Manufactured Home MERCHANDISER 1993 - Abstracts

Manufactured Home MERCHANDISER 1993
Annual home shipments rise for the first time in 10 years. (1992 manufatured housing industry statistics) (Industry Overview)Construction and materials industries 
Costs and selling prices. (manufactured houses)Construction and materials industriesTieder, Herbert E.
Creating a package stimulates growth, profits. (packaging manufactured homes)Construction and materials industriesSkillen, Robert
Filling the housing needs of a new generation. (Generation X)Construction and materials industriesMelms, Bruce
Good forms fill in the blanks in community management.Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
Here's what we're calling things now. (terminologies for the manufactured homes industry)Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
If at first you don't succeed, try switching markets. (marketing of manufactured homes) (Successful Advertising)Construction and materials industriesSkillen, Robert
In home advertising image is everything.Construction and materials industriesSkillen, Robert
Managing by the numbers. (basic property management formulas)Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
Manufactured homes lead recovery of housing industry. (Forecast '93) (Industry Overview)Construction and materials industriesWick, Jeff
Meridian Homes: building a better business. (Company Profile)Construction and materials industriesBeamer, Wayne
MHI voices objections to HUD wind standards. (Manufactured Homes Inc.; Department of Housing and Urban Development) (Industry Perspective)Construction and materials industries 
Networking for fun and profit.Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
New HUD loan limits can aid developers. (Housing and Urban Development) (Community Development)Construction and materials industriesHicks, Edward
New year brings new political landscape. (new Housing and Urban Development programs) (Washington Report)Construction and materials industriesDanner, Pamela Beck
Reducing the cost of litigation.Construction and materials industriesShelly, Timothy S.
Resident retention offers key to soft-market profits. (manufactured-home communities)Construction and materials industriesMelms, Bruce
Second-generation retailing: blending the old and the new. (manufactured homes retailer Roger Huddleston's business approach)Construction and materials industriesBeamer, Wayne
Seven steps toward acquiring a community. (purchasing a mobile home community)Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
The Allen Report on the largest community owners. (GFA Management Pres George Allen) (Community Corner)Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
Top 25. (builders of manufactured homes) (Illustration)Construction and materials industries 
Western report. (California Manufactured Homes Institute's new consumer awareness campaign)Construction and materials industriesMaxcy, John
Western report. (California's housing market for 1993) (Industry Perspective)Construction and materials industriesMaxcy, Jess
Western report. (how manufactured housing associations can help manufacturers) (Industry Perspective)Construction and materials industriesMaxcy, Jess
Western report. (mortgage financing for manufactured homes) (Industry Perspective) (Transcript)Construction and materials industriesMaxcy, Jess
Who buys our homes? Some facts and figures. (includes related article on manufactured housing market in California) (Industry Overview)Construction and materials industries 
You really ought to know. (about the Americans with Disabilities Act) (Column)Construction and materials industriesTieder, Herbert E.
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