Americana - Abstracts

A cache of 1993 calendars. (includes related article on children's calendars and books) (Buyers Guide)General interestZintl, Amy
A Columbus stamp album. (Christopher Columbus)General interestTurim, Gayle
A Hannibal boyhood. (Hannibal, Missouri, home of Mark Twain)General interestWest, Mark I.
All aboard for the South Rim. (Grand Canyon Railway)General interestZimmerman, Karl
America's native bounty. (wild berries) (includes recipes)General interestLyle, Katie Letcher
America's table: foods of the New World. (includes recipes and related article)General interestDickinson, Amy
A multicultural minefield. (Columbus' quincentennial)General interestThernstrom, Stephan
Artists' eyes on the South. (various museum collections of regional artists' works)General interestReilly, Bill
A wicket little game. (croquet of the 19th century recreated at Ohio Village, Columbus, Ohio) (includes related article on croquet etiquette and tourist information)General interestEdwards, Karen S.
Back in the wild blue yonder. (vintage B-17 bombers)General interestBedwell, Don
Beauties from Belgium. (embroidered flour sacks)General interestZintl, Amy
Beyond moonlight and magnolias. (Natchez National Historical Park, Mississippi) (Cover Story)General interestHudson, Patricia L.
Brushed aside no more. (painter Walter Anderson; includes Ocean, Mississippi tourist information)General interestWatson, Maria
Buttons. (collecting)General interestTurim, Gayle
Capital companions. (pets of presidents)General interestParente, Joyce
Cleveland's millionaires' row. (Showplace of America: Cleveland's Millionaires' Row; Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland, Ohio) (includes exhibit information)General interestZintl, Amy
Cocktail shakers: art deco on ice. (Stephen Visakay's collection)General interestTurum, Gayle
Connecticut's golden corner. (Litchfield County) (includes related directory of local food and lodging)General interestEdelstein, Bettina
Disarmingly Abe. (Abe Lincoln impersonators)General interestHolzer, Harold
Down-home and hands-on. (Old Trail Town, reconstructed ghost town outside of Cody, Wyoming) (includes tourist information) (Cover Story)General interestMerritt, Jim
Early American silver. (silverware)General interestDonegan, Frank
Facelift for a landmark. (Coit Tower, San Francisco, California)General interestDunn, Helen
FDR's ship has come in. (Franklin Delano Roosevelt's USS Potomac) (includes visitor's guide to Oakland)General interestRapoport, Roger
First ladies restored to prominence. (exhibition)General interestTurim, Gayle
Forsaken but not forgotten: America's abandoned landmarks.General interestZintl, Amy
Gem of the Northwest.General interest 
Gordon-Lee Mansion, Chickamauga, Georgia.General interestRandle, Carolyn V.
Hail to the chiefs. (folk art renditions of US presidents)General interest 
Hands-on history: harvest festivals.General interestDunton, Mary Blair
Happy birthday, Moon Pie! (cookie dessert)General interestFunderburg, Anne
History camps for curious kids.General interestPrater, Brian
If CBS had covered the Boston Tea Party.... (humor)General interestLefferts, George
In Boston, make way for ducklings. (children's book celebration)General interestMandell, Patricia
Inglorious tale from the Mexican War. (St. Patrick Battalion)General interestFast, Howard
JFK - the early years. (Brookline, Massachusetts birthplace museum of John F. Kennedy) (includes tourist information for Brookline, MA and Boston, MA)General interestTackach, James
Keepers of the flame: chockful of memorabilia and lore, fire-fighting museums stoke the embers of four-alarm history. (includes list of fire-fighting museums in the US)General interestPrater, Brian
Linked by love of cows.General interestGwathmey, Emily Margolin
Looks good on paper. (vintage letterheads)General interestTurim, Gayle
Marketplace: canvassing for campaign collectibles.General interestDonegan, Frank
Merrily military: historic forts at Christmas.General interestEdwards, Karen S.
New York's regal Radio City sparkles at sixty. (Cover Story)General interestZintl, Amy
Present remembrance: an evocative book showcases a photographer's historic North Carolina home town. ('Sense of Place: A Hillsborough Memoir' by Elizabeth Matheson)General interest 
Quincentennial: planting seeds of understanding. (Smithsonian Institution's exhibit commemorates Columbus Quincentenary)General interestTurim, Gayle
Quiz: where to draw the line. (US geography)General interestNash, Victor
Revising the record: did Washington's wisecrack tip the balance? (George Washington)General interestFast, Howard
Savoring the tastes of yesterday. (includes recipes)General interestDunton, Mary Blair
Schooled for the role. (Joe Laufer's rendition of Christopher Columbus for school children) (includes list of Columbus celebration events for 1992)General interestRoberts, Russell
Setting sail in the New World: Jamestown's Susan Constant. (Jamestown, Virginia; restored ship)General interestCrews, Ed
Solid as a rocker. (new book on American rocking chairs)General interestTurim, Gayle
Souvenirs of a smoky past. (promotional items from cigarette companies)General interestParente, Joyce
Such ships as these. (steamers) (Illustration)General interestPlowden, David
Surviving the Titanic. (collector postcards from the famous April 14, 1912 ocean liner disaster)General interestZintl, Amy
The American cocktail: "straight up or on the rocks." (includes recipes)General interestGrimes, William
The Brown Palace Hotel, Denver, Colorado. (includes related article)General interestZintl, Amy
The case of the historic haberdashery. (restoration of a 19th century clothing store; includes related article)General interestGladding, Karen
The Equinox, Manchester Village, Vermont. (history of the Equinox Hotel)General interestZintl, Amy
The Eureka Inn, Eureka, California. (includes related article on historic Eureka)General interestDay, Nancy R.
The Fricks at home. (Henry Clay Frick family) (includes visitor's guide to Pittsburgh)General interestConnors, Jill
The modest books with the golden touch. (Little Golden Books)General interestTurim, Gayle
The rise, fall and rise of the fountain pen. (includes related article)General interestHolland, Bill
The Willard Hotel, Washington, D.C. (history and tourist information)General interestTurim, Gayle
They were there. (anniversary of Pearl Harbor attack) (includes list of commemorative events)General interestKiene, Candace
Time-honored taste. (G.H. Bent Co. crackers; includes recipes)General interestNaglin, Nancy
Top dollar for top guns and knives. (antiques)General interestDonegan, Frank
Vintage cookbooks from the Heartland. (new cookbooks released from the Szathmary Collection of Culinary Arts) (includes recipes)General interest 
What's it worth? The Americana survey of collectibles and antiques.General interest 
Witness to history. (Faneuil Hall in Boston, Massachusetts)General interestPelka, Fred
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