Sociological Perspectives 1997 - Abstracts

Sociological Perspectives 1997
1996 Presidential address: a vision of sociology.Sociology and social workScheff, Thomas J.
Actors' responses to outcomes in exchange networks: the process of power development.Sociology and social workSkvoretz, John, Zhang, Pidi
A note on "The Invention of Society," by Serge Moscovici.Sociology and social workScheff, Thomas J.
Attitudes toward cohabitation, family, and gender roles: relationships to values and political ideology.Sociology and social workLye, Diane N., Waldron, Ingrid
Becoming self employed: the case of Japanese men.Sociology and social workCheng, Mariah Mantsun
Black/immigrant competition re-assessed: new evidence from Los Angeles.Sociology and social workWaldinger, Roger
Commentary on Thomas J. Scheff's triadic vision. (response to Thomas J. Scheff in this issue, p. 529)Sociology and social workBlau, Peter M.
Comment on presidential address of Thomas J. Scheff to PSA. (response to Thomas J. Scheff in this issue, p. 529)Sociology and social workEtzioni, Amitai
Comment on Scheff. (response to Thomas J. Scheff in this issuue, p. 529)Sociology and social workCollins, Randall
Comment on Thomas J. Scheff's presidential address. (response to Thomas J. Scheff in this issue, pa. 529)Sociology and social workBuckley, Walter F.
Comments on Thomas Scheff's 'A New Vision of Sociology.' (response to Thomas J. Scheff in this issue, p. 529)Sociology and social workCicourel, Aaron V.
Communitarianism: the new panacea?Sociology and social workNewman, Otto, Zoysa, Richard de
Competition and commitment in voluntary memberships: the paradox of persistence and participation.Sociology and social workCress, Daniel M., McPherson, J. Miller, Rotolo, Thomas
Decline of political control in Chinese universities and the rise of the 1989 Chinese Student Movement.Sociology and social workZhao, Dingxin
Dependency, techno-economic heritage, disarticulation and social development in less developed nations.Sociology and social workBreedlove, William L., Armer, J. Michael
Efficiently studying rare events: case-control methods for sociologists.Sociology and social workLacy, Michael G.
Family secrets: transnational struggles among children of Filipino immigrants.Sociology and social workWolf, Diane L.
Gender and interpersonal task behaviors: status expectation accounts.Sociology and social workBerger, Joseph, Wagner, David G.
Geopolitics, economic niches, and gendered social capital among recent caribbean immigrants in New York.Sociology and social workGrasmuck, Sherri, Grosfoguel, Ramon
How formal status, liking, and ability status structure interaction: three theoretical principles and a test.Sociology and social workWebster, Murray, Jr., Shelly, Robert K.
Inner-directed actions.Sociology and social workBalog, Andreas
In search of the next second generation: alternative strategies for identifying second generation children and understanding their acquisition of English.Sociology and social workOropesa, R.S., Landale, Nancy
Internal ethnicity: Iranians in Los Angeles. (Los Angeles)Sociology and social workBozorgmehr, Mehdi
Paradoxes (and orthodoxies) of assimilation.Sociology and social workRumbaut, Ruben G.
Popular culture as oppositional culture: rap as resistance.Sociology and social workMartinez, Theresa A.
Reading Scheff's vision of sociology. (response to Thomas J. Scheff in this issue, p. 529)Sociology and social workDenzin, Norman K.
Response to commentary. (response to comments in this issue, pp. 537-551)Sociology and social workScheff, Thomas J.
Sibship size and educational attainment in peninsular Malaysia: do policies matter?Sociology and social workSuet-Ling, Pong
Social dimensions of epistemological disputes: the case of literary theory.Sociology and social workSchneider, Mark A.
Spatial processes and the duality of church and faith: a Simmelian perspective on U.S. denominational growth, 1900-1930.Sociology and social workLand, Kenneth C., Redding, Kent, Blau, Judith R., Davis, Walter R.
Specifying the gender-class-delinquency relationship: exploring the effects of educational expectations.Sociology and social workTriplett, Ruth, Jarjoura, G. Roger
The autonomy of weak states: states and classes in primary export economies.Sociology and social workGallo, Carmenza
The relevance of analysis of emotions to macro economic change: a response to concerns regarding Scheff's work. (response to Thomas J. Scheff in this issue, p. 529)Sociology and social workBeeson, Diane
The social context of men's and women's job search ties: membership in voluntary organizations, social resources and job search outcomes.Sociology and social workBeggs, John J., Hurlbert, Jeanne S.
The works of Peter M. Blau: analytical strategies, developments and assumptions.Sociology and social workGuan, Jian, Knottnerus, J. David
Transnationalism and vocabularies of motive in international migration: the case of Israelis in the United States.Sociology and social workGold, Steven J.
What part of what hole? (response to Thomas J. Scheff in this issue, p. 529)Sociology and social workTilly, Charles
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