The Academy of Management Perspectives - Abstracts

The Academy of Management Perspectives
An entrepreneur's guide to the venture capital galaxy.Business, generalSapienza, Harry J., Fried, Vance H., de Clerq, Dirk, Lehtonen, Oskari
Are leadership positions with high turnover rates "haunted"?(Research Briefs)(Report)Business, generalSidle, Stuart D.
Business, society and the "Wal-Mart effect."Business, generalGhemawat, Pankaj
Contracting: a new form of professional practice.(study on contract employment)Business, generalBarley, Stephen R., Kunda, Gideon
Decency means more than " always low prices': a comparison of Costco to Wal-mart's Sam's Club.(pricing and employment policies of Walmart Stores Inc. and Costco)Business, generalCascio, Wayne F.
Does whom you know matter in venture capital networks?(Research Briefs)(Report)Business, general 
Executive compensation and incentives.Business, generalConyon, Martin J.
Explaining CEO compensation: How do talent, governance, and markets fit in?Business, generalKathleen Rehbein
General mental ability, job performance, and red herrings: responses to Osterman, Hauser, and Schmitt.(rebuttal of Paul Osterman, Neal Scmitt, and Robert M. Hauser's commentaries)(Report)Business, generalSchmidt, Frank, Le, Huy, Oh, In-Sue, Shaffer, Jonathan
How much is too much? board of director response to shareholder concerns about CEO stock options.(chief executive officers stock options )Business, generalGillis, William E.
In the eye of the beholder: cross cultural lessons in leadership from project GLOBE.(Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness)Business, generalJavidan, Mansour, House, Robert J., Dorfman, Peter W.
Japanese corporate restructring: CEO priorities as a window on environmental and organizational change.Business, generalRobinson, Patricia, Shimizu, Norihiko
Knowing when to quit: do optimism and overconfidence cloud inventor judgment.(Research Briefs)(Survey)Business, generalMuir, Clive
Leading virtual teams.Business, generalRosen, Benson, Majchrzak, Ann, Malhotra, Arvind
Making the difference: applying a logic of diversity.(EXCHANGE)(Report)Business, generalPage, Scott E.
Management and market reactions to litigation: do shareholders win when the company loses?Business, generalLau, Terence J.
Managerial integrity: are black employees more sensitive to behavioral breaches?(RESEARCH BRIEFS)(Report)Business, generalMuir, Clive
Managing in a changing world: from multiculturalism to hybridization-the production of hybrid management cultures in Israel, Thailand and Mexico.Business, generalShimoni, Baruch, Bergmann, Harriet
Minority entrepreneurs: more likely to try, but less likely to succeed?Business, generalSullivan, Diane M.
On the diversity of diversity: tidy logic, messier realities.(commentary on Making the Difference: Applying a Logic of Diversity by Scott E. Page)Business, generalKlein, Katherine J., Harrison, David A.
Opportunity recognition as pattern recognition: how entrepreneurs "connect the dots" to identify new business opportunities.Business, generalBaron, Robert A.
Pain or gain: is there a bright side to juggling work and family roles.(Research Briefs)(Report)Business, generalSidle, Stuart D.
Pay without performance: overview of the issues.(study of executive compensation )Business, generalFried, Jesse M., Bebchuck, Lucian A.
Profitable business models and market creation in the context of deep poverty: a strategic view.(Report)Business, generalMair, Johanna, Seelos, Christian
Relationship-building and sales success: are climate and leadership key?Business, generalMuir, Clive
Resisting the urge to merge.Business, generalSidle, Stuart D.
Running hot and cold: can weather and wealth make bosses self-centered?Business, generalRestubog, Simon Lloyd D.
Service clues and customer assessment of the service experience: lessons from marketing.Business, generalBerry, Leonard L., Carbone, Lewis P., Wall, Eileen A.
Stimulating social entrepreneurship: can support from cities make a difference?Business, generalSullivan, Diane M.
Tapping the subjective values present in negotiations: face, feelings, and friendships.Business, generalMuir, Clive
The bureaucratic logic of entrepreneurial firms: providing opportunity for women or just window dressing?Business, generalMatherne, Brett P.
The darker side of lean: an insider's perspective on the realties of the Toyota production system.Business, generalMehri, Darius
The gender pay gap: have women gone as far as they can?Business, generalKahn, Lawrence M., Blau, Francine D.
The good, the bad, and the misguided: how managers inadvertently encourage deviant behaviors.Business, generalKidder, Deborah L., Litzky, Barrie E., Eddleston, Kimberly A.
The management of organizational justice.(ARTICLES)(Report)Business, generalBowen, David E., Cropanzano, Russell, Gilliland, Stephen W.
The Toyota way in services: the case of lean product development.(ean manufacturing method Toyota Production System (TPS))Business, generalLiker, Jeffery K., Morgan, James M.
The use of humor in the workplace.Business, generalRomero, Eric J., Cruthirds, Kevin W.
The Wal-Mart effect and a decent society: who knew shopping was so important?(business practices of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. )Business, generalFishman, Charles
The Wal-Mart effect and business, ethics and society.Business, generalFreeman, R. Edward
To be or not to be [happy]: the role of employee well-being.Business, generalWright, Thomas A.
Viewing diversity through different lenses: avoiding a few blind spots.(commentary on Making the Difference: Applying a Logic of Diversity by Scott E. Page)Business, generalBell, Myrtle P., Berry, Daphne P.
What drives compensation for China's CEOs?Business, generalRehbein, Kathleen
Why does affect matter in organizations?Business, generalGibson, Donald E., Barsode, Sigal G.
Women on Wall Street: despite diversity measures, Wall Street remains vulnerable to sex discrimination charges.Business, generalRoth, Louise Marie
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