Medical Marketing & Media - Abstracts

Medical Marketing & Media
$1 billion-a-year drug still has its own problems.Health care industry 
ACCME restores ad ban on journal CME articles.Health care industry 
After Redux? Here's how Meridia was introduced into a "tainted" market.Health care industry 
Agencies push creative envelope with dimension, satire, and drama.Health care industryCastagnoli, William G.
Bigger sales forces for smaller companies.Health care industry 
Brand name and generic companies jockey for off-patent business position.Health care industryThwaite, Edward W.
Business watch.Health care industry 
Cholestin case could change marketing.Health care industryDickinson, James G.
Clark-O'Neill/POL to offer drug sampling via the Internet.Health care industry 
DuPont buys out Merck's interest in joint venture.Health care industry 
FDA asks court to limit scope of ruling on off-label drug info; WLF finds no basis for action.Health care industry 
Finally, predictable returns on promotional investments.Health care industryLiebman, Milton
Generic albuterol is equivalent to Proventil.Health care industry 
Joint ventures dissolve as Zantac market shifts.Health care industry 
Maintenance men.Health care industry 
Medical marketing & media's 1998 healthcare advertising agency review.Health care industry 
Merck settles with FTC on Medco antitrust inquiry - will it impact FDA regs?Health care industry 
Negotiating the rate card.Health care industryLiebman, Milton
New promotional moves in the arthritic/analgesic market.Health care industry 
One-on-one relationship marketing comes of age.Health care industryLevins, Ilyssa
Pfizer's aim to be number one is almost within reach.Health care industrySeiden, Carl
PhRMA launches its '98 ad campaign.Health care industry 
Pravachol top DTC brand, Glaxo largest advertiser.Health care industry 
Prilosec has efficacy, but not indication for NSAID-induced ulcers.Health care industry 
Props a plenty.Health care industry 
Record first half '98 DTC ad spend exceeds $570 million.Health care industry 
Rx drugs offer rebates, money back guarantees.Health care industry 
Scott-Levin in U.S. to go solo.Health care industry 
SCP Communications, major CME provider, acquires Cliggott, major journal publisher.Health care industry 
Speaking softly...while introducing a breakthrough brand.Health care industryCastagnoli, William G.
Tapping into "emotional truth."Health care industry 
Up against the law: Hoechst faces antitrust suit.Health care industry 
What the future holds for alternative media.Health care industry 
Why Merck has to run just to stay in place.Health care industrySeiden, Carl
WLF wins suit. Federal judge reduces restrictions on promotion of off-label indications.Health care industry 
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