The German Quarterly 1996 - Abstracts

The German Quarterly 1996
Alexander von Humbolt's amerikanisches Reisewerk: ethnographie und kulturkritik um 1800.Regional focus/area studiesStrack, Thomas
Buying into signs: money and semiosis in eighteenth-century German language theory.Regional focus/area studiesGray, Richard T.
Cultural versus linguistic competence? Bilingualism, language in exile, and the future of German Studies.(Special Issue on Culture Studies)Regional focus/area studiesSeeba, Hinrich C.
Devouring metaphor: disgust and taste in Kleist's 'Penthesilea.'(Heinrich von Kleist)Regional focus/area studiesChaouli, Michel
Dorothea Veit-Schlegel's 'Florentin': Constructing a feminist romantic aesthetic.Regional focus/area studiesHelfer, Martha B.
Eden is burning: Wim Wenders's techniques of synaesthesia.Regional focus/area studiesOksiloff, Assenka
Figuralizing the Oriental, literalizing the Jew: on the attempted assimilation of letter to spirit in Friedrich Schlegel's 'Uber die Sprache und Weiheit der Indier.'Regional focus/area studiesLibrett, Jeffrey S.
Gegenwartskritik und nostalgische Ruckgriffe: die Abdankung der Frau als Objekt mannlichen Begehrens und die Erotisierung der Kindfrau in Botho Strauss' 'Paare Passanten.'Regional focus/area studiesBauer, Karin
Lost in translation: re-membering the mother tongue in Emine Sevgi Ozdamar's 'Das Leben is eine Karawanserei'.(Special Issue on Culture Studies)Regional focus/area studiesSeyhan, Azade
Negotiating popular culture: Wenders, Handke, and the topographies of cultural studies.(Special Issue on Culture Studies)Regional focus/area studiesKoepnick, Lutz P.
Projections on blank space: landscape, nationality, and identity in Thomas Mann's 'Der Zauberberg.'Regional focus/area studiesNenno, Nancy P.
Reinventing the sacred: the romantic myth of Jakob Bohme.Regional focus/area studiesMayer, Paola
Syberberg's Germany. (Hans Jurgen Syberberg)Regional focus/area studiesBrockmann, Stephen
The dissection of the state: 'Wilhelm Meisters Wanderjahre' and the politics of aesthetics.Regional focus/area studiesRedfield, Marc
The ins and outs of intimacy: gender, epistolary culture, and the public sphere.Regional focus/area studiesRichter, Simon
The latest contest of the faculties: on the necessary antagonism between theory and culture studies.(Special Issue on Culture Studies)Regional focus/area studiesRasch, William
The poetics of politics and the politics of poetics: Richard Beer-Hofmann and Theodor Herzl reconsidered.Regional focus/area studiesBunzl, Matti
Toward a genealogy of gender in Walter Benjamin's writing.Regional focus/area studiesGeulen, Eva
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