Journal of Nutrition Education 2000 - Abstracts

Journal of Nutrition Education 2000
Dietary fat and heart disease intervention strategies.(GEM No. 312)Food/cooking/nutritionByrd-Bredbenner, Carol, Finckenor, Mary
Life skills in the Boys and Girls Club: opportunities for nutrition education.Food/cooking/nutritionShassian, Ali R., Hampl, Jeffrey S.
NIBBLE for adult basis education: website and lessons for low-literate learners.(, Rita Brennan, Cohen, Nancy, Atallah, Eileen, Cunningham, John
Online mentoring in an undergraduate nutrition education course.(GEM No. 313)Food/cooking/nutritionRodriguez, Judith C., Brown, Guendoline
Physical activity for preschool children: growing up fit -- together.(GEM No. 314)Food/cooking/nutritionBosch, Ann, Reicks, Marla
Soyful luncheon: strategy for soyfood outreach.(Gem No. 318)Food/cooking/nutritionAshraf, Hea-Ran L., Banz, William J., Sundberg, Janet A., Wright, Toni Kay, Arbeiter, Barbara
Using a debate to teach food aid.(Gem No. 315)Food/cooking/nutritionMagnus, Marcia H.
Virtual snack shop: an Internet project with emphasis on food sources of vitamins and minerals.(Gem No. 317)Food/cooking/nutritionFang, ChengShun
Web page and online response activities in an undergraduate nutrition education course.(Gem No. 316)Food/cooking/nutritionRodriguez, Judith C.
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