Real Estate Finance Journal 1998 - Abstracts

Real Estate Finance Journal 1998
1997 midyear real estate market review.Real estate industryBall, David, Fulton, Faye E., Pederson, Rick
Allocating between public real estate securities and private pooled funds.Real estate industryJudson, Timm
Asian investment in U.S. real estate: new buyers enter the market.Real estate industryRodman, Jack
California AB 1224: foreclosure reform or complication?Real estate industryHaight, Robert M., Jr., Pham, Tuan A.
Can pension assets be invested in real estate prudently without diversification?Real estate industryLantry, Terry L.
Commercial real estate: how brokers and lenders can get their checks in the "e-mail."Real estate industryLinkner, Josh
Corporate real estate: ownership and leasing alternatives.Real estate industryDuGan, Gordon F.
Economic trends in the U.S. lodging industry.Real estate industryRushmore, Stephen
Editor's comments.(global economic conditions in the late 1990s)(Editorial)Real estate industryZucker, William
Editor's comments.(real estate investment trusts)(Editorial)Real estate industryZucker, William
EIFs offer solid barrier to moisture intrusion.(exterior insulation and finish systems)Real estate industryKlamke, Stephan E.
Electric utility deregulation and the commercial building owner.Real estate industryAngerame, Richard A.
Equity financing for California residential development projects: an update.Real estate industryKagan, Robert, Thaden, Janis W. von
Factors supporting the urban core hotel development boom.Real estate industryZucker, David L.
Financing trends: going "beyond the box"Real estate industryDeLorme, Edward R.
Fixed-rate mortgages, adjustable-rate mortgages, and the axiom of risk-return trade-off.Real estate industryBuch, Joshua
Forecast: 1998 national investment report.(Industry Overview)Real estate industryNadji, Hessam
For profit and non-profit developers: united we stand?Real estate industryPratt, Fred N., Jr.
Homilies for a successful mediation.(vehicle in dispute resolution)Real estate industryBaker, Michael J.
Hotel investment strategies: management issues.Real estate industryCiraldo, Dana Michael
Hotel investment strategies: objectives.Real estate industryCiraldo, Dana Michael
Hotel real estate tax valuation: current issues.Real estate industryRubin, Karen E.
Hotel value trends: yesterday, today, and tomorrow.(hotel investments)Real estate industryRushmore, Stephen
How a borrower can use lender liability to attack a trustee's sale in a nonjudicial foreclosure.Real estate industryCappello, A. Barry
How will utility deregulation affect commercial leasing?Real estate industryNash, Robert S.
Hymns: an answer to a prayer or the case for high yield mortgage notes?(high yield mortgage notes)Real estate industryKuntz, Robert T.
Improving recycling and waste-handling efficiency in New York City.Real estate industryMartinez, Eve
In a down market, bartering gives companies a boost.(bartering owned or rented office space)Real estate industrySchacht, Jack
Incorporating probabilistic risk analysis into the valuation of hotels.Real estate industryWong, Robert
Inside tips for getting the most from environmental assessment reports.Real estate industryFonzi, Chris
Insurance coverage disputes in carbon monoxide claims.Real estate industryWarshauer, Irene C.
Is first always best?(planning hotel construction)Real estate industryWilson, Carter
Lender's guide to the securitization of commercial loan obligations.(commercial bank loans)Real estate industryDolan, Patrick D.
Making sense of financial asset securitization investment trusts.Real estate industryScherrer, Philip Scott, Bolick, Chad
Making the most of tenant improvement dollars.Real estate industryDellinger, John
Managing the tax consequences of tenant construction allowances: a tenant's primer.Real estate industryRosenberg, Robert
Mortgage amortization schedules: a closer look.Real estate industrySchonberger, Michael
Mortgage REITs come of age.(real estate investment trusts)Real estate industryLevinson, Samuel E., Stern, Craig S.
New York's Rent Regulation Reform Act of 1997.Real estate industryCaras, Tracy A., Levine, Gerald M.
Northern Forest Act paves for major land acquisition.(Northern Forest Stewardship Act)Real estate industryLitchfield, Pieter V.C.
Opportunistic investing: is the game over?Real estate industryTodd, John A., Appel, Russell L., Kohn, Brian A.
Overview of Florida's real estate market.(Industry Overview)Real estate industryMoss, William S.
Philadelphia region buoyed by strong suburban performance.(Pennsylvania)Real estate industrySmith, H. Hetherington
Polish economic growth fueling office/warehouse demand.Real estate industryKontrabecki, John
Real estate capital markets: who's the daddy?Real estate industryGordon, Sally
Redefining a CFO's role with real estate.(chief executive officer)Real estate industryKennedy, Loren S.
Securitization of commercial mortgage loans.Real estate industryDolan, Patrick D.
Securitization of Mexican vacation home loans.Real estate industryDolan, Patrick
The appropriate solution: synthetic leases vs. bond net lease.Real estate industryNessen, Robert L.
The assisted-living discussion: what's at stake?Real estate industryAnderson, Karen
The home sale gain exclusion under the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997.Real estate industryArnold, Alvin L.
The impact of mega-retail discount chains on urban, suburban, and rural economies.Real estate industryShils, Edward B.
The paired share REIT structure and its alternatives.(real estate investment trusts)Real estate industrySearfoss, Jason E.
The point of points.(mortgage with points)Real estate industryPlaut, Steven E.
The risks of financing with synthetic leases.Real estate industrySaft, Stuart M.
The synthetic lease: off-balance-sheet financing of the acquisition of real property.Real estate industryHodge, James Blythe
Trends in the budget and economy segments of the U.S. lodging industry.Real estate industryMurphy, Kathleen M., Hehir, Sean A.
Unilateral lease subordination options: can California real property lenders have their cake and eat it too?Real estate industryHameetman, Christopher S.
Useful sites on the Internet.Real estate industryTracht, Marshall E.
Using operating companies under ERISA.(Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974)Real estate industryHetzel, John S.
What every retail landlord should know about negotiating "go dark" clauses.(continuous operation clauses in lease deals)(includes related article on sample provisions on leasing agreements)Real estate industryKalt, Scott M.
What's new in appraising?Real estate industryJeffcoat, Alan L.
What's wrong with real estate accounting?Real estate industryHutto, Gary W.
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