Defense Today 2004 Scott Nance - Abstracts

Defense Today 2004 Scott Nance
48 percent yearly growth rate: Software radio shipments to hit $1.7 billion in 2007: Report.BusinessScott Nance
AF general: Raptor has deterrent value.BusinessScott Nance
Army buys 95 more Strykers for $206 million.BusinessScott Nance
Army finds Stryker shines in Iraq combat zone.BusinessScott Nance
Army says merging GD, LockMart on WIN-T speeds program.BusinessScott Nance
Army seeks waiver for swift buy of 6000 Raytheon radios.BusinessScott Nance
Army tests new biodefense system.BusinessScott Nance
Battelle: Lighter armor saves Humvee wear-and-tear.BusinessScott Nance
Bell helicopter completes UCAR design.(Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.'S Unmanned Combat Armed Rotorcraft)BusinessScott Nance
Boeing launches AWACS upgrade flight tests for NATO.(North Atlantic Treaty Organisation)(Airborne Warning And Control System (E-3A aircraft))BusinessScott Nance
Buffalo researcher creating tech for all-electric ship.(State University of New York at Buffalo)BusinessScott Nance
Bush's Army secretary pick has Carlyle ties.BusinessScott Nance
Comanche funds to meet other army needs, Bush pick says.BusinessScott Nance
Defense author offers solutions to stem weapons proliferation.BusinessScott Nance
Defense bill to fund unique detection tech, firm says.BusinessScott Nance
Despite dem rumblings, senate approves army secretary appointee.BusinessScott Nance
DOE lab helps Navy cut airwing staff on CVN 21 carrier.(Department of Energy: Sandia National Laboratories)BusinessScott Nance
DRS Technologies reports record Q2, 1st half growth.BusinessScott Nance
EADS to provide 'Future Soldier Systems' to German forces.(European Aeronautics Defense and Space Company)BusinessScott Nance
Faster Boeing communications may boost net-centric operations.BusinessScott Nance
Firms get $102M in body armor orders.BusinessScott Nance
Firm to show DoD brass new Humvee cooling system.(Modine Manufacturing Co. and Department of Defense)BusinessScott Nance
GAO: DHS needs to tighten special transactions with industry.(Government Accountability Office)(Department of Homeland Security)BusinessScott Nance
GAO: DOD doing good job overseeing parts quality.(Government Accountability Office )(Department of Defense)BusinessScott Nance
GD fields new integrated comms with U.K., Canadian forces.(General Dynamics Corp.)BusinessScott Nance
IBM analysis: Defense firms ought to focus on percentage of risk, revenue.BusinessScott Nance
Korb: Add soldiers, cut systems if necessary.BusinessScott Nance
Lead FCS firms seek new UAV bids.BusinessScott Nance
Linguists, other big deals fuel titan's growth.BusinessScott Nance
Lockheed delivers turret assembly to ABL program.( Airborne Laser )BusinessScott Nance
Lockheed demonstrates night vision capability in F-16 centers.BusinessScott Nance
Lockheed gets $30 million pact to provide army training systems.(Lockheed Martin Corp.)BusinessScott Nance
Lockheed Martin UK offers EH101 Merlin computing upgrade.BusinessScott Nance
McCain alleges insider dealing in further Pentagon scandal.BusinessScott Nance
New center aims to be 24/7 biodefense resource.(Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's Biodefense Knowledge Center)BusinessScott Nance
New standard should speed adoption of facial recognition.BusinessScott Nance
Officers: slat armor does not contribute to Stryker rollovers.BusinessScott Nance
Official: Stryker good, but needs improvement.BusinessScott Nance
Oshkosh developing robot truck for next DARPA race.(Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)(Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement development)BusinessScott Nance
Overwork, technology have hurt army, experts say.BusinessScott Nance
Rademaker: Missile defense cooperation enabling industry opportunities.BusinessScott Nance
RAND: Army should hedge terrorism uncertainties.BusinessScott Nance
Raytheon announces successful Excalibur test.BusinessScott Nance
Raytheon, United Defense announce naval missile deals.BusinessScott Nance
Report: Military hasn't kept up with key need- bullets.BusinessScott Nance
Reserve staffing, culture need big changes, Helmly says.BusinessScott Nance
Ridge: In anti-terror fight, 'Communication is Key'.(antiterrorism measures)BusinessScott Nance
Schoomaker: Canceling Comanche smart move for Army aviation.BusinessScott Nance
Soros to lead anti-Bush push on Iraq.(George Soros's opinion on Iraq war)BusinessScott Nance
Study: Oil independence could improve warfighting.BusinessScott Nance
Team US101 names Florida suppliers.BusinessScott Nance
Team US101 responds to Navy, demonstrates C-17 capability.(Lockheed Martin Corp.)BusinessScott Nance
Testing JSF, Lockheed just latest customer at 'Best' wind tunnel.(Joint Strike Fighter )(Lockheed Martin Corporation )BusinessScott Nance
Touting American content, US101 names 11 US suppliers.BusinessScott Nance
U.K. Tech firm to boost LockMart's Net-centric ability.(Lockheed Martin Corp.)BusinessScott Nance
United Defense offers vehicle enhancements.BusinessScott Nance
United Defense reports strong financial results in 3rd quarter.(United Defense Industries Inc.)BusinessScott Nance
U.S. looking to create 'Maritime NORAD' to track ships.(North American Aerospace Defense Command)BusinessScott Nance
Vet group, Sen. Kerry demand answers on lack of armor.(John Kerry)BusinessScott Nance
Vet. Group, Sen. Kerry demand answers on lack of Armor.(veterans)BusinessScott Nance
With acquisition, IT contractor enters Intel market.(SI International captures the intelligence agencies market)BusinessScott Nance
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