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The Sociological Review
Against structure: a critique of morphogenetic social theory.Sociology and social workKing, Anthony
Bigamy: neither love nor marriage, but a threat to the nation?Sociology and social workSoothill, Keith, Grover, Chris
Death and work in Britain.Sociology and social workTombs, Steve
Deserving victims?: sexual status and the social construction of violence.Sociology and social workRichardson, Diane, May, Hazel
For structure: its reality, properties and powers: a reply to Anthony King.(Sociological Review, vol. 47, 1999)Sociology and social workArcher, Margaret S.
Herbert Spencer and discrimination: a comment on Offer.(John Offer, Sociological Review, vol. 47, p. 136, 1999)Sociology and social workRowlandson, Paul
In defence of the sociological canon: a reply to David Parker. (response to David Parker, The Sociological Review, p. 122, vol. 45, no. 1, 1997)Sociology and social workMouzelis, Nicos
Late modernity and the dynamics of quasification: the case of the themed restaurant.(Review)Sociology and social workBeardsworth, Alan, Bryman, Alan
Occupation, biography and new social movements.Sociology and social workSearle-Chatterjee, Mary
Telling stories about men. (books about men written by men)Sociology and social workWeeks, Jeffrey
The appeal to `professionalism' as a disciplinary mechanism.Sociology and social workFournier, Valerie
Viewpoint: why bother with Durkheim? Teaching sociology in the 1990s. (Emile Durkheim)Sociology and social workParker, David
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