Journal of Occupational Psychology - Abstracts

Journal of Occupational Psychology
A comparison of attitudes towards risk among business managers.Psychology and mental healthDickson, Gordon C.A.
Adaptors and Innovators: Data from the Kirton Adaptor- Innovator Inventory in a Local Authority Setting.Psychology and mental healthHayward, G., Everett, C.
Advanced technology and the quality of working life: the effects of computerized controls on biscuit-making operators.Psychology and mental healthBoddy, David, Buchanan, David A.
Advanced technology and the quality of working life: the effects of word processing on video typists.Psychology and mental healthBoddy, David, Buchanan, David A.
An Investigation into the Factor Structure of the General Aptitude Test Battery.Psychology and mental healthHammond, S.M.
A Note on Tipping and Employee Peceptions and Attitudes.Psychology and mental healthShamir, B.
A Study of Pre-Assessment Centre Candidate Short- Listing.Psychology and mental healthJones, A.
Automated Testing: Past, Present and Future.Psychology and mental healthBartram, D., Bayliss, R.
Autonomous work groups in a green field site: a comparative study.Psychology and mental healthKemp, Nigel J., Wall, Toby D., Clegg, Chris W., Cordery, John L.
Autonomous Work Groups in a Greenfield Site: A Comparative Study.Psychology and mental healthKemp, N.J., Wall, T.D., Clegg, C.W., Cordery, J.L.
A within-subject analysis of valence models of job preference and anticipated satisfaction.Psychology and mental healthTeas, R. Kenneth
Determinants of choice of goal difficulty level: a review of situational and personality influences.Psychology and mental healthCampbell, Donald J.
Expectations and Impressions in the Graduate Selection Interview.Psychology and mental healthHerriot, P., Rothwell, C.
Frustrations in Organizations: Relationships to Role Stress, Climate and Psychological Strain.Psychology and mental healthKeenan, A., Newton, T.J.
How professional persons keep their calendars: implications for computerization.Psychology and mental healthKelley, J.F., Chapanis, Alphonse
Inferring Personal Qualities Through Handwriting Analysis.Psychology and mental healthKlimoski, R.J., Rafaeli, A.
Job Satisfaction and the Fit Between Individual Needs and Organizational Rewards.Psychology and mental healthScarpello, V., Campbell, J.P.
Men without Jobs: Some Correlates of Age and Length of Unemployment.Psychology and mental healthJackson, P., Warr, P.
Mineworkers' Scores on the Group Embedded Figures Test.Psychology and mental healthSims, M.T., Graves, R.J., Simpson, G.C.
Mothers' Subjective Employment Experiences and the Behaviour of Their Nursery School Children.Psychology and mental healthBarling, J., Van Bart, D.
Observation of interaction processes in practical training.Psychology and mental healthJungermann, Helmut, Hahn, Peter, Ferger, Rainer
Occupational socialization and psychological development: an underemphasized research perspective in industrial psychology.Psychology and mental healthFrese, Michael
Occupational Stress Management - A Review and Appraisal.Psychology and mental healthMurphy, L.R.
Organizational choice and decision theory: effects of employers' literature and selection interview.Psychology and mental healthHerriot, Peter, Rothwell, Carol
Organization Performance and Voluntary Union Membership among Human Service Organizations.Psychology and mental healthMorris, J.H., Snyder, R.A.
Personality Characteristics of US Navy Divers.Psychology and mental healthBiersner, R.J., LaRocco, J.M.
Pilot Performance Under Reversed Control Stick Conditions.Psychology and mental healthHendrick, H.W.
Selecting Trainee Conference Interpreters: A Preliminary Study.Psychology and mental healthGerver, D., Longley, F., Long, J., Lambert, S.
The Effects of Unemployment on the Mood, Self-Esteem, Locus of Control, and Depressive Affect of School-Leavers.Psychology and mental healthTiggemann, M., Winefield, A.H.
The Halo Effect: Is It a Unitary Concept?Psychology and mental healthFox, S., Bizman, A., Herrmann, E.
The Role of Personality, Occupation, and Organization in Understanding the Relationship Between Job Stress, Performance and Absenteeism.Psychology and mental healthArsenault, A., Dolan, S.
Three Decades of Personnel Selection Research: A State-of-the-Art Analysis and Evaluation.Psychology and mental healthMonahan, C.J., Muchinsky, P.M.
Time Structure and Purposeful Activity among Employed and Unemployed University Students.Psychology and mental healthFeather, N.T., Bond, M.J.
Unemployment, disability and rehabilitation centres and their effects on mental health.Psychology and mental healthKemp, Nigel J., Mercer, Annie
Vocational Interests and Personality.Psychology and mental healthZagar, R., Arbit, J., Falconer, J., Friedland, J.
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