The Journal of Asian Studies 2004 - Abstracts

The Journal of Asian Studies 2004
A road is made: roads temples, and historical memory is Ya'an country Sichuan.Regional focus/area studiesFlower, John M.
A separate punishment: Juvenile offenders in colonial India.Regional focus/area studiesSen, Satadru
Brocade of human desires: the poetics of weaving in the Jin Ping Mei and traditional commentaries .Regional focus/area studiesGu, Ming Dong
Conflict self-inflicted: dispute, incivility, and the threat of violence in an Indian Muslim community.Regional focus/area studiesDidier, Brian J.
Conjugality and capital: Gender, families, and property under Colonial Law in India.Regional focus/area studiesSreenivas, Mytheli
Dangerous desires: television and erotics in late twentieth-century India.Regional focus/area studiesMankekar, Purnima
Derk Bodde.(Obituary)Regional focus/area studiesJohnson, Wallace
Embodying civility: Civilizing processes and symbolic citizenship in Southeastern China.Regional focus/area studiesFriedman, Sara L.
Franklin R. Buchanan.(Obituary)Regional focus/area studiesEllington, Lucien
Homeland beauty: transnational longing and Hmong American video.Regional focus/area studiesSchein, Louisa
Introduction: mediated transnationalism and social erotics.Regional focus/area studiesMankekar, Purnima, Schein, Louisa
Juvenile delinquency and the national defense state: policing young workers in wartime Japan, 1937-1945.Regional focus/area studiesAmbaras, David R.
Looking for brides and grooms: Ghataks, matrimonials, and the marriage market in colonial Calcutta, circa 1875-1940.Regional focus/area studiesMajumdar, Rochona
Making "useful citizens" of Ainu subjects in early twentieth-century Japan.Regional focus/area studiesHowell, David L.
Performing masculinity and the self: love, body, and privacy in Hu Shi.Regional focus/area studiesChiang, Yung-Chen
Presidential address: Virtual kinship, real estate, and Diaspora formation-the Man lineage revisited.Regional focus/area studiesWatson, James L.
Spatial struggles: Postcolonial complex, state disenchantment, and popular reappropriation of space in rural Southeast China.Regional focus/area studiesMayfair Mei-Hui Yang
State of the field: Women in China's long twentieth century.Regional focus/area studiesHershatter, Gail
The political odyssey of an intellectual construct: peasant nationalism and the study of China's revolutionary history- a review essay.Regional focus/area studiesPepper, Suzanne
Two views of the Minahasa; or, whatever happened to the poor, Heathen Bushnatives?Regional focus/area studiesKipp, Rita Smith
"When you drink water, think of its source": Morality, status, and reinvention in rural Chinese funerals.Regional focus/area studiesOxfeld, Ellen
Who are the Cuyonon? Ethnic identity in the modern Philippines.Regional focus/area studiesEder, James F.
Zines and zones of desire: mass-mediated love, national romance, and sexual citizenship in gay Indonesia .Regional focus/area studiesBoellstorff, Tom
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