Real Estate Finance Journal 1995 - Abstracts

Real Estate Finance Journal 1995
1031 exhanges offer unlimited opportunities for investors.Real estate industryFrank, John J., Jr.
Agent cannot represent both buyer and seller.Real estate industryVoinovich, Victor S., Sr.
Analyzing promissory notes for negotiability.Real estate industryMeeks, Larry M., Irons, John H.
An analysis of "reasonable equivalent value" after BFP v. RTC. (BFP v. Resolution Trust Corp.)Real estate industrySmith, R. Jeffrey, Juliano, James P.
An important question when considering a "roll-up."Real estate industrySchoenfeld, John A., Bowen, Marjorie L.
A partnership for low-income housing rehabilitation.Real estate industryHodgson, Julia, Jones, Lewis P.
Avoiding housing discrimination by real estate professionals.Real estate industryRyan, Jennifer Jolly
Considering the options: the like-kind exchange and the personal residence.Real estate industrySegal, Mark A.
Creating a secondary market for community development loans.Real estate industryMatthews, Stephanie C., Rovira, Merilyn
Creative cost recovery and CERCLA limitations. (Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act of 1980)Real estate industryPhillips, Kenneth W.
Credit lease securitization: the new wave of shopping center financing.Real estate industryBorod, Ronald S.
Death of downtowns greatly exaggerated.Real estate industrySouthard, John
Editor's comments. (real estate industry)Real estate industryZucker, William
Effect of the Bankruptcy Reform Act on mortgages.Real estate industrySaft, Stuart M.
Excellent at the top - what it will take in the twenty-first century. (real estate executives)Real estate industryNass, Martin D.
Facility development challenges in China.Real estate industryMunkacy, Kenneth A.
Finally, something good comes from asbestos contamination.Real estate industryRosen, Kenneth A., Morris, Frederick D.
Graying of America leads to senior housing shortage.Real estate industryCollins, David P.
Home-building opportunities in Mexico.Real estate industryTresnak, George
Important points about lead paint removal.Real estate industryKeenan, R. Mark
Indoor pollution: the horsemen cometh.Real estate industryDiamond, Mark
Innocent landowner loses big. (potential liability of real estate transactions)Real estate industryPhillips, Kenneth W.
Insurers focus on niche real estate markets.Real estate industryYeskey, Dennis P.
Interest in luxury hotels is coming back.Real estate industryButler, James R., Jr., Benudiz, P. Peter
Investment and development opportunities in Mexico's real estate markets.Real estate industryRoss, Stan, Johansson, Ronald
Investors' perspective: the future of the lodging industry.Real estate industryBeals, Paul, Engel, Thomas R.
Japanese investment in U.S. real estate: past and present.Real estate industrySmith, Kenneth G., Moody, Todd A.
Lead paint and "sick building syndrome" liability claims.Real estate industryAnderson, Eugene R.
Leases: what is the right term structure?Real estate industryPowers, John F., Tosko, Gregory A.
Leasing office space: perceptions versus reality.Real estate industryHayman, Alan, Ulrich, Peter J.
Limited liability companies: a new opportunity for real estate investors.Real estate industryShenkman, Martin M., Weiner, Samuel, Carbone, John
Mortgage banking: predicting the winds of change.Real estate industryRiedy, Mark J.
Opportunities and challenges for U.S. developers in China.Real estate industryRoss, Stan
Outlook for the real estate market.Real estate industryKelly, Hugh F.
Pooling risk and resources for affordable housing.Real estate industryAtkins, Jacqueline T.
Portfolio management strategies for life insurance companies.Real estate industryReeves, Robert C., Jr., Tepper, Yaniv
Real property foreclosure actions and deficiency judgments: a call for reform.Real estate industryHeching, Harry G., Zeitlin, Andrew M.
Reinventing the office building business.Real estate industryHayman, Alan J.
REITs: another case of musical chairs? (real estate investment trusts)Real estate industryLee, Christopher E.
Roundtable on issues facing the ultra-luxury hotel industry.Real estate industry 
Survey on executive compensation in the development industry.Real estate industryMcMahon, Jim, Casazza, John
Tax incremental financing for retail development and the local government decision model.Real estate industryCowart, Larry B., Rayburn, William B., Belcher, Terry
The emerging market for commercial mortgage conduits.Real estate industryKane, Carl, Alpart, Stephen
The impact of childhood lead poisoning on affordable housing.Real estate industryFarr, Walter G., Jr.
The issue of Japanese disinvestment.Real estate industryRodman, Jack
The valuation virus. (real property valuation costs)Real estate industryHayman, Alan, Ulrich, Peter J.
The worker adjustment and retraining notification act: impact on the hotel industry.Real estate industryFernandez, Louise Ann
Trends in management compensation.Real estate industryBruno, Carl
Updating the bulk-sale market's benchmark of value. (revised appendix to the Asset Due Diligence Manual)Real estate industryRubin, Joseph B.
U.S. Department of Justice fair lending settlements: selected terms and provisions.Real estate industrySchieber, Paul H.
Using interest rate swaps and swaptions in hedging interest rate risk.Real estate industryMcLeod, Robert W., Malhotra, D.K.
Virtual offices bring challenges to the real estate industry.Real estate industryTakagawa, Michael K.
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