Journal of Health Economics 2003 - Abstracts

Journal of Health Economics 2003
A comparison of two methods for eliciting contingent valuations of colorectal cancer screening.Health care industryWhynes, David K., Frew, Emma, Wolstenholme, Jane L.
A consistency test of the time trade-off.Health care industryBleichrodt, Han, Pinto, Jose Luis, Abellan-Perpinan, Jose Maria
A low-key social insurance reform - effects of multidisciplinary outpatient treatment for back pain patients in Norway.Health care industryKjerstad, Egil, Aakvik, Arild, Holmas, Tor Helge
A note on the effect of unemployment on mortality.Health care industryGerdtham, Ulf-G., Johannesson, Magnus
Choices, beliefs, and infectious disease dynamics.Health care industryAuld, M. Christopher
Cream-skimming, incentives for efficiency and payment system.Health care industryBarros, Pedro Pita
Decomposing world health inequality.Health care industryPradhan, Menno, Sahn, David E., Younger, Stephen D.
Estimating price elasticities when there is smuggling: the sensitivity of smoking to price in Canada.Health care industryStabile, Mark, Gruber, Jonathan, Sen, Anindya
Exploring the health - wealth nexus.Health care industryMeer, Jonathan, Miller, Douglas L., Rosen, Harvey S.
Good times make you sick.(health economics)Health care industryRuhm, Christopher J.
GPs' payment contracts and their referral practice.(general practitioners)Health care industryGarcia Marinoso, Begona, Jelovac, Izabela
Health anxiety and patient behavior.Health care industryKoszegi, Botond
Hospital consolidation and costs: another look at the evidence.Health care industryDranove, David, Lindrooth, Richard
Hospital quality choice and market structure in a regulated duopoly.Health care industryBeitia, Arantza
Income related inequalities in mental health in Great Britain: analysing the causes of health inequality over time.Health care industryWildman, John
Is cannabis a stepping-stone for cocaine?Health care industryvan Ours, Jan C.
Maternal employment and overweight children.Health care industryLevine, Phillip B., Anderson, Patricia M., Butcher, Kristin F.
Modeling health, income and income inequality: the ipact of income inequality on health and health inequality.Health care industryWildman, John
Moral hazard and adverse selection in Australian private hospitals: 1989 - 1990.Health care industryWright, Donald J., Savage, Elizabeth
Parental invovlement laws and fertility behavior.Health care industryLevine, Phillip B.
Practice variation and physician-specific effects.Health care industryGrytten, Jostein, Sorensen, Rune
Public health care with waiting time: the role of supplementary private health care.Health care industryHoel, Michael, Saether, Erik Magnus
Resource allocation for control of infectious diseases in multiple independent populations: beyond cost-effectiveness analysis.Health care industryZaric, Gregory S., Brandeau, Margaret I., Richter, Anke
Self-selection and moral hazard in Chilean health insurance.Health care industrySapelli, Claudio, Vial, Bernardita
Service-level selection by HMOs in Medicare.Health care industryMcGuire, Thomas G., Cao, Zhun
Sickness and preventive medical behavior.Health care industryWu, Stephen
Socio-economic inequality in ill-health amongst the elderly: should one use current permanent income?Health care industryOurti, Tom Van
Stationarity of health expenditures and GDP: evidence from panel unit root tests with heterogeneous structural breaks.Health care industryLee, Junsoo, Strazicich, Mark C., Jewell, Todd, Tieslau, Margie
Stochastic demand, production responses and hospital costs.Health care industryHughes, David, McGuire, Alistair
Supply-side cost sharing when patients and doctors collude.Health care industryVaithianathan, Rhema
Take some days off, why don't you? Endogenous sick leave and pay.Health care industrySkatun, John Douglas
Technological development and medical productivity: the diffusion of angioplasty in New York state.Health care industryCutler, David M., Huckman, Robert S.
The demand for physician services.Health care industryCockx, Bart, Brasseur, Carine
The effect of cigarette excise taxes on smoking before, during and after pregnancy.Health care industryGrossman, Michael, Colman, Greg, Joyce, Ted
The effect of comorbidities on treatment decisions.Health care industryBleichordt, Han, Crainich, David, Eeckhoudt, Louis
The effect of financial pressure on the quality of care in hospitals.Health care industryShen, Yu-Chu
The effect of urban hospital closure on markets.Health care industryBazzoli, Gloria J., Lindrooth, Richard C., Lo Sasso, Anthony T.
The impact of tobacco control program expenditures on aggregate cigarette sales: 1981 - 2000.Health care industryPechacek, Terry F., Farelly, Matthew C., Chaloupka, Frank J.
The integration of claims to health-care: a programming approach.Health care industryAnand, Paul
The internal consistency of the standard gamble: tests after adjusting for prospect theory.Health care industryOliver, Adam
The link between public and private insurance and HIV-related mortality.Health care industryBhattacharya, Jayanta, Goldman, Dana, Sood, Neeraj
The oppurtunity costs of informal care: does gender matter?Health care industryCarmichael, Fiona, Charles, Susan
The price of innovation: new estimates of drug development costs.Health care industryDiMasi, Joseph A., Hansen, Ronald W., Grabowski, Henri G.
The validity of time trade-off values in calculating QALYs: constant proportional time trade-off versus the proportional heuristic.(quality adjusted life years)Health care industryDolan, Paul, Stalmeier, Peep
Welfare reform and health insurance coverage of low-income families.Health care industryKaestner, Robert, Kaushal, Neeraj
Welfare reform, labor supply, and health insurance in the immigrant population.Health care industryBorjas, George J.
Why did employee health insurance contributions rise?Health care industryGruber, Jonathan, McKnight, Robin
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