Modern Asian Studies 1995 - Abstracts

Modern Asian Studies 1995
APEC: the challenges of Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation.Regional focus/area studiesRunder, Martin
Armed incidents and unpaid bills: Anglo-Dutch rivalry in the Banda Islands in the seventeenth century.Regional focus/area studiesLoth, Vincent C.
Asian Capital in the age of European domination: the rise of the bazaar, 1800-1914.Regional focus/area studiesRay, Rajat Kanta
Assuaging the Sikhs: government resposes to the Akali movement, 1920-1925.Regional focus/area studiesTai Yong Tan
Brides, bachelors and brokers: the marriage market in rural Anhui in an era of economic reform.Regional focus/area studiesMin, Han, Eades, J.S.
Containing the crisis: Japan's diplomatic offensive in the West, 1931-33.Regional focus/area studiesWilson, Sandra
Disaster or release? J.S. Furnivall and the bankruptcy of Burma. (economic analyst)Regional focus/area studiesTaylor, R.H.
Ecological and cultural anatomy of Taishan villages.Regional focus/area studiesHammond, Jonathan
Identity formation and Muslim party politics in the Punjab, 1897-1936: a retrospective analysis.Regional focus/area studiesMalik, Iftikhar H.
International trade in Bengal silk and the comparative role of Asians and Europeans, circa. 1700-1757.Regional focus/area studiesChaudhury, Sushil
Japanese modernization and the emergence of new fiction in early twentieth century China: a study of Liang Qichao.Regional focus/area studiesWillcock, Hiroko
Japan's role in the Vietnamese starvation of 1944-45.Regional focus/area studiesDung, Bui Minh
Loyalty, locality and authority in several opinions (fatawa) delivered by the Mufti of the Jami'ah Nizamiyyah Madrasah, Hyderabad, India.Regional focus/area studiesKozlowski, Gregory C.
Of 'metaphorical' politics: Bombay films and Indian society.(response to Akbar S. Ahmed, 'Bombay Films: The Cinema as a Metaphor for Indian Society and Politics,' Modern Asian Society, 26, 2 (1992) 389-320)Regional focus/area studiesSircar, Ajanta
Opium smoking in late imperial China: a reconsideration.Regional focus/area studiesNewman, R.K.
Paternalism and freedom: the evangelical encounter in colonial Chhattisgarh, Central India.Regional focus/area studiesDube, Saurabh
Sakti and Barakat: the power of Tipu's tiger: an examination of the tiger emblem of Tipu Sultan of Mysore.Regional focus/area studiesBrittlebank, Kate
The babbling Brookes: economic change in Sarawak 1841-1941.Regional focus/area studiesKaur, Amarjit
The composition of the nineteenth-century political elite of pre-colonial Nguyen Vietnam (1802-1883).Regional focus/area studiesCooke, Nola
The cross battles the crescent: one century of missionary work among Chinese Muslims (1850-1950).Regional focus/area studiesIsraeli, Raphael
The forgotten plague: opium and narcotics in Korea under Japanese rule, 1910-1945.Regional focus/area studiesJennings, John M.
The French in Laos, 1887-1945.Regional focus/area studiesStuart-Fox, Martin
The Hong Kong gold market and the Southeast Asian gold trade in the 1950s.Regional focus/area studiesSchenk, Catherine R.
The poverty of education in the Malaysian plantation frontier.Regional focus/area studiesRamachandran, Selvakumaran
The Punjab Land Alienation Act and the professional moneylenders.Regional focus/area studiesIslam, M. Mufakharul
The thin end of the wedge: medical relativities as a paradigm of early modern Indian-European relations.Regional focus/area studiesPearson, M.N.
'Trouble must follow': Australia's ban on iron ore exports to Japan in 1938.Regional focus/area studiesTsokhas, Kosmas
Warrior, peasant and brahmin.Regional focus/area studiesHeesterman, J.C.
Women warriors and Amazons of the mid Qing texts Jinghua yuan and Honglou meng.Regional focus/area studiesEdwards, Louise
Work and life of the rural proletariat in Java's coastal plain.Regional focus/area studiesBreman, Jan
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