Archaeology 1996 - Abstracts

Archaeology 1996
A finite Iroquoian legacy. (possible loss of archeological sites)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreFagan, Brian
A host of would-be conquerors: few traces remain of Spain's early attempts to colonize the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreMilanich, Jerald T.
A mighty Maya nation. (investigation of ruins in Caracol, Belize)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreChase, Arlen F., Chase, Diane Z.
An endangered sanctuary. (deterioration in ancient Chinese Buddhist cave-temples)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreHarrington, Spencer P.M.
Battling the brick lobby. (preservation of Valley of the Temples at Agrigento, Sicily)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreDyson, Stephen L.
Bottle brigade. (backyard bottle hunters)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreBelson, Matthew J.
Buddhas of Cloud Hill. (ancient Chinese cave-temples)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreCaswell, James
Chinese pig tales: a popular tradition mirrors a people's ambivalent feelings about swine. (adapted from 'Arts of Asia' July/Aug 1995)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreTsang, Ka Bo
Classics for the masses? (oversimplification of images from antiquity)(Editorial)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSzegedy-Maszak, Andrew
Colonizing the Americas: DNA studies now indicate the first Americans came from Asia in a single migration. (includes related articles) (The Great DNA Hunt, part 2)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreRose, Mark, Powledge, Tabitha M.
Crisis in Near Eastern studies? American archaeologists in the Levant are an endangered species according to one distinguished scholar. (William G. Dever)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreWiseman, James
Dead cities of the Syrian hill country.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreFoss, Clive
Denizens of the desert: geophysical imaging maps subterranean settlements in the hard hillsides of Israel's Negev Desert.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreLevy, Thomas E., Witten, Alan J., Alon, David
Digitizing the ancient Near East. (CD-ROMs and World Wide Web sites)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSilberman, Neil Asher
Excavating MIAs: archaeologists probe Vietnam crash sites for remains of U.S. pilots.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSmiley, Brenda
Faking it. (forged art treasures exhibited alongside authentic pieces)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSchuster, Angela M.H.
Fingerprinting the dead. (Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSmiley, Brenda
Foundry fragments: celebrating the bronzesmith's art. ('The Fire of Hephaistos,' exhibition of Greek and Roman bronze statues)(Cover Story)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSchuster, Angela M.H.
Gallery in situ: Copan's new museum highlights sculptural treasures and a sophisticated Maya cosmology.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSchuster, Angela M.H.
Genealogy of New Kingdom pharaohs and queens. (ancient Egyptian genealogy)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreWoodward, Scott
Getty gets Fleischman collection. (collection added to Getty Museum)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreElia, Ricardo J.
Guidespeak. (guide's version of history at Hierapolis, Turkey)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSaraceni, Jessica E.
James Fort found. (early English settlement in Virginia)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSaraceni, Jessica E.
Jewelry repatriated. (ancient necklace returned to Peru)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreRose, Mark
Laboring in the fields of the Lord: the Franciscan missions of seventeenth-century Florida enabled Spain to harness the energies of tens of thousands of native people.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreMilanich, Jerald T.
Legacy of Fort Mose. (excavation of America's first free black settlement)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreMacMahon, Darcie, Deagan, Kathleen
Lure of the deep. (discovery of wrecked ships; includes related articles on technology, international law, and national boundaries)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreDelgado, James P.
Mighty Cahokia: a major trading center whose influence extended throughout much of North America, Cahokia was in its day the greatest settlement north of Mexico. (includes related article on a satellite settlement in East St. Louis)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreIseminger, William R., Kelly, John E.
Murder in Memphis. (whether Persian emperor Cambyses murdered the sacred Apis bull in 525-524 B.C.)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreDepuydt, Leo
Museum under siege: attacked and looted by warring factions, Afghanistan's National Museum has now been stripped of 70 percent of its collections.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreDupree, Nancy Hatch
Neandertals of the Levant: a baby's burial sheds light on the development and behavior of the species. (Amud Cave, Israel)(Special Section: The Peopling of Eurasia)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreKimbel, William H., Hovers, Erella, Rak, Yoel
Pharos sculpture recovered. (Alexandria, Egypt)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSlayman, Andrew L.
