Review of Radical Political Economics - Abstracts

Review of Radical Political Economics
A brief history, scope, and peculiarities of "analytical Marxism".Political scienceTarrit, Fabien
A classical approach to real exchange rate determination with an application for the case of Greece.(Papers From URPE at ASSA Meetings, 1999)Political scienceAntonopoulos, Rania
A classical-Keynesian model of macroeconomic fluctuations.Political scienceDibeh, Ghassan
A history of contemporary political economy and postmodernism.Political scienceMavroudeas, Stavros D.
Alternative perspectives on international competitiveness.(Papers From URPE at ASSA Meetings, 1999)Political scienceFazeli, Reza
A million of the Irish toilers: a Marxist approach to the Great Irish Famine.Political scienceMcDonough, Terrence
Analyzing the transformation of the family. (response to Ben Fine, this issue, p. 106)Political scienceKotz, David M.
An analysis of contingent labor.Political scienceRussell, Kevin
A post-Keynesian long-term equilibrium with equalized profit rates? A rejoinder to Amitava Dutt's synthesis. (response to Amitava Dutt, Review of Radical Political Economics, vol. 19, 1987, p. 55)Political scienceDumenil, Gerard, Levy, Dominique
A reexamination of the quantitative issues in the new interpretation.Political scienceRieu, Dong-Min
A two-sector effort-regulation model with implications for wage developments of the 1980s.Political scienceFerguson, William D.
Capitalism as socialism in the early Soviet doctrine: Lenin, Trotsky, Bukharin, Preobrazhensky.Political scienceChattopadhyay, Paresh
Cashing in on shame: How the popular "tradition vs. modernity" dualism contributes to the "HIV/AIDS" crisis in Africa.Political scienceLauer, Helen
Changes in the Consumer Price Index.Political scienceRichardson, David H.
Circuits of capital and overproduction: A Marxist analysis of the present world economic crisis.Political scienceKettell, Steven
Civilizations and culture in the global political economy: recent attempts to understand culture in the world system.Political scienceDavies, Matt
Classical competition and the compatibility of market power and uniform rates of profit. (response to Amitava Dutt, Review of Radical Political Economics, vol. 19, 1987, p. 55)Political scienceGlick, Mark, Campbell, D.A.
Conceptual collapses: a note on value-form theory. (comment on article by Pichit Likitkijsomboon, Review of Radical Political Economics, vol. 27, no. 2, p. 73, 1995)Political scienceReuten, Geert
Contemporary documents and commentaries in political economy.Political scienceYates, Michael
Contemporary documents and commentaries in political economy: globalization and its discontents.Political science 
Did household saving really decline in the Reagan years?Political scienceBlock, Fred
Eastern European success with socialized agriculture: developmental and Sovietological lessons.Political scienceMcIntyre, Robert
Economic boundaries of health care: Factors influencing reform proposals.Political scienceNayeri, Kamran
Economic development and unequal excahnge among nations: analysis of the U.S., Japan, and South Korea.Political scienceIzumi, Hiroshi, Nakajima, Akiko
Economic health, consumer confidence, and the stock market.Political scienceLin, Henry B.
Economic subjects and the shape of politics.Political scienceCallari, Antonio
Efficiency vs. control: a strategic bargaining analysis of capitalist production.Political scienceSkillman, Gilbert L.
Empiricism and the Keynesian tradition.Political scienceEfaw, Fritz W.
Endogenous money and a liquidity preference theory of asset prices.Political scienceWray, L. Randall
Exploitation: A modern approach.Political scienceHahnel, Robin
Exports and economic growth in Africa: a note on the causality question.Political scienceYaghmaian, Behzad
Fictitious capital, real debts: Systemic illiquidity in the financial crises of the late 1990s.Political scienceNesvetailova, Anastasia
Financial institutions after the S & L crisis: a community-based credit union.Political scienceIsenberg, Dorene
Financial market intervention and regulation: policy for the 1990s.Political scienceNiggle, Christopher J.
Forces of change in Florida's labor markets.Political scienceFord, Edward J.
Foreign trade and innovation in domestic labor relations.(Papers From URPE at ASSA Meetings, 1999)Political scienceNilsson, Eric A.
From communist manifesto to Empire: How Marxists have viewed global capitalism in history.Political scienceHosseini, Hamid
From segmentation to flexibility: a selective survey.Political scienceRosenberg, Sam
Gendered employment in the U.S. auto industry: a case study of the Ford Motor Co. Phoenix plant, 1922-1940. (Phoenix, Michigan)Political sciencePietrykowski, Bruce
Geopolitics, the state, and political economy of growth in Taiwan.(Papers From URPE at ASSA Meetings, 1999)Political scienceTsai, Ming-Chang
Insiders and outsiders, unemployment, and worktime: Rothschild's analysis extended.Political scienceBurkett, Paul
International and domestic forces in the postwar golden age.Political scienceArsen, David D.
Lessons for a future socialism from the Soviet collapse. (Soviet Union)Political scienceKotz, David M.
Management in a bottle: pesticides and the deskilling of agriculture.Political scienceVandeman, Ann M.
Marxian microfoundations: Contribution or detour?Political scienceGoldstein, Jonathan P.
Monopoly power and uniform rates of profit: a reply to Glick-Campbell and Dumenil-Levy. (response to Mark Glick et. al. and Gerard Dumenil et. al, in this issue, p. 124 and 135)Political scienceDutt, Amitava Krishna
Must U.S. per capita income growth be constrained by slow productivity growth in services?(Papers From URPE at ASSA Meetings, 1999)Political scienceHowes, Candace
Neoclassical economics and the end of equitable, open, and universal telecommunications services in the United States.Political scienceBaiman, Ron
Neoliberal global remedies: From speculative-led growth to IMF-led crisis in Turkey.Political scienceYeldan, Erinc
New Labor Party develops program for economic justice.Political scienceBotwinick, Howard
One-dollar, one-vote socialism financial reform in France.Political scienceBiewener, Carole
On monopoly power and fixed markups.Political scienceCampbell, D.A.
