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Psychological Reports
A methodological comparison of survey techniques in obtaining self-reports of condom-related behaviors.Psychology and mental healthWilliams, Bryan L., Suen, Hoi
Anger, curiosity, and optimism.Psychology and mental healthComunian, A.L.
Are schizophrenic symptoms different in patients with higher education?Psychology and mental healthHelmes, Edward, Cernovsky, Zack Z., Landmark, Johan
Assessing students' library skills and knowledge: the library research strategies questionnaire.Psychology and mental healthLandrum, R. Eric, Muench, Diana M.
Attitudes of traditional and nontraditional students toward their classmates of various ages.Psychology and mental healthWeinstein, Lawrence, Dzindolet, Mary T.
Attitudes toward homosexual behavior: effects of veteran status.Psychology and mental healthMathews, Michael D., Harger, Bruce S., Weaver, Charles N.
Casual attribution and affective response as mediated by task performance and self-acceptance.Psychology and mental healthWilliams, Dale E.
Cognitive complexity and conformity: effects on performance in a turbulent environment.Psychology and mental healthJohnson, Michael D., Bantel, Karen A., McGill, Andrew
Construct validation study of the fear of powerlessness scale.Psychology and mental healthRoyal, K. Good, Rutherford, David
Daily and weekly smoking habits: a Box-Jenkins analysis. (analysts G.E.P. Box and G.M. Jenkins)Psychology and mental healthRosel, Jesus, Elosegui, Eduardo
Depression and acculturation in Mexican-American women.Psychology and mental healthMasten, William G., Penland, Elizabeth A., Nayani, Elisabeth J.
Depression and sense of humor.Psychology and mental healthThorson, James A., Powell, F.C.
Dietary restraint as a predictor of reported weight loss and affect.Psychology and mental healthTiggemann, Marika
Differential predictive power of the positively versus the negatively worded items of the life orientation test.Psychology and mental healthLai, Julian C.L.
Epistemological beliefs and reflective judgement.Psychology and mental healthBendixen, Lisa D., Dunkle, Michael E., Schraw, Gregory
False consensus bias and gender: presidential preferences and the right to choose.Psychology and mental healthBrown, Clifford E., Shuman, Vicki L.
Female nudity in advertisements, arousal and response: a parsimonious extension.Psychology and mental healthLaTour, Michael S., Henthorne, Tony L.
Further validation of the indecisiveness scale.Psychology and mental healthGayton, William F., Clavin, Raymond H., Clavin, Sherry L., Broida, John
Group ability test versus teachers' ratings for predicting achievement.Psychology and mental healthStone, Brian J.
Group differences in alcohol-creativity interactions.Psychology and mental healthLowe, Geoff
Inclusive education in Finland: present and future perspectives.Psychology and mental healthMoberg, Sakari, Zumberg, Marshall
Issues associated with international incarceration rates.Psychology and mental healthKrus, David J., Hoehl, Lenore S.
Job satisifaction of and return to work by occupationally injured employees.Psychology and mental healthMurphy, Gregory C.
Lunar phases and psychiatric hospital admissions.Psychology and mental healthGorvin, John J., Roberts, M. Susan
Maternal sex-stereotyping of newborns.Psychology and mental healthReid, Guynel Marie
Neuropsychological symptoms in a cross-sectional sample of abstinent alcoholics.Psychology and mental healthO'Donnell, William E., DeSoto, Clinton B., DeSoto, Janet L.
Organizational commitment and employees' performance ratings: both type of commitment and type of performance count.Psychology and mental healthAngle, Harold L., Lawson, Marian B.
Perceptually oriented hypnosis.(Author Abstract)Psychology and mental healthWoodard, Fredrick J.
Personality correlates of scores on the depression-happiness scale.Psychology and mental healthJoseph, Stephen, Cammock, Tommy, Lewis, Christopher Alan
Predicting employers' satisfaction with newcomers' knowledge, skills, and abilities.Psychology and mental healthHellman, Chan M.
Prediction of recreational therapy behavior of hospitalized adolescents from a behavior classification instrument.Psychology and mental healthBerard, Michael, Dreger, Ralph Mason
Presence seeking and sensation seeking as motives for international travel.Psychology and mental healthFontaine, Gary
Sexual abuse as a correlate of women's alcohol abuse.Psychology and mental healthGoodale, Tammy, Stoner, Sue B.
Sexual behavior of nonurban students in grades 7 and 8: implications for public policy and sex education.Psychology and mental healthJensen, Larry C.
Survey response rate as a function of age: a study among clergy.Psychology and mental healthFrancis, Leslie J., Lankshear, David W.
Symptom correlates and factor structure of the health professions stress inventory.Psychology and mental healthEells, Tracy D., Lacefield, Patricia, Maxey, Jack
Synonyms for sexual intercourse: evidence of Zipf's Law. (Zipf's Law suggests popular words are truncated as their frequency increases)Psychology and mental healthTerry, Roger L.
Text anxiety and academic achievement among South African university students.Psychology and mental healthMawamwenda, Tuntufye S.
The compensatory model in weight control: relapse prevention revisited. (response to R.C. Baker, Psychological Reports, vol. 78, p. 680, 1996)Psychology and mental healthTurner, Lori W., Wang, Min Qi, Westerfield, R. Carl
The settlement of the "target" case and its aftermath.Psychology and mental healthMerenda, Peter F.
Vulnerability scale: a preliminary report of psychometric properties.Psychology and mental healthGoodnick, Paul, Glover, Hillel, Silver, Steven, Ohlde, Carroll, Packard, Peter, Hamlin, Cary L.
Women at risk for homeless ness: comparison between housed and homeless women.Psychology and mental healthWagner, Jane K., Perrine, Rose M.
Work role ambiguity, job satisfaction, and job performance: meta-analyses and review.Psychology and mental healthAbramis, David J.
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