Quarterly Review of Biology - Abstracts

Quarterly Review of Biology
Adaptation and the goals of evolutionary research.Biological sciencesSherman, Paul W., Reeve, HudsonKern
Axum, Technical Graphics and Data Analysis, version 1.2. (presentation software) (Software Review) (Evaluation)Biological sciencesPigliucci, Massimo
Beyond pacific tides: the inner shores remembering Joel Walker Hedgpeth (1911-2006).(marine biologist)(Obituary)Biological sciencesSmith, Randall W.
Climate reconstruction based on biological indicators.Biological sciencesWoodcock, D.W.
Cloning, inbreeding and history.Biological sciencesOrel, Vitezslav
Community heterogeneity and the evolution of interactions between plants and insect herbivores.Biological sciencesHamback, Peter A., Agrawal, Anurag A., Lau, Jennifer A.
Cooperation among unrelated individuals: evolutionary factors.Biological sciencesDugatkin, Lee Alan, Mesterton-Gibbons, Michael
Creationists and the Pope's statement.(The Pope's Message on Evolution and Four Commentaries)Biological sciencesScott, Eugenie C.
Darwin, 2d ed.Biological sciencesWilliams, George C.
Evolutionary biology: Puzzle solving or paradigm shifting?Biological sciencesPigliucci, Massimo
Evolutionary consequences of sperm cell aging.Biological sciencesReinhardt, Klaus
Fear and fearfulness in animals.Biological sciencesBoissy, Alain
Gaia, nature worship and biocentric fallacies. (Commentary)Biological sciencesWilliams, George C.
Gene Jockey: Sequence Processor. (medical software) (Software Review) (Evaluation)Biological sciencesMeyer, Axel
Graftool: Graphical Analysis System, Version 3.3 (scientific software) (Software Review) (Evaluation)Biological sciencesRohlf, F. James
GraphPad InStat.(Evaluation)Biological sciencesFortin, Marie-Josee
GraphPad Prism.(Evaluation)Biological sciencesFortin, Marie-Josee
Haldane, Marxism, and the conduct of research.Biological sciencesShapiro, Arthur M.
Haldane's 'Causes of Evolution' after 60 years.Biological sciencesMayr, Ernst
Human imperfection: unresolved responses. (commentary)Biological sciencesCarlson, Elof Axel
Is there teaching in nonhuman animals?Biological sciencesCaro, T.M., Hauser, M.D.
Jaroslav Krizenecky (1896-1964), tragic victim of Lysenkoism in Czechoslovakia. (geneticist) (Commentary)Biological sciencesOrel, Vitezslav
John Paul II and evolution.(The Pope's Message on Evolution and Four Commentaries)Biological sciencesRuse, Michael
Magnetic maps in animals: A theory comes of age?Biological sciencesPhillips, John B., Freake, Michael J., Muheim, Rachel
Mathematica version 3.0 for Windows. (Software Review)(Evaluation)Biological sciencesInchausti, Pablo
MINSQ: Nonlinear curve fitting and model development. (Software Review) (Evaluation)Biological sciencesMendell, Nancy
Multi-Variate Statistical Package, version 2.1.(Evaluation)Biological sciencesJensen, Richard J.
Nuclear waste: the Academy and million-year estimates. (National Academy of Sciences' report, 'Technical Bases for Yucca Mountain Standards')Biological sciencesShrader-Frechette, Kristin
Obscurantism to the rescue.(The Pope's Message on Evolution and Four Commentaries)Biological sciencesDawkins, Richard
On the making of a system theory of life: Paul A. Weiss and Ludwig von Bertalanffy's conceptual connection.Biological sciencesDrack, Manfred, Apfalter, Wilfried, Pouvreau, David
Origin: Technical Graphics and Data Analysis in Windows, version 3.5.(Evaluation)Biological sciencesThomson, James (American biologist)
Population Ecology and Genetics. (educational sofware) (Software Review) (Evaluation)Biological sciencesSonleitner, Frank
Potential reproductive rates and the operation of sexual selection. (includes appendix)Biological sciencesClutton-Brock, T.H., Parker, G.A.
Protists as Indicators of Pollution. (database) (Software Review) (Evaluation)Biological sciencesSonleitner, Frank
RAMAS/GIS.(Evaluation)Biological sciencesBoyce, Mark S.
RAMAS/Metapop: Viability Analysis for Stage-Structured Metapopulations. (Software Review)(Evaluation)Biological sciencesWitteman, Greg J., Gilpin, Michael
RAMAS/Stage. Generalized stage-based modeling for population dynamics. (Software Review) (Evaluation)Biological sciencesFerson, Scott
Rethinking the theoretical foundation of sociobiology.Biological sciencesWilson, Edward O., Wilson, David Sloan
Seasonal variation in human reproduction: environmental factors.Biological sciencesBronson, F.H.
Sensory and hormonal control of clutch size in birds.Biological sciencesHaywood, Sacha
Sexual selection for moral virtues.Biological sciencesMiller, Geoffrey F.
Smart Dissection of the Human Heart.(Evaluation)Biological sciencesLarson, Susan G.
Snap-Master for Windows. (computer software)(Evaluation)Biological sciencesMillstein, Jeffrey A.
SYSTAT for Windows. Version 5.03. (Software Review)(Evaluation)Biological sciencesLeigh, Steven R.
TableCurve. (Software Review) (Evaluation)Biological sciencesCollins, William F., III
Tecplot: Interactive Data Visualization for Scientists & Engineers. Version 6.0. (Software Review)(Evaluation)Biological sciencesKim, Junhyong
The dilemma of plants: to grow or defend.Biological sciencesHerms, Daniel A., Mattson, William J.
The evolution of delayed dispersal in cooperative breeders.Biological sciencesKoenig, Walter D., Stanback, Mark T., Mumme, Ronald L., Pitelka, Frank A., Carmen, William J.
Theology and evolution in dialogue. (The Pope's Message on Evolution and Four Commentaries.)Biological sciencesPellegrino, Edmund D.
The Spaniels of St. Marx and the Panglossian paradox: a critique of a rhetorical programme.Biological sciencesQueller, David C.
Vernadsky's biosphere concept: an historical perspective.(Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky)Biological sciencesGhilarov, Alexej M.
Ward's Smart Slides: Animal and Plant Mitosis Study Set.(Evaluation)Biological sciencesConover, Margaret
Why biological literacy matters: A review of commentaries related to The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life.Biological sciencesMcInerney, Joseph D.
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