Out of the closet: the political economy of neo-classical distribution theory.Political sciencePalley, Thomas I.
Overhead workers and political economy macro models.Political scienceNichols, Len M., Norton, Bruce
Pensions in an international perspective: privatizing and contested control.Political scienceGhilarducci, Teresa
Perishable money in a threefold commonwealth: Rudolf Steiner and the social economics of an anarchist Utopia.Political sciencePreparata, Guido Giacomo
Productive and unproductive labor: a comment.(response to Simoun Mohun, Review of Political Economics, vol. 28, issue no. 4, p. 30, December, 1996)Political scienceLaibman, David
Productive-unproductive labor: rest in peace. (response to Simon Mohun, Review of Radical Political Economics, vol. 28, no. 4, p. 30, 1996)Political scienceHouston, David
Profit and demand determined debt.Political scienceCipolla, Francisco Paulo
Reconsidering "household labor, wage labor and the transformation of the family." (response to D. Kotz, Review of Radical Political Economics, vol. 26, 1994, p. 24)Political scienceFine, Ben
Reregulated, deregulated and progressive financial systems.Political scienceMcIntyre, Richard
Responding the crisis: state withdrawal, postmodern fatalism and the possibilities of radical politics.Political scienceLafferty, George
Revolution and counterrevolution: lessons from Central America.Political scienceRichards, Donald G.
Share schemes, participatory management and work norms.Political scienceDrago, Robert
Skills, bargaining power and rising interindustry wage inequality since 1970.Political scienceWolff, Edward N., Howell, David R.
Social conflict and the effectiveness of aggregate demand management policies.Political scienceTsakalotos, Euclid
Socialist economics: which way now?Political scienceSetterfield, Mark, Bowles, Paul, Maclean, Brian
Socializing the surplus: a system of life estates.Political scienceThompson, Frank
Some production aspects of an endogenous money-liquidity preference model.Political scienceDeprez, Johan
Structure and agency in the capital-labor relation.Political scienceFairris, David
Struggles against patriarchy and Jim Crow: their incompatibility with corporate profitability.Political scienceCherry, Robert
Symbolic sexuality and econmic work in Dominica, West Indies: the naturalization of sex and women's work i development. (Women in the International Economy)Political scienceMaurer, Bill
Technology, finance, and dependency: Latin American radical political economy in retrospect.Political scienceVernengo, Matias
The ambiguous promise of high performance work organization.Political scienceHillard, Michael, McIntyre, Richard
The bargaining approach and feminist methodology.Political scienceSeiz, Janet A.
The breakdown of Sweden's corporatist agricultural policy regime.Political scienceVail, David
The costs of capitalist agriculture: a challenge for radical political economy.Political sciencePerlman, Michael
The empirical relevance of the cyclical profit squeeze: a reassertion.Political scienceGoldstein, Jonathan P.
The Federal Reserve's low interest rate policy of 1970-72: determinants and constraints.Political scienceDickens, Edwin
The hidden face of endogenous growth theory: Analytical and ideological perspectives in the era of neoliberal globalization.Political scienceHerrera, Remy
The labor process of research and development engineers in electronics industries.Political scienceHillard, Michael
The making of a radical economist.Political scienceSherman, Howard J.
The New Party.Political scienceYates, Michael
The notion of disequilibrium, the multiplier, and the endogenous supply of money.Political scienceErturk, Korkut A.
Theories of cyclical profit squeeze. (response to Jonathan Goldstein, vol. 28, no. 4, p. 55, 1996)Political scienceSherman, Howard J.
The peculiar marriage of Marxian and neoclassical labor economics.Political scienceHillard, Michael, McIntyre, Richard
The politics of food: two cheers for agribusiness.(Statistical Data Included)Political scienceHeartfield, James
The "reserve army of labor" and the "natural rate of unemployment": can Marx, Kalecki, Friedman, and Wall Street all be wrong?(speech by Robert Pollin of the Economics and Political Economy Research Institute of the University of Massachusetts-Amherst)(Transcript)Political science 
The revitalization of the labor movement and the creation of a good society: some notes on the political economy of the AFL-CIO.(Contemporary Documents and Commentaries in Political Economy)Political scienceYates, Michael
The rhetoric of Marxian microfoundations.Political scienceCullenberg, Stephen
The role of budget deficits in development strategies.Political scienceHarris, Laurence
The stock market and the economy.Political scienceHenwood, Doug
The struggle for political economy at the University of Sydney.Political scienceStilwell, Frank
The wage-profit curve in Brazil: an input-output model with fixed capital, 1975.Political scienceSilva, Ednaldo Araquem da
Trends in occupational segregation by race and gender in the U.S.A., 1983-92: A multidimensional approach.Political scienceWatts, Martin J.
Unequal exchange without a labor theory of prices: On the need for a global Marshall plan and a solidarity-trading regime.Political scienceBaiman, Ron
Unproductive activity and stagnation: a neo-Marxian model.Political scienceDutt, Amitava Krishna
What else do bosses do? A neo-Hobbesian model of the promotion/discipline nexus.Political scienceMatthews, Peter Hans
Will comparable worth reduce race-based wage discrimination?Political scienceFigart, Deborah M., Lapidus, June
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