Journal of Health Economics 2004 - Abstracts

Journal of Health Economics 2004
Accidents will happen? Unintentional childhood injuries and the effects of child care regulations.Health care industryCurrie, Janet, Hotz, V. Joseph
Adjusting to changes in health: implications for cost-effectiveness analysis.Health care industryStano, Miron, Sharma, Rajiv, Haas, Mitchell
Advance directives and medical treatment at the end of life.Health care industryKessler, Daniel P., McClellan, Mark B
A flexible approach for estimating the effects of covariates on health expenditures.Health care industryGilleskie, Donna B., Mroz, Thomas A.
Air pollution, health, and socio-economic status: the effect of outdoor air quality on childhood asthma.Health care industryNeidell, Matthew J.
A longitudinal study of the effects of age and time to death on hospital costs.Health care industrySeshamani, Meena, Gray, Alastair M.
An economic analysis of adult obesity: results from the behavioral risk factor surveillance system.Health care industrySaffer, Henry, Grossman, Michael, Chou, Shin-Yi
An economic analysis of life expectancy by gender with application to the United States.Health care industryZhang Jie, Zhang, Junsen, Pope, Robin, Leung, Michael C.M.
An empirical analysis of milk addiction.Health care industryAuld, M. Christopher, Grootendorst, Paul
A new and more robust test of QALYs.(quality-adjusted life-years )Health care industryTemkin, Nancy R., Bleichrodt, Han, Doctor, Jason N., Miyamoto, John, Dikmen, Sureyya
An optimal contract approach to hospital financing.Health care industryBoadway, Robin, Sato, Motohiro, Marchand, Maurice
Anti-social welfare functions: a reply to Hasen et al.(comparison between cost benefit and cost effectiveness analysis)Health care industryEdlin, Richard.
A pint a day raises a man's pay; but smoking blows that gain away.Health care industryOurs, Jan C. van
Are novel drugs more risky for patients than less novel drugs?Health care industryOlson, Mary K.
A social choice approach to expert consensus panels.Health care industryGabel, Matthew J., Shipan, Charles R.
A stated preference approach to assessing health care-quality improvements in Palestine: from theoretical validity to policy implications.Health care industryMoatti, Jean-Paul, Donaldson, Cam, Mataria, Awad, Luchini, Stephane
Biases from omitted risk effects in standard gamble utilities.Health care industryPope, Robin
Cut-point shift and index shift in self-reported health.Health care industryDoorslaer, Eddy van, Lindeboom, Maarten
Effect of drive-through delivery laws on postpartum length of stay and hospital charges.Health care industryNorton, Edward C., Zhimei Liu, Dow, William H.
Equity weights in the allocation of health care: the rank-dependent QALY model.(Quality Adjusted Life Year )Health care industryQuiggin, John, Bleichrodt, Han, Diecidue, Enrico
Estimating medical care costs under conditions of censoring.Health care industryMcGuire, A., Raikou, M.
Exploring social welfare functions and violation of monotonicity: an example from inequalities in health.Health care industryAbasolo, Ignacio, Tsuchiya, Aki
Exploring social welfare functions and violation of monotonicity: an example from inequalities in health-a comment.Health care industryOlsen, Jan Abel
Health economics and applications in developing countries.Health care industrySchultz, T. Paul
Hospitals, managed care, and the charity caseload in California.Health care industryCurrie, Janet, Fahr, John
How do zero tolerance drunk driving laws work?.Health care industryCarpenter, Christopher
How is mortality affected by money, marriage, and stress?Health care industryOswald, Andrew, Gardner, Jonathan
Informal care and health care use of older adults.Health care industryNorton, Edward C., Harold Van Houtven, Courtney
Innovation and risk selection in deregulated social health insurance.Health care industryZweifel, Peter, Lehmann, Hansjorg
Investigating the social value of health changes.Health care industryGyrd-Hansen, Dorte
Is cigarette smoking in poorer nations highly sensitive to price? Evidence from Russia and China.Health care industryDow, William H., Lance, Peter M., Akin, John S., Chung-Ping Loh
Lighting up and slimming down: the effects of body weight and cigarette prices on adolescent smoking initiation.Health care industryMarkowitz, Sara, Cawley, John, Taruas, John
Maternal employment and adolescent risky behavior.Health care industryAughinbaugh, Alison, Gittleman, Maury
Measuring health inequality using qualitative data.Health care industryFoster, James E., Allison, R. Andrew
Medicare upcoding and hospital ownership.Health care industrySkinner, Jonathan, Silverman, Elaine
Obesity and risk knowledge.Health care industryKan, Kamhon, Wei-Der Tsai
On estimators of medical costs with censored data.Health care industryStevens, John W., O'Hahgan, Anthony
On the international stability of health care expenditure functions: are government and private functions similar?.Health care industryClemente, Jesus, Marcuello, Carmen, Montanes, Antonio, Pueyo, Fernando
On the possibility of a bridge between CBA and CEA: comments on paper by Dolan and Edlin.(cost benefit analysis and cost effectiveness analysis)Health care industryHansen, B.O., Hougaard, J.L., Keiding, H., Osterdal, L.P.
