Health care industryGrytten, Jostein, Sorensen, Rune
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