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Social Service Review
A Comparison of Two Welfare-to-Work Case Management Models.Social sciencesHarknett, Kristen, Brock, Thomas
Adoption dynamics and the Adoption and Safe Families Act.Social sciencesWulczyn, Fred H., Lijun Chen, Hislop, Kristen Brunner
Alterable predictors of educational attainment, income, and crime: Findings from an inner-city cohort.Social sciencesReynolds, Arthur J., Ou, Suh-Ruu, Mersky, Joshua P., Kohler, Kristy M.
Approaching the transition to adulthood: Distinctive profiles of adolescents aging out of the child welfare system.Social sciencesKeller, Thomas E., Cusick, Gretchen Ruth, Courtney, Mark E.
Barriers to identifying substance abuse in the reformed welfare system.Social sciencesHenderson, Stuart, Dohan, Daniel, Schmidt, Laura A.
Child-care market mechanisms: Does policy affect the quantity of care?Social sciencesFicano, Carlena K. Cochi
Children in placement among foster care: A longitudinal study of child and case influences.Social sciencesKatz, Karol H., Tebes, Jacob Kraemer, Connell, Christian M., Vanderploeg, Jeffrey J., Flashpohler, Paul, Saunders, Leon
Comments on "Poverty: how little we know." (response to Lawrence Mead, Social Service Review, vol. 68, p. 322, September 1994)(includes author's response)Social sciencesRein, Mildred
Court-ordered grandparent visitation: welcome event or unwarranted intrusion into family life?Social sciencesStein, Theodore J.
Determinants of TANF participation: a multilevel analysis.(Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)Social sciencesTeitler, Julien O., Reichman, Nancy E., Nepomnyaschy, Lenna
Devolution, discretion, and the effect of local political values on TANF sanctioning.Social sciencesFording, Richard C., Soss, Joe, Schram, Sanford F.
Does social work need the ecological perspective? Reply to Alex Gitterman. (response to article in this issue, p. 472)Social sciencesWakefield, Jerome C.
Do Welfare Avoidance Grants prevent cash assistance?Social sciencesHetling, Andrea, Ovwigho, Pamela C., Born, Catherine E.
Do welfare sanctions increase child protection system involvement? A cautious answer.(United States. Office of Family Assistance. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program)Social sciencesBerger, Lawrence M., Slack, Kristen S., Lee, Bong Joo
Dynamics of material hardship in the women's employment study.Social sciencesHeflin, Colleen M.
Ecological perspective: response to Professor Jerry Wakefield. (response to articles 'Does Social Work Need the Eco-Systems Perspectives?' published in 'Social Service Review,' vol. 70, nos. 1-2, June 1996)Social sciencesGitterman, Alex
Empirical evidence on faith-based organizations in an era of welfare reform.Social sciencesReingold, David A., Pirog, Maureen, Brady, David
Evaluation outcomes of family preservation services and the way ahead: a reply to Littell. (response to article by Julia H. Littell in this issue, p. 338)Social sciencesBath, Howard I., Haapala, David A.
Evidence or assertions? The outcomes of family preservation services. (response to article by Howard I. Bath and David A. Haapala, Social Service Review, vol. 68, p.386, September 1994)Social sciencesLittell, Julia H.
Factors Affecting Case Management Recommendations for Children Entering State Custody.Social sciencesGlisson, Charles, Martin, Lisa M., Peters, Carey L.
Foucauldian Fallacies: An Essay Review of Leslie Margolin's Under the Cover of Kindness.Social sciencesWakefield, Jerome C.
From High School to Work in Japan: Lessons for the United States?Social sciencesBrinton, Mary C.
Housing assistance and employment: How far-reaching are the effects of rental subsidies?Social sciencesMeyers, Marcia K., Heintze, Theresa C., Berger, Lawrence M., Naidich, Wendy B.
How do drug use and social relations affect welfare participation?Social sciencesCheng, Tyrone C., McElderry, Cathy Gilbert
Ida Cannon, Ethel Cohen, and early medical social work in Boston: The foundations of a model of culturally competent social service.Social sciencesPraglin, Laura J.
Investing in children: Public commitment in twenty-one industrialized countries.Social sciencesGabel, Shirley Gatenio, Kamerman, Sheila B.
Job separation behavior of WOTC workers: results from a unique case study.(Work Opportunity Tax Credit)Social sciencesHotchkiss, Julie L., Gunderson, Jill Marie
"Little alien colonies": Representations of immigrants and their neighborhoods in social work discourse, 1875-1924.Social sciencesPark, Yoosun, Kemp, Susan P.
Long-term disadvantage among elderly women: The effects of work history.Social sciencesMcNamara, Justine M.
Men and marriage promotion: Who marries unwed mothers?Social sciencesLichter, Daniel T., Graefe, Deborah Roempke
Neighborhood-based foster care: A critical examination of location-based placement criteria.Social sciencesBerrick, Jill Duerr
Neighborhoods, family, and substance use: Comparisons of the relations across racial and ethnic groups.Social sciencesHarachi, Tracy W., Catalano, Richard F., Yoonsun Choi
Nonstandard work schedules: Employer- and employee-driven flexibility in retail jobs.Social sciencesHenly, Julia R., Shaefer, Luke H., Waxman, Elaine
Posttransition experiences of former child SSI recipients.(Supplemental Security Income)Social sciencesLoprest, Pamela J., Wittenburg, David C.
Predictors of access to health-care services among groups of TANF recipients in Kentucky.(Temporary assistance to needy families)Social sciencesStudts, Christina R., Stone, Ramona F., Barber, Gerard M.
Promoting treatment adherence in assertive community treatment.Social sciencesAngell, Beth, Mahoney, Colleen A., Martinez, Noriko Ishibashi
Public funding and enrollment in formal child care in the 1990s.Social sciencesMeyers, Marcia K., Waldfogel, Jane, Magnuson, Katherine A.
Responsible but uninformed? Nonprofit executive and program directors' knowledge of welfare reform.Social sciencesKissane, Rebecca Joyce
Socioeconomic factors and substandard parenting.Social sciencesBerger, Lawrence M.
State responses to the family formation goals of welfare.Social sciencesLawrence, Catherine K.
Strengthening unmarried families: Could enhancing couple relationships also improve parenting?Social sciencesCarlson, Marcia J., McLanahan, Sara S.
Testing the model minority stereotype: Youth behaviors across racial and ethnic groups.Social sciencesLahey, Benjamin B., Yoonsun Choi
The economic well-being of households headed by a grandmother as caregiver.Social sciencesPark, Hwa-Ok Hannah
The public administration case against participation income.Social sciencesDe Wispelaere, Jurgen, Stirton, Lindsay
The Voluntary Sector, the State, and Citizenship in the United Kingdom.Social sciencesHudson, Pete
Trends, Events, and Duration of Initial Welfare Spells.Social sciencesDuncan, Greg J., Harris, Kathleen Mullan, Boisjoly, Johanne
Up close and personal: employee networks and job satisfaction in a human service context.Social sciencesHaley-Lock, Anna
Using Individual Development Accounts to save for a home: are there differences by race?Social sciencesGrinstein-Weiss, Michal, Irish, Kate, Parish, Susan L.
Welfare reform and family expenditures: How are single mothers adapting to the new welfare and work regime?Social sciencesWaldfogel, Jane, Kaushal, Neeraj, Qin Gao
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