Rodale's Fitness Swimmer - Abstracts

Rodale's Fitness Swimmer
A kick out of you.(breaststroke kick)Sports and fitnessLaughlin, Terry
A quick fix.(coach Richard Quick's swimming tips)Sports and fitnessMulgannon, Terry
A quick study.(tips from swimming coach Richard Quick)Sports and fitnessMulgannon, Terry
Back in a flash.(swimmer Lenny Krayzelburg offers tips for swimming the backstroke more comfortably and faster)(Cover Story)Sports and fitnessLaughlin, Terry
Ball bearings.(use of ball in muscle exercises)Sports and fitnessGambetta, Vern
Bar codes.(sports energy bars)Sports and fitnessFox, Martha Capwell
Berning issues.(nutritionist Jackie Berning)Sports and fitnessMcConnell, Amy
Breaking waves.(open water swimming)Sports and fitnessHarris, Stephen
Breaststroke breakthrough.(tips from world champion Kurt Grote)Sports and fitnessLaughlin, Terry
Butterfly made easy. (swimming)(Cover Story)Sports and fitnessLaughlin, Terry
California dreamin'. (swimming bum)Sports and fitnessOrtiz, Rick
Channel master.(channel swimming)Sports and fitnessHewitt, Ed
Come to your senses.(muscle sense)Sports and fitnessLaughlin, Terry
Core curriculum.(exercise for swimmers)Sports and fitnessGambetta, Vern
Cross-train express.(cross-training in the pool)Sports and fitnessKatz, Jane
Deep thoughts.(deep-water running exercise)(Editorial)Sports and fitnessBolster, Mary
Devigne inspiration.(deaf swimmer Nathalie Devigne)Sports and fitnessHarmon, Jim
Doctor God.(LastLap)(rules in lap swimming)(Column)Sports and fitnessVercheak, Susan
Don't hold back.(managing fear of success)Sports and fitnessGoldberg, Alan
Drill deeper.(swimming stroke drills)Sports and fitnessLaughlin, Terry
Dryland training: power plays.(hip training for swimmers)Sports and fitnessGambetta, Vern
Every breath you take.(asthma)Sports and fitnessSukley, Bernadette
Eyes right. (finding the right pair of goggles)Sports and fitnessFoley, Kevin
Faster at Any Age.Sports and fitnessHarris, Stephen
Fearless. (swimmer Jenny Thompson)Sports and fitnessMurphy, T.J.
Fear Strikes Out.(handicapped athlete overcomes fear)Sports and fitnessDuffy, Mary
Flex time. (after-swim stretch)Sports and fitnessArgo, Carol
Flipout!(fins for swimming)Sports and fitnessHarris, Stephen
Fluid mechanics.(sports drinks rehydration)Sports and fitnessFox, Martha Capwell
Get off the rock.(long distance swimming technique)Sports and fitnessOakes, Joe
Get pushy.(breaststroke in swimming)Sports and fitnessLaughlin, Terry
Getting Mo' time. (swim coach Mo Chambers)Sports and fitnessShea, Sarah Bowen
Glove story. (using fistgloves in swimming)Sports and fitnessHarris, Stephen
Goal train.(functional strength training in swimming)Sports and fitnessGambetta, Vern
Good pill hunting. (finding the right nutritional supplement)Sports and fitnessFox, Martha Capwell
Hanging in the balance.(swimming technique)Sports and fitnessMulgannon, Terry
Hanging tough.(swimmer Kristine Quance)Sports and fitnessMcAlpine, Ken
In the speed zone.(speed swimming)Sports and fitnessGoldberg, Alan
It's camp time!(swimming camps and clinics)Sports and fitnessEller, Daryl
Join the counter culture. (counting swimming strokes)Sports and fitnessLaughlin, Terry
Jump around.(swimming techniques)Sports and fitnessKatz, Jane
Karnaugh knowledge.(swimmer Ron Karnaugh)Sports and fitnessHarmon, Jim
Learning to fly.(includes related article on the butterfly stroke)(techniques suggested by swimmer Tom Boettcher for swimming faster)Sports and fitnessHarmon, Jim
Lose it in the pool.(weight loss)Sports and fitnessFox, Martha Capwell
Manhattan madness.(Manhattan Island Marathon swim)Sports and fitnessMellon, Jim
Master this!(competing in Masters meet)(Editorial)Sports and fitnessBolster, Mary
Mental training: your gold mettle.Sports and fitnessGoldberg, Alan
Positive ID. (recovering from injuries)Sports and fitnessGoldberg, Alan
Powder puffery.(ergogenic aids)Sports and fitnessFox, Martha Capwell
Pushing the envelope. (push-ups)Sports and fitnessGambetta, Vern
Recover your assets.(isotonic drinks in sports nutrition)Sports and fitnessFox, Martha Capwell
Rise and shine.(working out early in the morning)Sports and fitnessLudwig, Susan F.
Save your shoulders! (avoiding shoulder pain and injury in swimming)Sports and fitnessYesko, Jill
Scott land.(triathlon trainor Jane Scott)Sports and fitnessStein, Anne
Soy what?(includes recipes)(soy foods)Sports and fitnessFox, Martha Capwell
Swim doc.(swimming exercises)Sports and fitnessMaharam, Lewis G.
Swim Meat.Sports and fitnessFox, Martha Capwell
Swimming on porpoise.('body dolphin' stroke)Sports and fitnessLaughlin, Terry
Swimmin' in the rain.(outdoor pool swimming)Sports and fitnessEller, Daryn
Take a sea cruise.(open-water swimming)Sports and fitnessGoldberg, Alan
Tall order. (sandwich as a healthy meal)(includes recipes)Sports and fitnessFox, Martha Capwell
The Comeback Kid.Sports and fitnessHarmon, Jim
The creatine scoop.Sports and fitnessFox, Martha Capwell
The truth of grains.(refined and whole grains' nutritional facts)Sports and fitnessFox, Martha Capwell
The whole Bole game.(includes a list of George Bole's exercise)(swimming coach George Bole)Sports and fitnessBenson, Bonnie M.
Think big!(being fit although hefty in size)Sports and fitnessMolnar, Judy
Thrashin' emergency!(butterfly swimming training)Sports and fitnessHarmon, Jim
Training on board.(swimming)Sports and fitnessHarris, Stephen
Up in arms. (single-arm freestyle drill swimming)Sports and fitnessLaughlin, Terry
Wet your appetite.(includes recipes)(eating for hydration and better health)Sports and fitnessFox, Martha Capwell
Your winning ways.(good mental attitudes in competitive sports)Sports and fitnessGoldberg, Alan
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