Journal of Health Economics 2006 - Abstracts

Journal of Health Economics 2006
Access to primary health care and health outcomes: the relationships between GP characteristics and mortality rates.(general practitioners)Health care industryAakvik, Arild, Holmas, Tor Helge
Addressing the issues that arise in analysing multicentre cost data, with application to a multinational study.Health care industryNixon, Richard M., Thompson, Simon G., Grieve, Richard
A dynamic model of supply of elective surgery in the presence of waiting times and waiting lists.Health care industrySiciliani, Luigi
An analysis of the length of stay and effectiveness of treatment for hip fracture patients in Japan: Evaluation of the 2002 revision of the medical service fee schedule.Health care industryNawata, Kazumitsu, Nitta, Ayako, Watanabe, Sonoko, Kawabuchi, Koichi
An ordered generalised extreme value model with application to alcohol consumption in Australia.Health care industryZhao, Xueyan, Harris, Mark N., Ramful, Preety
Are recessions good for workplace safety?Health care industryBoone, Jan, Ours, Jan C. van
A robust approach for skewed and heavy-tailed outcomes in the analysis of health care expenditures.Health care industryRonchetti, Elvezio
A welfare economics foundation for health inequality measurement.Health care industryDoorslaer, Eddy van, Bleichrodt, Han
Body mass index and occupational attainment.Health care industryMorris, Stephen
Case management interviews and the return to work of disabled employees.Health care industryHogelund, Jan, Holm, Anders
Child mental health and human capital accumulation: the case of ADHD.(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder )Health care industryStabile, Mark, Currie, Janet
Direct to consumer advertising in pharmaceutical markets.Health care industryBrekke, Kurt R., Kuhn, Michael
Does falling smoking lead to rising obesity?Health care industryGruber, Jonathan, Frakes, Michael
Does trade affect child health?Health care industryLevine, David I., Rothman, Dov
Don't give up on me baby: spousal correlation in smoking behaviour.Health care industryClark, Andrew E., Etile, Fabrice
Endogenous longevity, biological deterioration and economic growth.Health care industrySanso, Marcos, Aisa, Rosa M.
Examining structural breaks and growth rates in international health expenditures.Health care industryNarayan, Paresh Kumar
Factor substitution in nursing homes.Health care industryHirth, Richard A., Grabowski, David C., Cawley, John
Further evidence of preference reversals: choice, valuation and ranking over distributions of life expectancy.Health care industryOliver, Adam
Genetic testing in competitive insurance markets with repulsion from chance: a welfare analysis.Health care industryNilssen, Tore, Iversen, Tor, Hoel, Michael, Vislie, Jon
Having the wrong friends? Peer effects in adolescent substance use.Health care industryLundborg, Petter
Health insurance and imperfect competition in the health care market.Health care industryVaithianathan, Rhema
Hospital integration and vertical consolidation: an analysis of acquisitions in New York State.Health care industryHuckman, Robert S.
Household responses to public home care programs.Health care industryCoyte, Peter C., Stabile, Mark, Laporte, Audrey
How far to the hospital? The effect of hospital closures on access to care.Health care industryBuchmueller, Thomas C., Jacobson, Mireille, Wold, Cheryl
Ill health and retirement in Britain: a panel data-based analysis.(British Household Panel Survey (1991-1998))Health care industryEmmerson, Carl, Disney, Richard, Wakefield, Matthew
Incentive-compatible guaranteed renewable health insurance premiums.Health care industryPauly, Mark V., Herring, Bradley
Information and consumer choice: the value of publicized health plan ratings.(National Committee for Quality Assurance )Health care industryJin, Ginger Zhe, Sorensen, Alan T.
Insurer-provider integration, credible commitment, and managed-care backlash.Health care industryMiller, Nolan H.
Insuring children or insuring families: do parental and sibling coverage lead to improved retention of children in Medicaid and CHIP?(child health insurance programmes)Health care industrySommers, Benjamin D.
