Modern Age 1995 - Abstracts

Modern Age 1995
A revolutionary in love with the past: a grandmother's Sternstunden. (a German woman in pre-unified Germany)Political scienceRodden, John
Border crossings with invisible baggage.Political scienceReich-Ranicki, Marcel
Comments on Carl Schmitt and Juan Donoso Cortes. (novelist)Political scienceMcNamara, Vincent J.
Confucius today.(influence of Confucius on American society)Political scienceKalb, James
Donald Davidson and 'America's other lost generation.'Political scienceHuff, Peter
Eliseo Vivas, 1901-1993.Political scienceCurtler, Hugh Mercer
Eternal questions and ultimate concerns.Political scienceGurney, Stephen
Faithful to his theme.(Testimonies of Gratritude)Political scienceRickenbacker, William
Father to daughter: an inheritance. (Testimonies of Gratitude)Political scienceBurleigh, Anne Husted
God, man and nature.Political scienceRoshwald, Mordecai
Issac Don Levine: herald of free Russia.Political scienceMethvin, Eugene H.
Marking and remembering. (novelist Aldous Huxley)Political scienceHuxley, Aldous
Models and mentors.(Testimonies of Gratitude)Political scienceHollander, Paul
Oklahoma City: 'beyond a certain point....'(Editorial)Political sciencePanichas, George A.
On the mystery of teachers I never met.(Testimonies of Gratitude)Political scienceSchall, James V.
Reconsidering Evelyn Waugh's 'The Loved One.' (Book)Political scienceRoss, T.J.
Regionalism.Political scienceDavidson, Donald, Davidson, Theresa Sherrer
Remembering a great teacher.(Testimonies of Gratitude)Political scienceRegnery, Henry
Responsibility to the sign.(Testimonies of Gratitude)Political scienceMontgomery, Marion
Russell Kirk - 1918-1994.Political scienceTonsor, Stephen J.
Santayana on the role of religion in society. (American philosopher George Santayana)Political scienceDougherty, Jude P.
Schoolmasters.Political sciencePlatt, Michael
Science, anti-science, and the muse.Political scienceBall, Roger E.
Secular gnosticism and classical realism.Political scienceYoung, Theodore A.
Spiritual abnormality and political revolt in Solzhenitsyn's Red Wheel.(Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn)Political scienceDavis, Glenn A.
Thank You, Tommy.(Testimonies of Gratitude)Political scienceAttarian, John
The case of George Bernanos.(writer)Political scienceMolnar, Thomas
The flame and sparks of splendor.(Testimonies of Gratitude)Political scienceBirnbaum, Milton
The fragile balance: John Adams on liberty and equality.Political scienceCooke, J.W.
The man who was in love with the past.(Testimonies of Gratitude)Political scienceTonsor, Stephen
The Utopia of Thomas More: a contemporary battleground.Political scienceWegemer, Gerard
The Woodstock in our selves.(anthropological meaning of Woodstock music festivals)(Editorial)Political sciencePanichas, George A.
To Mr. Schaefer con amore.(Testimonies of Gratitude)Political scienceDauner, Louise
Truth and experience of epoch in history: a Voegelinian perspective.Political scienceSandoz, Ellis
T.S. Eliot Circa 1930: the recovery of the permanent things.Political scienceMontgomery, Marion
Uncle Irving.(Testimonies of Gratitude)Political scienceHux, Samuel
Understanding the low in terms of the high.(pornography and indecency in high and popular culture)Political scienceJamieson, T. John
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