Race against time: Chinese scholars scramble to save sites threatened by the world's biggest dam. (Three Gorges Dam, Yangtze River, China) (includes related article on endangered archaeological sites)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreChilds-Johnson, Elizabeth, Cohen, Joan Lebold, Sullivan, Lawrence R.
Redating Serpent Mound. (prehistoric mound in Ohio)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSaraceni, Jessica E.
Renewing a critical dialogue. (between archaeologists and museums)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreDyson, Stephen L.
Sanctuary of the gods: scholars unearth exquisite evidence of the cults that flourished at the sacred Macedonian city of Dion.(Cover Story)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreHarrington, Spencer P.M.
Seeking new sources of support. (funding for archaeology)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreDyson, Stephen L.
Siberian fluted point.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSlayman, Andrew L.
"Sites too valuable to be lost." (Yu Weichao, director of National History Museum of China, on archaeological sites threatened by Three Gorges Dam project)(Interview)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreDai, Qing
Sounding the alarm: a heritage watch will monitor endangered sites and monuments. (includes listing of World Monuments Watch 100 Most Endangered Sites and Monuments)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreWiseman, James
Surfing ancient lands: a guide to CD-ROM offerings.(Evaluation)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSanders, Donald H.
Surrogate stone. (spurious restoration of Temple of Aesculapius, Mirobriga Site, Portugal)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSoren, David, Soren, Noelle
Talking knots of the Inka: a curious manuscript may hold the key to Andean writing. (17th-century Jesuit manuscript found in Naples)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreDomenici, Viviano, Domenici, Davide
The American experience in Egypt: a retrospective chronicles two centuries of exploration.(Cover Story)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreWalz, Terence
The elusive Olmec: a new exhibition underscores the paucity of provenienced objects.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSchuster, Angela M.H.
The first Asians: a cave in China yields evidence of the earliest migration out of Africa. (Longgupo)(Special Section: The Peopling of Eurasia)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreCiochon, Russell, Larick, Roy
The first Europeans: isolated from populations in Africa and the Near East, archaic Homo sapiens in Europe evolved into Neandertals.(Special Section: The Peopling of Eurasia)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreHublin, Jean-Jacques
The great DNA hunt. (part 1) (genetic archeology searches for human origins)(includes related article on plant and animal genetic information)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreRose, Mark, Powledge, Tabitha M.
The guns of Palo Alto: battlefield surveys indicate that Mexican maps distorted the opening engagement of the Mexican-American War. Why?Anthropology/archeology/folkloreHaecker, Charles M.
The Mahdia masterpieces: German scholars restore a shipwreck's prize Greek sculptures.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreBarr-Sharrar, Beryl
The peopling of Japan. (ancient migration to Japan)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreRose, Mark
The TV challenge. (archaeology on television)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreDyson, Stephen L.
The world of Paul: regional surveys in Greece and Asia Minor point to the impact of Roman rule on the spread of Christianity.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSilberman, Neil Asher
To your health! The ancients, too, recognized the salutary effects of wine.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreWiseman, James
Travel guide to North America 1996. (archaeological excavations)(Directory)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreAsher, Lara
Travel guide to North Europe 1996. (archaeological excavations)(Directory)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreAsher, Lara
Treasure of the Sierra Atapuerca: a mountain range in northern Spain yields a cornucopia of human remains, including the world's oldest known burials.(Special Section: The Peopling of Eurasia)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreBahn, Paul G.
Where the past serves the present: for the Caribbean island of Nevis, tourism and historic preservation go hand in hand.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSlayman, Andrew L.
Window on ancient maritime trade: a shipwreck off Spain's Costa Brava yields clues to Roman commerce.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreWiseman, James
Winning pictures. (annual photography contest winners)(Illustration)Anthropology/archeology/folklore 
Wonders of radar imagery. (satellite views of ancient sites)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreWiseman, James
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