Parallel imports and the pricing of pharmaceutical products: evidence from the European Union.(Sweden)Health care industryMaskus, Keith E., Ganslandt, Mattias
Parental bargaining, health inputs and child mortality in India.Health care industryMaitra, Pushkar
Poverty, food insecurity, and nutritional outcomes in children and adults.Health care industryCurrie, Janet, Bhattacharya, Jayanta, Haider, Steven
Private medical insurance and saving: evidence from the British Household Panel Survey.Health care industryGuariglia, Alessandra, Rossi, Mariacristina
Provider-client interactions and quantity of health care use.Health care industryMcGuire, Thomas G., Hsien-Ming Lien, Ching-To Albert Ma
Quality and employers' choice of health plans.Health care industryChernew, Michael, Gowrisankaran, Gautam, McLaughlin, Catherine, Gibson, Teresa
Reflections on the socio-economic correlates of health.Health care industryFuchs, Victor R.
Risk selection and specification of the conventional risk adjustment formula.(health plans versus medical expenditures)Health care industrySchokkaert, Erik, Van de Voorde, Carine
Sexual capital: an extension of Grossman's concept of health capital.Health care industryMichael, Robert T.
Socio-economic status, health and lifestyle.Health care industryJones, Andrew M., Contoyannis, Paul
Teenage sex, drugs and alcohol use: problems identifying the cause of risky behaviors.Health care industryKaestner, Robert, Rashad, Inas
The demand for health, 30 years later: a very personal retrospective and prospective reflection.Health care industryGrossman, Michael
The demand for health and health concerns after 30 years.Health care industryLeibowitz, Arleen A.
The drug bargaining game: pharmaceutical regulation in Australia.Health care industryWright, Donald J.
The effect of HMOs on fee-for-service health care expenditures: evidence from medical revisited.(Health maintenance organization)Health care industryBatata, Amber
The effect of state children's health insurance program on health insurance coverage.(United States)Health care industryBuchmueller, Thomas C., Lo Sasso, Anthony T.
The effects of a patient shortage on general practitioners' future income and list of patients.Health care industryIversen, Tor
The interaction of partial public insurance programs and residual private insurance markets: evidence from the US medicare program.Health care industryFinkelstein, Amy
The transition from good to poor health: an econometric study of the older population.Health care industryDenton, Frank T., Spencer, Byron G., Buckley, Neil J., Robb, Leslie A.
To err on humans is not benign incentives for adoption of medical error-reporting systems.Health care industryZivin, Joshua Graff, Pffaf, Alexander S.P.
Too much ado about two-part models and transformation? Comparing methods of modeling Medicare expenditures.Health care industryZaslavsky, Alan M., Buntin, Melinda Beeuwkes
Valuing health care using willingness to pay: a comparison of the payment card and dichotomous choice methods.Health care industryRyan, Mandy, Donaldson, Cam, Scott, David A.
Within-year variation in hospital utilization and its implications for hospital costs.Health care industryBaker, Laurence C., Phibbs, Ciaran S., Guarino, Cassandra, Supina, Dylan, Reynolds, James L.
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