Is health insurance affordable for the uninsured?Health care industryPauly, Mark V., Bundorf, M. Kate
Modelling and estimation of valuations for the Dutch London Handicap Scale.Health care industryDetmar, Symone B., Groothuis-Oudshoorn, Catharina G.M., Chorus, Astrid M.J., Beekum, W. Taeke van, Hout, Wilbert B. van den
Optimal quality reporting in markets for health plans.Health care industryGlazer, Jacob, McGuire, Thomas G.
Optimal risk adjustment with adverse selection and spatial competition.Health care industryJack, William
Patient outcomes when hospitals experience a surge in admissions.Health care industryEvans, William N., Kim, Beomsoo
Performance assessment in the context of multiple objectives: a multivariate multilevel analysis.Health care industryStreet, Andrew, Hauck, Katharina
Persistence in medicare reimbursements and personal medical accounts.Health care industryRettenmaier, Andrew J., Zijun Wang
Price and the health plan choices of retirees.Health care industryBuchmueller, Thomas
"Quick and dirty numbers"?: the reliability of a stated-preference technique for the measurement of preferences for resource allocation.Health care industrySchwappach, David L.B., Strasmann, Thomas J.
Reconsidering the moral hazard-risk avoidance tradeoff.Health care industryNewhouse, Joseph P.
Reforming health care: evidence from quantile regressions for counts.(doctor visit services and health care reforms)Health care industryWinkelmann, Rainer
Relative income, race, and mortality.Health care industryPaxson, Christina, Miller, Douglas L.
Scale and scope efficiencies through hospital consolidations.Health care industryPreyra, Colin, Pink, George
SCHIP expansion and parental coverage: an evaluation of Wisconsin's BadgerCare.(State Children's Health Insurance Program)Health care industryWolfe, Barbara, Haveman, Robert, Kaplan, Thomas, Cho, Yoonyoung
Selection of treatment under prospective payment systems in the hospital sector.Health care industrySiciliani, Luigi
Strategic integration of hospitals and physicians.(transaction cost reduction methods)Health care industryGertler, Paul J., Cuellar, Alison Evans
The effect of financial incentives on gatekeeping doctors: Evidence from a natural experiment.Health care industrySmith, Peter, Gravelle, Hugh, Jacobs, Rowena, Dusheiko, Mark
The effect of physicianuhospital affiliations on hospital prices in California.Health care industryDranove, David, Ciliberto, Federico
The effect of quality information on consumer health plan switching: evidence from the Buyers Health Care Action Group.Health care industryFeldman, Roger, Abraham, Jean M., Carlin, Caroline, Christianson, Jon
The effect of the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement on prenatal smoking.Health care industryMeara, Ellen, Levy, Douglas E.
The effects of cardiac specialty hospitals on the cost and quality of medical care.Health care industryHuckman, Robert S., Kessler, Daniel P., Barro, Jason R.
The effects of cocaine and heroin price on drug-related emergency department visits.Health care industryDave, Dhaval
The impact of presumed consent legislation on cadaveric organ donation: a cross-country study.Health care industryAbadie, Alberto, Gay, Sebastien
The treadmill effect in a fixed budget system.(fixed medical reimbursement schemes and physician services )Health care industryWambach, Achim, Benstetter, Franz
The welfare cost of violence across countries.Health care industrySoares, Rodrigo R.
Using discrete choice experiments to estimate a preference-based measure of outcome - an application to social care for older people.Health care industryRyan, Mandy, Smith, Paul, Netten, Ann, Skatun, Diane
Using rank data to estimate health state utility models.Health care industryRoberts, Jennifer, Tsuchiya, Aki, Gilks, Peter, McCabe, Christopher, Brazier, John, OEHagan, Anthony, Stevens, Katherine
What influences participation in genetic carrier testing? Results from a discrete choice experiment.Health care industryHall, Jane, Louviere, Jordan J., Denzil G. Fiebig,, King, Madeleine T., Hossain, Ishrat
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